Hemoglobin is considered a complex protein that contains iron.Hemoglobin - a component of the erythrocyte.It is he who gives red blood cells characteristic red color. It is one of the most important components of the blood due to the fact that carries oxygen transfer function from lung tissue to tissues of the whole organism and vice versa transfers from other organ tissues carbon dioxide back into the lung tissue.That is why the importance of hemoglobin is very high, because due to its lack may have problems with the supply of the body with oxygen.

If the indicator in the blood hemoglobin level is lowered, such a phenomenon is called anemia, which can be expressed by different symptoms.Often, a person cares anemia complains of fatigue, lack of energy, weakness, poor appetite, brittle hair and nails, weight loss, pale skin, irritability, decreased immunity, shortness of breath and so on.If you feel at least one symptom of which appeared quite suddenly and for no reason, then you should take a b

lood test to check your hemoglobin level, as the cause of your complaint may be exactly it.

normal level of hemoglobin in the blood is called a range of the amount of hemoglobin in which the human body correctly and functioning normally.The level of hemoglobin depends on the gender and age of a particular group of the population.


  • 1 Norma hemoglobin in the blood in children
  • 2 hemoglobin Norma women
  • 3 index hemoglobin standards for male blood

Norma hemoglobin in the blood in children

hemoglobin levels in children's blood is considered normal only when it corresponds to the age.Therefore, if a certain age hemoglobin level may be considered normal rate, in another age, he is already low.In this case, a special scale was developed by experts, according to which it is easy to determine the rate of hemoglobin in children's blood.

considered by one hundred and forty five to two hundred and twenty-five hemoglobin per liter of blood during the first three days of life the norm for children.In the first week and the number of falls from 135 to 215 g / l.The second week of reduced hemoglobin shows even lower numbers of from 125 to 205 g / l.In one month, the normal hemoglobin shows a figure of one hundred to one hundred and eighty.In two months, this figure has ranged from 90 to 140 g / l.From three to six months, hemoglobin is considered normal if it is between ninety five to one hundred and thirty-five.With six months to a year, this figure becomes one hundred to one hundred and forty.Thereafter, it increased gradually and by ustakanivaetsya eighteen years and ranges from 120 to 160 g / l.

Norma hemoglobin in women

normal level of hemoglobin in the blood is a female figure from one hundred twenty to one hundred and sixty.However, this figure may vary depending on the age of the woman, but this oscillation will be much less than in children.

often measure hemoglobin levels in women depends on the menstrual cycle.This is largely due to the loss of some of the blood during menstruation and hormonal changes.The indicator, which is the interval between 110 and 120 g / l is an intermediate, since it can be the result of physiological changes in the female body.But if the hemoglobin index falls below 110 g / l, such a phenomenon is considered anemic.

In analyzing the blood of a pregnant woman can be seen a few rejected hemoglobin.The norm is considered to decrease the hemoglobin index, as it is directly related to physiological changes in the body of a pregnant woman.This is due to increased blood circulation, which in turn prevents the rapid development of hemoglobin in pregnant.Because of this, its concentration decreases.Besides unborn child consumes some of the iron, which is important and necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin.As a result, these processes are normal hemoglobin level in the blood of pregnant women is considered a figure that ranges from one hundred and ten to one hundred and fifty.

index hemoglobin standards in men's blood

For men, the rate of hemoglobin in their body is considered to range from 130 to 170 g / l.During the life of men is no specific physiological changes, so there is no hesitation or intermediate indicators.However, if the level falls below 130 g / l, this means that the man suffers from anemia.

In general, the normal value of hemoglobin can be only in case if a person is normal and moderately active life, as a person who is permanently or constantly in motion, can not have a normal hemoglobin.

It is a known fact that hemoglobin has the ability to carry oxygen throughout the body.But if the modern child is brought up in the care and bliss, then a large amount of oxygen, and thus the hemoglobin, it is not necessary.A pregnant woman who is constantly in the supine position, and can not be normalized hemoglobin.A child who is constantly engaged in something, and in a sitting position, hemoglobin also can not be normal.

Therefore, if a blood test showed a low hemoglobin, then you should not immediately panic.Analyze your lifestyle, try to change something in your daily routine, and hemoglobin may be restored.Try to be the best of active and passive throughout the day.