fistula on the gums (gingival fistula) - is one of the most common complications of chronic periodontitis.Unlike tooth decay, which is treated for 1-2 sessions, gingival fistula requires a long course of therapy, as well as to identify and eliminate the cause, marked the beginning of the disease.


  • 1 The causes of fistula on the gums
  • 2 symptoms of a fistula on the gums and diagnostics
  • 3 Traditional treatment of a fistula on the gums
  • 4 Treating fistula on the gums folk remedies
  • 5 prevention of fistula on the gums

The causes of fistula on the gums

Fistula in the gums photo fistula on the gums - a kind of channel connectingthe site of infection and gum surface and is designed to remove accumulated in the field of inflammatory lesions of pus.The appearance of the surface of the gums outlet fistulous indicates the presence in the bone or soft tissues of the mouth abscess.

main cause of the pathology are:

  • complication of chronic granulating periodontitis;
  • substandard treatment of advanced caries;
  • inflamed cysts of the tooth;
  • eruption of wisdom tooth retention.

By themselves these reasons lead to the appearance of a fistula is extremely rare.Typically, the disease only develops when a weakened immune forces of the body, caused by exhaustion, hypothermia or past illnesses.

symptoms of a fistula on the gums and diagnostics

The main symptom of the disease is the opening in the gum fistulous by which periodontal abscess or deep in the jaw has been reported with oral.

appearance of fistula accompanied by:

  • pain in the gums, increasing when touched;
  • tooth mobility;
  • redness and swelling of the gums in the area of ​​the fistula orifice;
  • purulent discharge from the fistula motion;
  • fever (up to 37.5 degrees and above);

detect fistula can be like on a standard dental examination, and with the help of X-rays.X-ray allows a dentist to make a conclusion about how much a tooth granuloma has grown as deeply impressed gum disorders, inflammation of the periosteum if touched.Only after a thorough and careful examination, the doctor may prescribe a truly efficient and effective treatment.

Traditional treatment of a fistula on the gums

Treating fistula on the gums begin to address the underlying causes of the disease: in particular, the treatment of the patient's tooth, trigger the development of diseases.The doctor thoroughly cleans the dentinal tubules, removes carious deposits and pus.Then it processes the tooth with a disinfectant solution and only then puts on his seal.In cases where the fistula formed in the gums under the already sealed tooth, treatment begins with removing previously supplied seals.This is followed by cleaning of canals, cavity and re-filling.

procedure for treatment of a fistula on the gums necessarily complemented by rehabilitation course.Most often, the affected portion of the gingiva pathology treated with laser or subjected to ultrasonic treatment.To reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process used antibiotics.When

complex course of the disease, for example, with the defeat of the periosteum, the fistula on the gums can only be removed surgically.Avoid operation can only be addressed in a timely manner to the doctor and begin treatment.Anyway, to quickly get rid of this disease is impossible.The process of treatment, even in strict compliance with doctor's prescriptions to patients, it may take more than one week.

Treating fistula on the gums folk remedies

Get rid of the fistula on the gums with the help of the popular methods is impossible.Meanwhile, non-traditional funds can significantly accelerate the patient recovery process.

Recipe 1. Thoroughly grind grinder flowers and grass, yarrow, calendula flowers, grass, clover, dandelion root, and inflorescence tansy grass and root vegetable garden sorrel.In the resulting mass add a little oil and calendula ichthyol ointment and apply it to lubricate the affected gum area.

Recipe 2 Pour 1 tablespoonflowers camomile 500 ml of boiling water and let stand for two hours.Infusion of strain through cheesecloth and use it to wash the fistula in the morning, at night and during the day, after each meal.A similar means and can be prepared on the basis of marigold flowers.

Recipe 3. Izmelchit50 grammevkaliptovyh leaves, pour 1 tablespoon ofboiled corn or olive oil and place in a dark place.After waiting for hours, add in a container with listyami50 grammmelko chopped onions.The resulting mass is mixed thoroughly, put on sterile gauze and apply for 25 minutes to the outlet of the fistula.The procedure should be carried out daily.

Recipe 4. Mince 3 leaves of Kalanchoe, 3 aloe leaf and 1 clove of garlic.Stir the resulting mass, wrapped it in sterile gauze and apply to the affected area 2-3 times a day.Duration of treatment - 10 minutes.

Recipe 5. Smeshat50 grammistolchennoy sea salt, finely chopped 3 cloves garlic, chopped onion and pour the resulting massu100 golivkovogo oil.The mixture was put on a piece of sterile bandage and apply to the affected area for 3 minutes.The procedure should be repeated 3 times a day.

Recipe 6. Prepare a mixture of two finely chopped onions and 10 comminuted tablets mummy, fill it with 1 tablespoonolive oil and mix thoroughly.The obtained means to put on a piece of sterile gauze and apply to the affected area of ​​the gums for 5 minutes.The procedure must be repeated 2 times a day.

prevention of fistula on the gums

no secret that any illness is much easier to prevent than to cure.That is why dentists have developed a number of preventive recommendations, compliance with which significantly reduces the risk of gingival fistula.In particular, it is recommended:

  • visit the dentist at least twice a year;
  • prevent tooth decay;
  • regularly remove dental plaque;
  • abide by the rules of oral hygiene;
  • normalize diet;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle.

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