Everyone knows that bronchitis - is not a simple disease that can get rid of a couple of days of self-medication.Proper treatment of bronchitis should not include a bed mode, and only a constant, excessive drinking, but properly selected and antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent in combination therapy with antitussive.It is especially important at the initial stage of drinking, because if insufficient drinking regime, the mucus becomes thicker consistency and little coughs.

But, continues to be the most difficult question of the correct selection and use of antibiotics.In general, the greater the importance of playing with bronchitis virus occurs.For this reason, the use of antibiotics is often not justified at all.If antibiotics are taken not for its intended purpose, it may develop a goiter, and allergic reactions, formed resistance bacteria and microorganisms to a particular antibiotic.

Usually, the treatment of bronchitis, doctors selected antibacterials empirically, that is, they do

not really know how the causative agent of the disease was caused, however, prescribe antibiotics known from the category of penicillin and chloramphenicol.

Prophylactic drugs-antibiotics has no effect on the positive side in the recovery of the body.Often, use of antibiotics for such purposes, on the contrary, harmful.Begin to develop resistant bacteria, and are allergic, gastrointestinal disorder observed.As a result - reduced immunity, and health becomes worse.

especially careful should choose antibiotics for children, because their body such drugs can cause even more damage.

But how to choose antibiotics if they are needed, and in what circumstances and at all costs to give them up?

In order to correctly select the required in your particular situation, an antibiotic, will have to pass some tests.This includes the analysis on the culture of sputum, which will clarify what exactly the pathogen has become the primary cause of the disease.Then determine the level of sensitivity of the microorganism to antibiotics.However, very often it is simply impossible to do, because antibiotics are chosen based on the patient's general condition.

In fact, antibiotics actually shown only in rare cases of bronchitis.Antibiotics may be indicated when there is a suspicion of bacterial infections, which can be determined by such characteristics:

  • temperature over 38 degrees, which lasts more than three days.
  • presence of dyspnea.
  • Indrawing compliant zones chest or kryahtyaschee respiration in the absence of bronchial obstruction.Leukocytosis
  • blood when the formula is shifted to the left, the ESR is greater than 20 mm / h.

When such symptoms antibiotics may occur, and prescribe antibiotics here, as in any other situation, should a doctor.If these symptoms are not the same, it is possible to take conventional drugs.

But how to treat bronchitis in children?Because their bodies are more susceptible to the infection, and viruses, and to identify the root cause of bronchitis in young children even more difficult.

Again, forget the self - the consequences can then even longer to dig.Immediately go to the doctor treating you.He will give all the necessary recommendations on the basis of general examination.Scheduled treatment may depend on the age of the child and of the features that accompany the disease.

doctor may recommend a treatment, however, when a child at home intoxication, when the general condition of the body is clearly getting worse, the temperature drops, and the process is accompanied by severe shortness of breath, be sure to need hospitalization.This is especially important for children from one to three years.If a child is already older, it is possible to cure or at home.The main principle in the treatment of children from bronchitis - the suppression of infections and cleaning the bronchi complemented the overall therapy.If it was decided to treat the child with antibiotics, it is important to carefully choose the best of them.Effective antibiotic treatment can arrest the symptoms, and, after a while, and did bring the pathogen from the body.

to choose the right antibiotic for the treatment of the child, it is important to establish the etiology and to determine susceptibility to antimicrobial drug character.Today, not only for the treatment of adults and children who use antibiotics three groups of cephalosporins and penicillins, as well as the macrolides.

Expert's opinion: At the moment used a wide range of antibacterial drugs, far beyond the limits of these three groups.Medications prescribed depending on the patient's condition, medical history.

It is said that in the treatment of bronchitis, you will be able to help not only the strong medications like antibiotics and expensive drugs, but also, and herbal remedies.For example, ipecac root and licorice, and marshmallow root and elecampane, thyme.These plants have a clear and expectorant action, as all are used in practice for the treatment of bronchitis varying degrees.