Inflammation of the mucous membranes, which occurs due to exposure to microbes and fungi, or viruses, called conjunctivitis.Among the reasons cited conjunctivitis and bacteria such as chlamydia and viruses that cause measles, sore throat, acute respiratory infections.Very often conjunctivitis occurs in young children, because the child touches their own eyes, t their pre peretrogav and pereschupav all objects in the surrounding area and gathering them from all viruses and bacteria.

Children often conjunctivitis occurs only as a satellite colds, and runs it with the same cold.With adults the situation is more complicated - the nature of conjunctivitis may be allergic, and bacterial and viral.If it is a bacterial conjunctivitis, the eyes become infected with both at once.In this case, the mucus released from the eye.When it comes to viral conjunctivitis, the eye is affected only one.For this type is characterized by abundant slezovydelenie.And viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are very easy

to catch from the ailing person.Allergic conjunctivitis occurs by contact with dust or pollen, wool or odors.The eyelids begin to itch, turn red, stands out a lot of mucus.

Chronic conjunctivitis is the most difficult and dangerous form of conjunctivitis.This form of conjunctivitis lasts longer than any other forms.Thus disease ill adults.Often it occurs as the body's response to the long-term regular exposure to dust, chemicals in the air and smoke.Conjunctivitis can be developed on the basis of a weakened immune system, vitamin deficiency, as well as various violations in the tear ducts, constant runny nose.

Conjunctivitis we learn by feeling of "sand in the eyes", by intolerance of bright light, as well as itching and burning in the eyelids.Feeling these symptoms, try to insure others against infection - do not allow others to use your own towel and bedding.Protect eyes from chlorine and other chemicals.


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Symptoms of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis photo Conjunctivitis begins acutely: redness of eyes, stands out a lot of mucus and tears.In addition, conjunctivitis can occur and symptoms similar to flu or acute respiratory disease.There is a sore throat, a fever can sometimes an increase in lymph nodes, a sick man to swallow.

To avoid confusion conjunctivitis and flu or acute respiratory disease, should pay attention to such characteristic of conjunctivitis symptoms as photophobia, eyelid skin redness, copious clear liquid, as well as the feeling that poured sand in the eye.Swollen eyelids can link up, it is called blepharospasm.These symptoms are characteristic of catarrhal forms of conjunctivitis.There is also a film form of conjunctivitis, as the little film may be formed between the eyelids.small follicles can be observed in the form of follicular conjunctivitis in the eye conjunctiva.

Uncomplicated form of conjunctivitis can pass on their own, subject to bed rest.If we are talking about an infectious conjunctivitis, its symptoms are similar: lacrimation, photophobia, pain in the eyes, but as his agents are streptococcus, staphylococcus and bacillus Koch-Weeks, then the treatment will be different.The fact that you are dealing with is contagious conjunctivitis, you indicate muco-purulent discharge.There may even occur ulcers on the cornea, purulent infiltration.

Treatment conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis in adults and children


Treatment of conjunctivitis depends on what type of conjunctivitis, we are dealing with.Treating it does not take long, however, requires a certain amount of trouble.Important in the treatment of conjunctivitis - constantly flush eyes and lay ointment.Generally, for the treatment of viral conjunctivitis applied antivirals, especially if accompanied by conjunctivitis runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, and otitis media, because these symptoms suggest nature viral conjunctivitis.In this case, the eye drops and nose should be based on Interferon.

the case of bacterial conjunctivitis, it is treated with antibiotics based on Tetracycline.With allergic conjunctivitis, respectively, fighting antihistamines - eye drops, syrups and tablets.Viral conjunctivitis - an infectious disease, but because of a child with conjunctivitis should be isolated, limit contact with other children.Moreover, during the illness to be followed bed rest to avoid unnecessary load on the eye as a drop light and temperature.

treatment not only involves the elimination of symptoms - you should make sure that he removed the infectious agent.That is why the treatment must be complex conjunctivitis: combine antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals (depending on the type of disease) and immunotherapy, anti-allergic drugs.In some particularly complex cases may require therapy aimed at eliminating visual defects, caused or aggravated due to conjunctivitis - astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Prevention conjunctivitis

disease itself is not a serious problem, because the cured fairly quickly and usually without consequences.The problem of infectious diseases: conjunctivitis can be easily infected.That is why it is important to observe good personal hygiene: do not use other people's articles, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of hands, avoid contact with sick people.

Conjunctivitis often occurs in infants, even pleasures, who only a few days old.Very often it occurs in those children whose health is weakened by numerous diseases, children with weak immune systems.This suggests that it is important to maintain the health of the baby vitamins, especially at the height of colds.