Bronchitis - is an acute inflammatory process that originated in the bronchial mucosa.Specialists are two types of bronchitis - acute and chronic.For example, acute bronchitis is a result of all kinds of reasons, be it a virus or infection, or allergic factors.Chronic bronchitis can also be caused by progressive inflammation that is running bronchitis, and is the most common disease of the lungs.

Many people wonder - is it possible to cure bronchitis, not only with the help of a specialist, but also at home?All doctors in unison answer, it is better to use an integrated approach, combining the recommendations of the doctor and the treatment of folk or home remedies.To cure the acute form of the disease, it is necessary to begin treatment with the suppression of pathogens, for the purpose of which is usually used in combination with antibiotics, vitamins course.

Then, you can finish the cure bronchitis at home, which means a mandatory bed rest and avoiding harmful foods, smoking and alcohol

(especially smoking, which provokes problems with the respiratory tract).It is advisable and physiotherapy, supplemented by massage.However, the most useful technique is the treatment of bronchitis home inhalation.

treatment as chronic bronchitis takes longer and requires more attention.Consider the costs and form of this type of bronchitis.If the form - sharpened, it is recommended that, once again, take antibiotics and expectorants, thinning phlegm means.It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids and make special gymnastics for the respiratory system.Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy and methods presented mustard plasters treatments and body wraps, electric procedures, and, of course, inhalations that are most effective.

About inhalations and their use should be discussed separately.This method is most suitable for those who treat bronchitis at home.You can conduct your own inhalation.This method is used not only to fight the disease, but also for prophylaxis.But remember that if you are ill with heart disease and pneumonia, hypertension, the inhalation treatment for you can be dangerous.

But if restrictions inhalation you do not have, you can carry out various types of such a procedure, based on the characteristics of bronchitis that you are ill.

easiest way - carrying steam inhalation over-filled with boiling water tank, where it is possible, based on the recommendations of your doctor, add medication, essential oils and herbs.Good help chamomile and sage, and juniper.After boiling water, made of paper dense funnel part of which will cover the container.Begin to inhale the steam through the narrow part of the funnel.

treatment to be more effective, try as the water cools, pour the boiled water again.At the same time, it is necessary to add the drug and in combination with herbs and oils.Breathe on the ferry, covered with a towel - the effect will be higher.Duration of any inhalation should not be more than three minutes.To conduct such procedures can be several times a day.

But, most convenient to carry out inhalation using a special device - a nebulizer, which can be filled with solutions of drugs and compounds.Using an inhaler drugs go directly into the respiratory organs and the way the human body.Thus, the treatment of respiratory diseases goes much faster, there is a positive dynamics, and rapid recovery.For this reason, it is advisable to buy a nebulizer.Based on what is a form of bronchitis you are sick, you can use a nebulizer compressor or ultrasonic.Make the right choice will help the doctor who performed your examination.

You can use the standard inhalers.Thus, an inhaler Thermo-heated by steam solution will help cure and carry out prevention of many diseases related to the respiratory organs, in particular bronchitis.In order to avoid rapid cooling took place, the inhaler cup made of polymeric material, and in which the solution is poured.This cup is placed inside the body, helping the appliance fit tightly to the face.

All inhalers and nebulizers can be used to cure diseases of varying severity, both in children and in adults.Choosing the treatment nebulizer, check existing feedback on a particular device - so you get a general idea about a particular inhaler and its quality.It is important to choose the right solutions for the treatment of a particular disease, because all the problems with the respiratory system have their own characteristics that require detailed, specific approach.