Candidiasis in men - is a type of fungal infection of the urogenital tract.Men suffering from this disease is much less often than women due to the fact that the fungus they simply washed away the urine from the urethra during urination.That is why any manifestation of candidiasis in men - it is an alarming sign, indicating, in particular, the weakening of the immune forces of the body.


  • 1 Causes of candidiasis in men
  • 2 Symptoms of candidiasis in men
  • 3 Diagnosis of candidiasis in men
  • 4 treatment of candidiasis in men
  • 5 Prophylaxis of candidiasis in men

Causes of candidiasis in men

Candidiasis in men photo candidiasis (thrush genitals) in men is caused by the yeast genus candida.These fungi are widely distributed in nature, live on the foods, to everyday objects, quickly colonize adjacent to the external environment of human mucous membranes (including the nasal mucosa, mouth, urinary and digestive tracts) and his skin.According to studies, fungi Candida is a norma

l constituent of the human body flora and quite often stand in samples taken from healthy mucosa of the vagina or urethra.

However, under certain conditions, the fungus is able to acquire pathogenic properties.In particular, the development of candidiasis contribute to the following factors:

  • immunodeficiencies acquired and congenital nature;
  • prolonged and uncontrolled use of antibiotics and other drugs;
  • frequent, abrupt change of climatic zones;
  • and emotional trauma, stress;
  • presence in the body of infectious and viral diseases;
  • endocrinopathies;
  • dysbiosis of mucous membranes;
  • violation of mucosal barrier function, which occurred as a result of trauma, maceration or inflammation.

Once a healthy mucosa, a pathogenic fungus begins to proliferate, forming pseudomycelia.Its cells are attached to the glycogen rich cells of mucosal epithelium, and excel in these parasites in their cytoplasm and nuclei.This Candida secrete a number of lipolytic, proteolytic enzymes and sahoroliticheskih, which irritate the mucous membrane located on sensory nerve endings.The action exerted by these enzymes explains a variety of clinical symptoms of candidiasis.

Symptoms of candidiasis in men

Candida genitals in men initially manifested in the form of Candida balanoposthitis - inflammatory lesions of the foreskin and the glans penis.In the infected areas of mucous initially appear minor swelling and redness, accompanied by burning and itching, and then - intense cheesy white coating having a sharp, unpleasant smell.In the future, the head of the penis swells, the patient begins to experience pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

In general, candidiasis occurs in men is not as pronounced as in women, so the majority of the carriers of the fungus does not give any symptoms of the disease and the importance postpones visit to the doctor for an indefinite period.The result of such an attitude to the disease can be spread of Candida in the internal genitalia and, as a result, the body's massive defeat.

Diagnosis of candidiasis in men

In most cases, the diagnosis of candidiasis can be put on the characteristic features of the disease.However, considering that this illness is often accompanied by additional bacterial infection, the diagnosis made was confirmed by laboratory tests.

as material for research is the scraping of a foreskin or glans penis.In the study of a sample under a microscope, you can observe a lot of Candida fungi, their pseudomycelia and bacteria - pathogens acceding disease.

addition to laboratory diagnostics, carried out a general survey of the patient, during which identifies the causes of the sharp weakening of the immune strength of his body.

candida treatment for men

Candidiasis in men - is one of those diseases that are difficult to treat.In some cases, in order to overcome it, to have to carry out a full examination of the patient and carry out emergency treatment of all diseases identified.

Men infected with thrush, primarily recommended to exclude from their diet bread, old cheese, and all the sweets as carbohydrate Wednesday is considered ideal for the reproduction and growth of Candida fungi.In the future, the doctor prescribes them vitamin therapy, restorative and local antifungal treatment.

as topical preparations antifungal activity in the treatment of candidiasis in men using a cream with clotrimazole.This tool is applied in a thin layer on the inner surface of the foreskin and the glans penis twice a day, after washing of these areas with a weak solution of baking soda.

treatment of mild forms of candidiasis in men, usually of short duration, of 10-15 days.In severe forms of the disease course of treatment lasts much longer and includes:

  • detection and treatment of the disease, which led to a sharp weakening of the immune forces of the patient;
  • immune reconstitution male patient candidiasis;
  • use of oral systemic antifungal drugs;
  • local treatment of thrush.

If, despite all the measures taken, the patient's condition does not improve, it is hospitalized.The further treatment is carried out in a hospital environment and is complemented by regular intravenous administration of antifungal drugs.

prophylaxis of candidiasis in men

An excellent preventive tool against Candida in men are yogurt containing lactic acid, "living" culture as well as products with a pronounced antifungal activity (garlic, red hot pepper, grapefruit, cranberries berries).

addition, men who want to avoid the thrush infection, it is recommended to refrain from promiscuity and carefully monitor the state of your immune system.