Caries - a gradual process of destruction of hard tooth tissues, accompanied by severe pain and the formation of abdominal defects.The initial stage of tooth decay is the appearance of small yellow-brown spots on the enamel, the emergence of breath, increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food, long ache.

result of caries may be the complete destruction of the tooth.Moreover, the presence in the oral cavity of unhealthy tooth increases the risk of both acute and chronic diseases.In most cases, carious disease is not independent, that is at the heart of its occurrence are occurring in the body pathological processes.For example, reduced immunity, diseases of the stomach, improper diet.

Caries photo Among the main causes of tooth decay special place is the lack of oral hygiene.As is known, food intake contributes to the formation of plaque - the soft dental plaque.Regular teeth cleaning involves the removal of fat from the mouth.The absence of timely and thorough hygiene increases the amount of plaqu

e on the teeth.Soft food deposits on the teeth are an ideal environment for habitat and breeding bacteria.Most often, the main inhabitants of the decayed teeth are streptococci.

gradual seal plaque is due contained in human saliva mineral salts.Compound of soft plaque and mineral salts in the oral cavity is called dental plaque.Pathogenic bacteria that populate such a plaque, in the life of the process produce lactic acid - a substance that is very destructive to the tooth enamel.It was with the destruction or enamel demineralization and caries begins.

rate of tooth decay depends on the activity of micro-organisms living in it, and the immunity of the person.People with immunodeficiency tooth decay occurs in two times faster than a human, the body's defenses that are in order.Dental disease is often exposed to children with diseases such as rickets and diathesis.By reducing the antibacterial properties of human saliva also increases the risk of caries.Many of today's children from an early age have dental problems, which is an indication of malnutrition and deficiency of minerals in the body during the formation and growth of teeth.

also among the causes of dental caries should be noted accommodation in unfavorable environmental conditions, the consumption of water passing substandard treatment, hereditary factor.

Treatment of caries

Caries teeth photo diagnosis and treatment of dental caries has been a dentist.To determine the presence of disease specialist can, having the primary visual inspection.Treatment depends on the depth of injury and the type of tooth decay (mean, superficial, deep).

Caries - chronic disease characterized by relapses occurring occasionally.Call exacerbation can getting food into the affected tooth, careless cleaning, treatment is carried out, as a rule, to the processing cavity with a special tool - a dental bur.This procedure is compulsory and allows you to completely get rid of all the diseased parts of the tooth.This is followed by pharmacological treatment of a tooth cavity with subsequent filling of a special material designed for sealing.

Surface and the average caries can be cured in one visit to the dentist's office.The situation with deep caries requires the establishment at the time aching tooth fillings.Such a procedure is carried out in order to avoid such unpleasant consequences of treatment as pulp inflammation or pulpitis.At the time of the cured tooth caries with high quality set the seal normally does not bring in the future too much trouble.Teeth that have been subjected to this kind of treatment, and require daily care and attentive attitude.

Modern dentistry offers innovative and painless treatment of caries.Currently, a large widespread gelioplomby, popularly called light.The main advantage of using them is the high wear resistance of the material and the possibility of full recovery is almost completely destroyed tooth.Moreover, the light seal is not toxic and, therefore, safe for the body, and this is important, given that it is set for a long period of time.When installing gelioplomby tooth drilling is not required, because this method of treatment is considered to be the most restrictive.

Untreated caries eventually leads to tooth loss, but to its complete destruction of the patient will have to go through many sleepless nights in search of a better anesthetic.In addition, caries can have complications such as periodontitis (gums abscess).Suppuration root of the tooth and the surrounding gums - not only unpleasant disease, in which there is swelling in the cheek teeth of the patient, but also very dangerous.

caries prevention

Everyone knows that good teeth - the key to a beautiful smile, so take care of them should begin in early childhood.Prevention of dental caries is a thorough cleaning of the teeth with a good toothpaste.It plays an important role in implementing the toothbrush oral hygiene, which should not be too rigid in order not to cause damage to the enamel and gums, and not too soft.Brushing your teeth after meals is recommended, if this is not possible, it is necessary to use dental floss to remove food particles from the teeth.

Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene is the cause not only tooth decay but also of many other oral problems.Strengthening tooth enamel contributes to a balanced diet, composed of solid food should definitely go.This does not mean that you should nibble nuts.On strengthening teeth positively affects the use of fresh carrots, apples, lettuce, fish and other foods rich in calcium.Twice a year is recommended professional cleaning of the teeth from plaque, at the first signs of caries contact the dental clinic and "is not afraid" to treat a tooth.