If a person has on the body appeared red spots, it should not ignore it.The reasons for the appearance of these spots are so many and the consequences can be very different, so a campaign to the doctor can not procrastinate.The reason for the appearance of red spots on the skin can be a common allergy, stress and an unhealthy diet, as well as more serious diseases, including diseases of the internal organs and hormonal imbalance.


  • 1 Scleroderma
  • 2 Psoriasis
  • 3 Eczema
  • 4 Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • 5 Pink zoster
  • 6 Measles, rubella, scarlet fever and chickenpox


When scleroderma on the body in some places there is scar tissue.There are two forms of scleroderma: systemic and limited.During systemic sclerosis occurs damage internal organs and skin lesions.The skin becomes thick, glossy and resembles ivory.During the limited scleroderma appear from one to several red spots with a lilac tint.

If there are signs of scleroderma, an ur

gent need to consult a doctor.Self does not need to take any action, because it can only exacerbate the situation.


Red spots with white scales - the first sign of psoriasis.These spots on the body itch and itch.The causes of this disease - lowered immunity, stress, heredity.Psoriasis - the disease is not fatal, but it can psychologically affect not the best way to a man.Lowered self-esteem, a sense of shame ...

Expert opinion: It is worth noting.that spot is a skin defect, which often rises above its surface.In psoriasis, scleroderma and still appear foci of plaque seals, respectively, with a change in color.With psoriasis plaques can not be scratched.

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Eczema Photo allergic skin diseases in the form of rashes or bubbles.Eczema is accompanied by severe itching.Vegetable and chemical dyes, flavors in food may cause the appearance of the disease.Preservatives and additives in cosmetics can also trigger the development of eczema.After the bite of insects, as well as certain types of food (eg, spicy and salty foods, citrus fruits, meats, chocolate, carbonated beverages) trigger the rash.

provoke eczema may also stressful situations.Women often manifests itself after birth (physical exertion, lack of sleep).When disturbed functions of the digestive tract, can also occur eczema.

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Allergy and Infectious Diseases

red spots caused by allergies may be on the neck, arms and legs.The cause of allergies can be anything: foods, drugs, air, cosmetics.In addition to the red dots may appear more itching and difficulty breathing.In this case, the patient should be hospitalized immediately.

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Pink zoster

Pink zoster photo main symptoms of pink lichen - oval, round shape spots.They appear on the shoulders, back, hips and little flakes.Sometimes these spots itch and itch.The causative agent of lichen can be cold or a weak immune system.Most often, this zoster manifests in spring or autumn.If the wash water spots or to smear the skin with ointments that contain coal tar and sulfur, can be severe irritation.It starts itching and spots become bright red.When these spots do not delay a visit to the dermatologist.

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Measles, rubella, scarlet fever and chickenpox

Rubella photo rubella, measles, chicken pox - are infectious diseases that appear on the body of the red spots, dots, blisters.If the reason for the appearance of these spots serve these diseases, the patient must necessarily be isolated from healthy people who have not previously transferred data of the disease.

Measles may manifest themselves after coughing and fever.At first, the rash covers the face, neck and chest, and then the trunk and limbs.The rash looks like a red bumps, sometimes a few bumps merge into one large.Even when an eruption will come down on the skin will change.There pigmentation and scaling.

Expert opinion: In fact, not only measles can occur after coughing and fever, and measles with chickenpox.

Rubella - small rash that is accompanied by short-term fever.The virus enters through the nasal mucosa.In the body, it multiplies and is fixed in the lymph nodes, which are increasing.At the beginning of the disease the patient did not bother, but there is a malaise, severe fatigue and weakness for a day or two before the rash appears.The temperature is not above 38 degrees.Worried runny nose and sore throat.On the first day of the disease rash appears only on the face, and then began to spread throughout the body.The spot size of 6 mm in diameter.If the stain to pressure, it may disappear.Usually, a rash on the body more than the face and pronounced in the area of ​​extension of the limbs, buttocks, upper back and lower back.It appears dry cough and watery eyes.Increased nuchal glands appears even two days before the rash.When probing the nodes can be painful.Complications from measles are rare, and usually only in adult patients.

Expert Opinion: rubella virus can cause congenital malformations of the fetus during pregnancy, so pregnant women should be vaccinated before and during the gestation of the child should not be in contact with patients with rubella.

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Scarlet fever in children photos The disease scarlet fever is a strep.It appears during angina as a red or bright pink punctate rash all over the body.After the first week of the disease the skin begins to peel off.It appears drowsiness, severe headache, chills.There may also be nausea and vomiting.The rash appears at the beginning of the second day, and the tonsils are enlarged.It appears first on the neck, then to the upper back and chest.After that quickly spreads throughout the body.Rash bright red color in the form of small, closely spaced points.At 2-3 days the rash reaches a climax, and then gradually decreases.At the site where there was a rash may begin to peel off the skin, but after two or three weeks it will pass.

Expert Opinion: Scarlet fever is not manifested during angina.Angina is its manifestation.

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Chickenpox in children photos

Chickenpox (varicella) - caused by a virus, which belongs to the herpes group.First, red bump (papule) appears, and then the bubble (vesicle) appears on it.During the illness occurs rash all over the body.When bubbles begin to dry out, new ones appear.Symptoms of chickenpox can be fever, rashes appear that itch, and they want to constantly scratching.If the scratching was entered purulent infection, some of the bubbles produced pustules.It threatens that may remain on the skin scars.Recovery is 10 days from onset.Complications of chickenpox does not, if a person is going through it at an early age.In adults, it flows more complicated and may give complications.As treatment bumps zelenkoj treated twice a day.

Expert Opinion: You can not say that does not give chickenpox complications in childhood.Often develops varicella herpes meningitis with encephalitis, that is affected, and the shell of the brain substance.Additionally, chicken pox can cause at any age to necrotising fasciitis, in which the necrosis of muscle and fascia (connective tissue membranes).

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When a different type of red spots can not ignore them, an urgent need to consult a doctor, so he put the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.