Sweating - a normal process for the human body.Normally, the formation and secretion of sweat glands sweat should not cause concern.Increased sweat separation can be caused by a strong emotional experience (stress, fear, fright) or temperature difference.If sweating too hard, and the usual means to eliminate perspiration ineffective, should seek the cause of this disease a problem with the work of the body.Heavy sweating can occur for no apparent reason.There can be several:

  1. treatment of certain medicines .Many medicines help strengthen the work of sweat glands.This symptom is often quoted in the list of side effects of such agents.After the abolition of the drug sweating is usually normal.If not - the problem should be sought elsewhere.
  2. vascular dystonia - a set of symptoms caused by dysfunction of autonomic nervous system.Increased sweating in this case is accompanied by a frequent occurrence of severe headaches, irregular blood pressure, dizziness and fainting, loss of appetite,
    pallor, etc.Treatment of vascular dystonia involves a change in the daily diet (it includes foods that contain vitamins, magnesium, and potassium), the absence of stress, taking sedatives (valerian, motherwort tincture).
  3. disease diabetes .Many people are faced with the so-called "cold sweat".If sweating is observed for the first time, you should pay attention to the presence of symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss despite a good appetite, decreased vision (the presence of a white veil in front of the eyes), frequent dizziness, slow healing of cuts and wounds on the body, inability to longget rid of a cold or sore throat, itching, tingling heart.Of course, these symptoms may be accompanied by not only diabetes, but also many other diseases.If you have at least some of them it is recommended to undergo a medical examination.Treatment of diabetes is selected individually.
  4. hormonal balance of the body .Even a slight change in hormonal levels leads to increased sweating.The reason for his change well enough (endocrine, gynecological diseases, abnormalities in the thyroid).The reason may be hormonal imbalance puberty, menopause, pregnancy, stress.Some of the diseases that lead to hormonal disorders, pose a threat to human health and life, and require mandatory intervention specialist.Perspiration on the hormonal imbalance usually cause trouble weight, especially women.Coping with it can only address the root causes of such violations.
  5. Rising temperatures .Increased sweat separation in cases involving an increase in body temperature, is considered the sign of a speedy recovery.For example, to get rid of a sore throat should not just take drugs and to irrigate a sore throat sprays, but a good sweat.Excessive sweating, in this case takes place immediately after the treatment of the disease.

Treatment of excessive sweating

In order to get rid of excessive sweating, you need to remove the exact cause of its occurrence.If the cause can not be established, contact your drug therapy.Of course, rarely, patients are turning to a specialist with the only disturbing their problem - excessive sweating.In this situation, the doctor prescribes, as a rule, sedatives, which have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system.When hormonal disorders assigned hormone therapy.

modern way to get rid of excessive sweating is iontophoresis.This procedure is carried out in a health institution, and includes the impact on the sweat glands weak electrical discharges.The course of treatment should be repeated every three months.

a long time to get rid of excessive sweating under the skin allows the introduction of special injections, the effect of which is aimed at the suppression of neuronal connection with the sweat glands of the brain cells.This method of treatment is highly effective and require considerable material costs.In rare cases, to get rid of excessive sweating is applied surgery, aimed at the destruction of the sweat glands.

take independent action to get rid of sweating is not recommended.Experts do not recommend highly to treat any medication without first consulting with them.If excessive sweating is inherent in man from childhood, he should not worry about having a serious disease of the body, based solely on this feature.Rather, it is only its physiological features.To cope with this trouble usually helps morning douche, daily use of different deodorants and antiperspirants.Speaking of such means to fight then we should say a few individual words.Today it is proved that the substances that are part of many antiperspirants, have a negative impact on breast cancer in women.At the same time, they are safe, but only if the vehicle is in the morning is applied to the skin surface armpits and in the evening abundantly washed away with water.

From folk remedies may be advisable to rub the problem areas daily with a solution of apple cider vinegar (one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of boiling water).Special preparation for disposal of Hyperhidrosis is a paste Teymurova sold in pharmacies.This tool is applied topically on the area of ​​the armpits or the feet, in the evening wash off with water.Side effects of the drug (skin rash) occur rarely.Pasta is nontoxic and has no contraindications.