glaucoma - a disease of the organs of vision, characterized by slowly progressive changes in the optic nerve and circulation of fluid inside the eye violation.The main reason for this change is a chronic elevated intraocular pressure.At the beginning of the disease in humans begins to fall eyesight, reduced peripheral vision narrows the zone of visibility.The result of the disease may be complete loss of vision.Medical Statistics disappointing: almost every fifth blind man lost his sight due to glaucoma.

The disease can occur at any age, but the greatest risk of glaucoma is for babies.If you do not conduct timely surgical treatment, the child may lose vision completely for 3 weeks.In the adult glaucoma often starts to develop to reach 40 years of age.

The causes of glaucoma may be several.Firstly, it can be congenital.At the same time the unborn child once observed ocular hypertension and increase the eyeball.Secondly, glaucoma may result from other disorders of the visual system associated

with cataract eye injuries, inflammatory processes.In this case, one should speak of a secondary glaucoma.Her main reason - violation of the outflow of the fluid inside the eye.People with low or normal intraocular pressure glaucoma can be a cause of poor circulation in the eye.The risk group includes people who are suffering from atherosclerosis or diabetes.

Glaucoma usually gets progressively develop in both eyes, it is not transmitted from one person to another, so safe to be around.

main symptoms of glaucoma are:

  • Increased intraocular pressure.
  • Changing the optic nerve.
  • narrowing of the visual field.

particular danger are those forms of glaucoma, which occur quite easily and quickly.Thus for a long time there is a slow loss of vision, on which the patient initially did not pay attention.A similar form of glaucoma can be detected only after the specialist ophthalmological examinations.

For some forms of the disease are characterized by the following symptoms: pain in the brow, and temporal areas, frequent blurred vision, sudden increase of intraocular pressure, and nausea.Help your doctor if you notice such symptoms should be provided immediately.Otherwise, the possible complete loss of vision.

success of glaucoma treatment is entirely dependent on how much time the patient asked for help, and how meticulously he will perform all medical prescriptions.The course and development of the disease also depends on the person's lifestyle.With high eye pressure should avoid heavy physical stress, nervous tension and stress, eat vegetable products, give up meat and fat, coffee, large amounts of sweets, hot spices and pickles.It is useful to drink a glass of fresh yogurt in the morning, eat as many raw vegetables, cabbage and prunes.You should also drink no more than 6 glasses of fluid a day, be sure to quit smoking.

main goal of glaucoma treatment - reduction in intraocular pressure normal.At the initial stage of the disease can be achieved with medication.In general, in medical practice, there are three main methods of treatment of glaucoma:

  • conservative method is to conduct a full examination of the patient's system and the appointment of the necessary medicines - eye drops.The main disadvantage of this treatment is to reduce the effectiveness of drugs in their constant use.Eye drops should be instilled at regular time intervals, that is not quite convenient.By the side effects of drops include: cataracts, constriction of the pupil of the eye, a decrease of intraocular fluid.Many of these drugs are contraindicated for people with diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.Moreover, the conservative treatment aims to combat the symptoms of glaucoma, but not with the disease.
  • glaucoma Laser treatment is used in the event that medication does not give positive results.It is aimed at the formation of aqueous humor outflow tract using a laser.The treatment itself is painless and should be performed in an outpatient setting.The main advantage of using a laser is that the eyeball is not subjected to surgery, but this method of treatment is not always effective.Surgical treatment
  • used in severe cases of the disease and involves the creation of an alternative system of outflow of ocular fluid, resulting in the normalization of intraocular pressure without medication.

Operation - the most reliable and effective method for the treatment of glaucoma.This surgery is called - penetrating deep sclerotomy.As a result, the operation takes place the intraocular fluid rebalancing.Sometimes this operation is combined with the implantation in a patient's eye drainages of collagen, which prevent the reduction of the operational effect in the future.

sclerotomy main advantages lie in the outpatient holding procedures, applying minor injuries eye tissues, rapid postoperative rehabilitation, the possibility to start working within a few days after surgery, no complications.

In advanced forms of glaucoma can be used laser iridotomy, removal of the lens, with its subsequent replacement by an artificial intraocular lens.Often surgery for glaucoma may be repeated.Currently, a large number of medical centers to conduct effective joint treatment of glaucoma and cataract, and the use of new methods of treatment allows patients to preserve vision for many years.