symptom of multiple sclerosis - a tremor.In the XIX century, French neurologist Charcot added it to his well-known triad of symptoms of multiple sclerosis (tremor, chanting speech, nystagmus). According to various sources, the manifestations of this symptom feel up to 75% of cases of scattered sclerosis nature.

So tremor - a fast, rhythmic, involuntary muscle contractions, because of which the appearances of motion of the reciprocating nature in any part of the body.In an embodiment, multiple sclerosis, it usually affects the upper limbs.Sometimes you can see a tremor of the head, trunk, or vocal cords.Tremor of the head - it is rather a symptom of serious neurological diseases.

In multiple sclerosis, manifestations of symptoms differ in degree, duration and severity.In cases where a tremor is a symptom exacerbation of the disease, its performance almost disappear in remission, and only sometimes, can be seen at extremely precise movements (for example, if a person puts threading a needle).The

disease tends to appear and re-progressive multiple sclerosis.In such cases, the severity of the symptoms over time will increase.But still quite rare manifestation of this symptom leads to a strong decrease in the quality of life (eg, unable to eat, dress himself or drink).

causes of tremor of the head:

  1. drug or alcohol addiction;
  2. hereditary tremor (essential tremors benign, usually occurs in middle or mature age);
  3. cerebellar disease;
  4. medications (over the counter and prescription);
  5. fear, fear, stress;
  6. physiologic tremor (from fatigue).


  • 1 Tremor - benign
  • 2 Tremor - postural
  • 3 Tremor - intentsionnogo
  • 4 Parkinson's disease
  • 5 Treatment tremor head

tremor - benign

This tremor has no apparent cause is, the most famous motor disorder.As he received the name of a family, juvenile or senile.But you should know that this is not a benign tremor and sometimes takes quite difficult, and in some cases there is no indication on its family character.Its appearance usually occurs in adolescence or early adulthood.It begins to occur, typically with one hand and then spread and occurs at another.Sometimes tremor chin, head, tongue, legs, or sometimes the entire volume of the body.

man able to hold a spoon, a cup, write.Tremor makes itself felt in moments of excitement or alcohol use.Trembling actively expressed, if your hands to stretch forward.In some cases, this process involves the muscles of the larynx and tongue, then there is an infringement of speech.Gait is the same.Treatment of this form of tremor most often is not needed.With strong shake a doctor can make an appointment to certain drugs.In cases when the tremor appears only in moments of emotional tension, we can restrict one-time intake of drugs with hypnotic and sedative effects.

Tremor -

postural tremor This may be benign and occur as a result of heredity, thyroid disease, increased anxiety.This type of tremor is abstinence through drug use (heroin, cocaine) or alcohol.Overdose of drug poisoning or chemical substances can also be the cause of such a withdrawal.It is drugs that act on the bronchi, such as poisoning, mercury, psychotropic agents.Postural tremor melkorazmashisty, more pronounced, during the moments when people rastopyrivat fingers and pulls his hands.Not lost in moments of movement becomes stronger when concentration.

Tremor - intentsionnogo

Everyone knows that the cerebellum is responsible for balance when walking and at the time of his defeat evident intention tremor.Its features include, rough krupnorazmashistye movement missing in the quiescent state and manifested in the movements.The patient standing with eyes closed, pull the front of the hand, and in this position can not touch the nose.

great danger inspires kind of tremor called asterixis.The reason for its occurrence may be: a disease Wilson (complex hereditary disease, which is characterized by blood, liver copper accumulation), secondary brain damage.Mobility when it is associated with the flapping of wings - it's not a quick spasmodic extension and flexion of the extremities.

Parkinson's disease

All the listed types of tremor may observe rare.But Parkinson's disease, the main indicators which, as a rule, is a tremor - a disease common, especially in older people.Parkinson's disease progresses, generally gradually, and tremor usually has the first sign.Sometimes there are cases when it is not expressed or absolutely insignificant (as often occurs during atherosclerosis).The disease is characterized almost always for the aged people - the estimated average age who contract - 60 years.And when you consider that Parkinson's disease is one of the most frequent among the other diseases for disability, patients and their relatives should not fall into despair, but the length of life, the disease does not affect.And the purpose of the doctor explain to the patient that Parkinson's disease can not be cured, but the strength of the current medicine considerably to suspend its development.For example, the patient is not in any case should not hesitate to use a cane.Medication, when reduced work capacity, and is a violation of domestic skills.

Treatment tremor head

tremor is very difficult to be treated, and especially for a tremor of the head.Generally, drug therapy provides a fairly small effect.But if you look at the problem from a different angle, we can see that the patient can fully regulate the manifestation of symptoms.

the treatment of hand tremor often benefit certain weighting tremor control.That is not very much weight, located on the extremities, namely on the wrists or ankles.Alas, such a method for the treatment of tremor of the head is not necessary.

Treatment tremor of the head is carried only in conjunction with the main treatment of the disease that caused the tremor.It consists in taking propranolol or antelepsina in combination with benzodiazepines derivatives.

In any case, remember the basic truth: no when you can not be discouraged and, in spite of the different health problems is always to go forward.