Cystitis in men is found very rarely.The disease is more prevalent in the female population.The cause of such statistics is the structural features of the female urogenital system.However, even if the cases of the disease have cystitis, and among the male population, then this topic is still to be discussed.A man may be ill cystitis at any age, even during childhood or adolescence.The reason for such cases is the failure to comply with personal hygiene.It is a pity that more girls are taught to comply with hygiene than boys, although the construction of gender boys system also requires careful care.


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Causes of cystitis in men

cystitis do not get sick very easy for a man.Suffice it in childhood or adolescence strictly abide by all the rules of personal hygiene.The disease occurs in men in m

iddle age as a result of prostatitis.In addition, such disease may be a patient who suffers from BPH.Sometimes, some diseases of the male urogenital system can provoke cystitis.

often stated the fact that the appearance of cystitis in men is directly related to unsuccessful treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.However, its origin, the disease can take, and after the usual hypothermia.Besides banal weakening the protective functions of the body can cause this disease.

completely healthy man can feel frequent urination after prolonged his stay in the cold.This symptom indicates that an initial acute cystitis.If you notice any such indication exists, consult a doctor immediately.He will conduct all the necessary research that will soon show results, and point to the cause of cystitis.In the case of timely referral to a specialist is a disease that can be cured at an early stage.And then all of a trick.When the correct course of treatment and a thorough diagnosis of the patient will soon get rid of this disease.

symptoms of cystitis in men

Symptoms of cystitis in men is absolutely no different from the symptoms of female cystitis.In men, cystitis, as well as in women, there is frequent urination.In addition, in the process of voiding a man feels a burning sensation.Also itself becomes fractional urination.When these primary symptoms just need to consult with a urologist.This specialist will appoint to do a urine test.If the results of this analysis is not enough, your doctor may prescribe another and additional diagnostic measures.Judging by the results, the specialist will appoint a therapeutic course in the treatment of cystitis.

sooner see a doctor with such a problem, the more likely short-lived success and get rid of this disease.As soon as you realize that you feel the telltale signs of cystitis, do not attempt to self-medicate, and contact the hospital and conduct a survey.If the results of clinical studies indicate chronic form of disease, in this case the patient will say implement diagnostic procedure bladder.This method of investigation is called cystoscopy.During this diagnostic examine the bladder wall.It results from this study determined the degree of neglect of the disease.However, for a more thorough study should sometimes go through other procedures.

Signs of acute cystitis in men

Symptoms of acute cystitis in men is very similar to the symptoms of acute prostatitis.And the first condition and the second begins with pain in the abdomen.In addition, there and there were frequent and painful urination.And considering the fact that these two men diseases often occur simultaneously, then the patient will not be able to distinguish their own.

In acute cystitis one of the symptoms is the allocation of very small amounts of urine.This is due to irritation of nerve receptors, which are located in the inflamed mucosa of the bladder.In acute cystitis the urine becomes turbid, what happens later in the presence of a large number of white blood cells or her pus.Also, a small amount of blood can be released at the end of urination.Often, such a phenomenon may occur continuously.In medicine, this kind of hemorrhagic cystitis is called.

men also deteriorating general condition.He feels weakness, malaise, lethargy, and sometimes the temperature can be raised.If acute cystitis is not treated, then a week later all his symptoms disappear.But the infection will not disappear, it facilitates the transition of acute cystitis in chronic.

complication of cystitis in men is often pyelonephritis, which implies an inflammatory kidney disease.Infection can enter the ureter on the kidney ascending path, if there is congestion in the urine bladder.

Signs of chronic cystitis in men

In chronic cystitis man can not feel any symptoms or feel of their frequent or constant, but not too pronounced manifestations.Often chronic cystitis in men appear exactly constant or frequent signs when they are mixed sufficiently often with symptoms of prostate disease.

Patients with chronic cystitis, often plagued by moderate pain in the lower abdomen, frequent and painful urination.This is because of the long duration of the disease bladder shrinks and it can not collect a large amount of urine.

cystitis treatment in men

usually for the treatment of cystitis in men written out antibiotics.During treatment, the patient should be observed sexual rest and abstinence from alcohol.Not recommended for a long time in a cool place, moreover avoid hypothermia, while holding the foot in constant warmth.After completing the course of treatment of cystitis should make repeated analyzes.Their results indicate success or failure of therapy took place.Men cure cystitis simply because his genitourinary system is designed properly.If cystitis sick little boy, he prescribed drugs that do not harm the immune system.