Enterobiasis - a disease whose main causative agent is pinworm (white worm, reaching 10 mm in length), enters the body when there is insufficient hygiene.The people enterobiosis called the disease of dirty hands.Pinworms are parasitic, usually in the lower intestine, causing his defeat, itching in the anal area and the sensitization of the whole organism.

Getting into the human body through the mouth or nose, the female pinworms in a short time reach the intestine and lay eggs in the anus.Lay eggs the female dies, leaving the outside.This person becomes the main and the only carrier and a source of disease.Deferred mature female eggs for 6 hours.Getting on the bed linen, objects, which touched the patient, they are scattered flies.Infection with pinworms occurs when the mature eggs in the human body with food, or through the air you breathe.

Patients enterobiasis often observed reinfection: scratching the skin around the anus, which is usually much itching, promotes the penetration of eggs

pinworms human hands, where they can get back into the mouth and intestines.Penetrating into the intestinal mucosa, causing it helminth damage, which may result in the erosion of form, petechial hemorrhages and inflammation.

females pinworms are able to penetrate the female genitals, spreading them available intestinal infections.Waste products of parasites can cause allergy attacks.

The main symptom of the disease - itching in the anus appears 12-14 days after infection.That's how much time is required to achieve specific helminth sexually mature age.If you have a large number of pinworms lower intestine becomes unbearable itching and constant scratching of the skin leads to a secondary infection, and as a consequence, to dermatitis.

Often the presence of the disease can be judged by the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Vomiting;
  • bouts of diarrhea;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Nausea;
  • Flatulence;
  • Insomnia;
  • Memory impairment.

penetration of worms in the female genital organs can lead to the development of vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the vaginal mucosa).Mild enterobiosis and can not be felt or manifested occasional outbreaks of itching in the anus, which is caused by the release of the female patient.This occurs most often in the evening and at night.

Diagnosis of the disease is usually uncomplicated.At the initial examination and the patient's physician survey reveals the presence of pinworms in his body on the characteristic symptoms.Fecal do not normally as found in the eggs of worms it is not possible.This is because the female lays them in the anus, but not in the intestine.In order to establish an accurate diagnosis is made scraping with perinatal area.helminth eggs can also be found under the fingernails of the patient, where they get a constant scratching itchy skin.

special distribution received enterobiosis children.Sometimes the disease becomes an epidemic across the school or kindergarten.At an early age, it occurs particularly difficult and requires mandatory treatment.Complications of the disease are rare.Among them: severe headaches, eczema perinatal area, dermatitis, fatigue, appendicitis.

Treatment enterobiosis

The main drugs used to treat enterobiosis include: Vermoxum, piperazine, kombantrin, Worm.Keep in mind that this disease is very contagious.If any such diagnosis was made in the family, it is recommended to hand over analyzes and undergo preventive treatment to all its members.

enterobiosis to treat in childhood are usually prescribed drugs - pyrantel active against helminths mature individuals.As a result of taking the drug paralyzes the muscles of the worm, it loses its ability to suction to the intestinal mucosa and out.Partial recovery occurs after the first dose.

repeat the treatment after 2 weeks to complete disposal of pinworm.It should be remembered that in the first week after taking the drug the child actively identifies pathogens into the environment, and therefore is highly contagious to others.Therefore, during treatment it should be protected from any contact with their peers.After completion of treatment necessarily carried out repeated diagnostics.The results of the drug is considered successful if conducted in three consecutive surveys (every two weeks) pinworm eggs will not be detected.

Enterobiasis treatment involves not only receiving prescription drugs expert, but also compliance with certain rules of behavior in everyday life:

  • Wash hands after each visit should be the toilet, going outdoors, socializing with pets before eating.Harmful nail-biting can cause infection of pinworms.
  • enterobiasis patient should sleep alone and always in a closed underwear, t. E. Pants should have elastic around the waist, not only, but also around the legs.Every morning, you need to change clothes.
  • Daily thorough washing, showering helps cleanse the outer integument of the helminth eggs.
  • If there is severe itching recommended enema with the addition of baking soda.

Today enterobiosis considered one of the most common parasitic diseases in the world.In Russia, each year up to 700 million new cases of infection.The only possible prevention is personal hygiene and cleanliness at home.Pinworms usually do not contain much of a threat to human health, but can significantly reduce quality of life, and therefore requires a mandatory drug treatment.