ureaplasmosis called disease pathogen which is a microorganism which is a cross between a virus and unicellular.In fact it is Gram-negative germ, deprived of the cell wall, which is transient microflora.The disease is transmitted through sexual contact and triggers inflammation in the g

enitourinary system.Ureaplasmosis can also be transmitted from mother to child during birth during passage through the birth canal.Men are more prone to infection than women.


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Symptomsureaplasmosis men

ureaplasmosis The incubation period is about a month from the moment of infection, when it is not necessary that the disease starts to develop after the microbe enters the body.Quite often, it is present in the human body, does not prove itself.A person can be a carrier for many years ureaplasmas, without feeling any symptoms.

Currently under ureaplasmosis involve inflammation in the genitourinary system, in case of detection of ureaplasma urealitikum not detected with other pathogens.

ureaplasmosis The course can be chronic or acute.The incubation period is shorter in men than in women - is thirty-five or forty days, and women and can last for two months.It is at least four days, but may last up to a month.At this time, the man did not appear to be any evidence of disease, but people are able to infect another person.After expiry of the incubation period, begin to show symptoms of the urethritis, the urethritis very often accompanied by relapses.In addition, ureaplasmosis can manifest as symptoms of prostatitis, testicular inflammation, as well as orchiepididymitis.

Ureaplasmosis negatively affects the sexual sphere of man's life because it affects spermatogenesis, directly acting on sperm motility.Thus, ureaplasmosis often leads to infertility in men.

Men celebrate during urination itching in the crotch area.There have been minor release that are unclear character.

If ureaplasmosis infects prostate tissue, the symptoms of prostatitis occur.They are accompanied by pain in the perineum, and the broken erection, decreased libido.If warming is amplified redness and burning sensation in the head.

If ureaplasmosis infects the bladder, the symptoms of cystitis occur.

ureaplasmosis often left without attention, and if left untreated, it runs on your own - or rather, its symptoms are.Itself infection remains in the body, remains in the prostate or in the wall of the urethra.In the first case, low immunity infection again will make itself felt: for colds, strong physical exertion, stress or inflammation.And the disease will return.

In the case of the beautiful state of the immune system ureaplasmosis can nap in the male to several years in a row.A person becomes a carrier of the infection, as well as an easy target for other dangerous diseases, especially sexually transmitted infections.

ureaplasmosis Lack of treatment in men can lead to inflammation of the prostate gland in men, that is to prostatitis.In the absence of treatment, as established researchers ureaplasma may not only adversely affect sperm motility, but even kill sperm themselves.

If ureaplasmosis sick child from an infected mother during childbirth, the ureaplasma can trigger irregularities in the musculoskeletal system.

ureaplasmosis Treatment in men

first rule of treatment ureaplasmosis - is that treatment should be carried out by both sexual partners, and sex should be excluded until they are cured.Typically, treatment involves ureaplasmosis antibiotic therapy, as well as receiving immunomodulatory drugs.The treatment is usually two weeks.For maximum effectiveness of antibiotics combined with topical treatment - medication instillation into the urethra, prostate massage and physiotherapy).In addition, the patient shows a restricted diet or total exclusion of an acute, fat, and salt, that is, anything that might have caused by exposure during urination.Excluded are also spices and alcohol.

After the treatment must be carried out follow-up studies, which reveal, completely cured if the disease.Control studies conducted repeatedly for three to four months.

Prevention ureaplasmosis

ureaplasmosis Treatment - the process is quite long and unpleasant, so much more important to pay attention to the prevention of this disease.Basic principles of prevention - maintaining orderly sex life, that is a permanent sexual partner that you fully trust.In case of accidental contact be sure to use a condom, which, if not a hundred percent, but still is protected.

important principle of prevention is constant medical examination by a doctor.It is necessary to pay attention to even the most minor signs and symptoms, no matter how insignificant they may seem.Each of these minor symptoms can grow into a serious condition that leads to considerable complications.

Today ureaplasmosis is one of the most common diseases and is a serious problem for the study of andrologist scientists engaged in the study of men's health.The most common reason for treatment to the doctor becomes the disease itself and its complications, as ureaplasmosis in most cases may be asymptomatic.Address to the doctor in the first days after the incubation period are extremely rare.