According to statistics, one in five people on the planet snores.It would seem that there is bad?However, doctors attribute snoring to severe disease.In addition, he brings a lot of inconvenience to people you know, especially if you have to spend the night at a party. Medically, snoring is caused by a bad cold, the curvature of the nasal septum or the pathology of soft tissues in the nasopharynx.Snoring can not only adult, but a child, for example, due to enlarged tonsils.But if some of the causes can be managed surgically, in other cases require special treatment.

As with any disease in snoring there are consequences and complications.Chronic snoring can occur breath (or apnea).stop breathing several times may be repeated for one night.As a result, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases, which can cause heart attack or stroke.It is not excluded, and death.Therefore, snoring is a pretty serious problem.

People suffering from such a disease, first of all, you need to contact an audiologist

(or LORu).Only a doctor can find out the anatomical features of the respiratory tract and to establish the true cause.Perhaps there are some diseases that require correction.You may also need medical consultation or endocrinologist.Identify the presence of apnea (breath holding) during sleep help polysomnography - a study of your night's sleep.Typically, these studies help to find a more effective therapy.In the case of surgery, PSG will help determine whether or not you hurt the operation.

There are also several ways to combat snoring, which can be used not only to people suffering from this disease:

  • First, we should start with proper body position during sleep.Snoring people need to sleep on your side.Avoid high pillow.Your head should be parallel to the body.So you can avoid bends in different parts of the spine.This rule must be observed by all.During this sleep the human body gets proper rest.
  • Most often snoring people complain of shortness of nasal breathing.In this case, it is necessary to determine the exact cause and fix it.If you have chronic rhinitis is useful before bedtime to use the funds to cleanse the nose.Today there is a wide selection of different sprays, nasal drops.You can also use sea (salt) water.If the problem is more serious pathologies airway structure (such as a deviated septum or nasal polyps), require surgical intervention.After respiratory function is restored, the snoring will be held.
  • Sometimes the cause of snoring is in the overweight, everyday stress and other diseases.Therefore it is necessary to pass a thorough diagnosis and begin to eliminate these causes, and then apply physical therapy, medication.
  • In addition, currently there are many kinds of special oral devices that treat snoring.They fix the mandible, thereby increasing the pharyngeal lumen.However, such a device is not so easy to get used to, it can cause a lot of discomfort during sleep.But today, this method is probably the most effective.Furthermore, use of nasal strips, so-called extenders.They help take the air 30% more and eliminate snoring.
  • If the results of the diagnosis have detected apnea (breath holding), is an effective tool in its treatment may be CPAP machine or synaptic therapy.It is a special nasal mask, sealed on the device, which is connected to a small compressor.After connecting tube during sleep is constantly supplied under a certain pressure airflow.This method of treatment does not occlude the airway.Use of this device allows a complete relaxation, eliminating drowsiness, fatigue, heavy head after sleeping.It is useful also for people suffering from insomnia.

addition to traditional medicine, there are folk recipes.The first concerns the special breathing exercises.Species techniques are many.The most effective technique is Strelnikova.It also helps to cope with other diseases.There are exercises to strengthen the muscles of the tongue, jaw and soft palate.

  • Exercise 1: stick out your tongue forward, as though showing a sore throat doctor.Repeat this exercise 30 times.Then do the same amount of tongue movements in the opposite direction.This exercise will prevent the closure of the soft palate with the tongue during sleep.
  • Exercise 2: To strengthen the muscles of the lower jaw, perform its movements back and forth.Repeat 25 times per day.
  • Exercise 3: Take in the teeth of some not very hard object and gently squeeze it.Hold this position for about 5 minutes.
  • To be most effective it is necessary to perform the exercises in the morning and in the evening a few times.Muscles will always be on our toes and allow air to properly and smoothly pass through the respiratory tract.

Thus, today there are many methods of struggle with snoring.The challenge is to identify the causes of the disease.Do not self-medicate.Only a specialist can prescribe the correct and effective therapy.A snoring cure is necessary, because it not only causes discomfort to your loved ones, but it can cause serious harm to your health.In the treatment of snoring important role played by the promotion and support of loved ones.After all, people can not guess about his illness.If there is a problem, it should be solved in a timely manner.Quiet sleep - the key to good health.