Most people suffering from any type of psoriasis, be sure to present psoriasis of the scalp.Its symptoms may be as thin scales on the skin surface and thick crust plaques. Also in this case, psoriasis can extend beyond the scalp.It can be on the neck, forehead and around the ears.

makes the diagnosis that psoriasis may be similar to other diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis.But differences do exist.In psoriasis of the scalp flakes mealy, glossy silver color, while with seborrhea are yellowish and greasy.

first symptoms of psoriasis lesions are on the border of the hair growth, accompanied by severe itching.However, these plaques is desirable not to tear, as this may give rise to a strong dandruff and flaking.In addition to itching appear moist cracks that bleed and hurt.Often the hair starts to fall.If you can not find the right method of treatment of psoriasis that can take months and sometimes years.Therefore, at the first sign of illness should consult a doctor immediately.

Methods of treating psoriasis of the scalp

  1. UV - is today one of the most effective treatments for psoriasis of the scalp.But, unfortunately, it is the hair and impede the healing process, because they do not allow UV rays to fully penetrate the skin.Men in the treatment of psoriasis is recommended in such a way as short shaven hair, well, women have to use a special UV comb, which can saturate the skin by scratching the respective beams.
  2. use of medicated shampoos and soaps does not help much, but you can try.Assist such as the Friderm shampoos with tar, Nizoral, Kertiol, Tana.Wood tar soap is excellent for the treatment of psoriasis elimination.
  3. Ointments and creams .Creams for psoriasis can be divided into two types - hormonal and non-hormonal.After receiving hormonal creams plaques disappear, but it was not for long, and soon re-make themselves felt.Non-hormonal creams help more effectively, but, unfortunately, not everyone is suited.As a rule, such creams are plant-based.Of the ointment is very good effect on the salicylic ointment psoriasis affected skin fate.And even with the long hair, it is quickly washed off.
  4. Cryotherapy - freezing psoriatic plaques, then the affected cells die.This method is effective, but very expensive.

Traditional methods of treatment

  1. Treat devyasilom possible. roots elecampane have to grind and mix with unsalted bacon.The resulting mixture should be put to cook for half an hour.When the cream is cooked, it must filter through a thick cloth.Use the ointment once a day.It is also very useful to wash the body of a decoction of elecampane roots.
  2. ointment treatment of eggs. Need a capacity of 200 grams.It is necessary to drive one fresh egg on top and pour the vinegar, cover and sustain the whole day.Then it is necessary to grind eggshells and add it into the same container, followed by all the mix again.Then add a spoonful of salt is not lard and mix well.In the evening, you need to thoroughly wash the affected area with a laundry soap, dry off with a towel and wait about 15 minutes to dry out the skin.After this it is necessary to lubricate the skin with ointment psoriasis.Hold for about an hour.Maybe the plaque will be very itchy, but it must be endured.After the procedure, you need to carefully remove the remnants of an ointment with a soft cloth and cleanser (preferably children).All of these procedures should be performed each day to as long as psoriasis disappears completely.In its place will be a red spot, which also disappear soon.
  3. Treatment of onion (grated). necessary to wet the head and put it on the grated onion.Then head should roll up oilcloth and top with a towel for 20 minutes.Remove the mask and wash with warm water.After this procedure in any case can not be washed with shampoo no matter how desirable, we must endure.This can be done in about a day.But that effect was better at the time of treatment is better to use tar soap.The head of this soap to wash every day is necessary and desirable in the morning.This method is very effective.As a rule, two - three months, the disease goes away.
  4. Treatment of celandine. necessary to mix the juice of celandine, egg white, honey, propolis and medical turpentine.Put to boil and stir during cooking.When the cream is ready, it has to be cool in the refrigerator.Apply a thin layer of ointment should be in the affected areas, and to keep two or three hours.For full recovery must be six months.The procedure is recommended to do this within thirty days.Then take a short break.Even if you have gone rashes treatment should still continue for prophylaxis for six months.