white spots appear on the skin defect is its pigmentation.They occur infrequently and indicate the presence in the body of any pathology.Experts identify two main disease, the main symptom of which is considered to be skin depigmentation separate sections: the "solar fungus" and vitiligo.

so-called "sun fungus" is not nothing but a chromophytosis.The causative agent of the disease is a particular fungus, the most common in a hot climate countries.Dispatched by the fungus by direct contact with a sick person, and while wearing his clothes, using common with him towels and bed linen.The most likely to be infected people who are suffering from diabetes, tuberculosis, having cancer, pregnant women.Pityriasis versicolor may have a different shape from the conventional circle to the most bizarre patterns resembling a map.Its color varies from white to light brown.Usually, the fungus settles in the neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and even on the part of the head covered with hair.the most active period

of the disease observed in points increase in solar activity, hence, in fact, the origin of the name."Sunny fungus" appears as a progressive small white spots on the skin.This is due to the introduction of the primary pathogen in the melanocytes - the cells responsible for the production of skin pigment.Waste products fungus adversely affect the activity of melanocytes, thereby slowing down the production of melanin.Lack of substance appears in the form of ever-increasing blind spots.

diagnosis and treatment of the disease has been dermatologist.Diagnosis is made after a study of white skin with a special lamp and iodine solution, which can detect even invisible to the human eye lesions sites.Ringworm is treated by daily application to him of special antifungal drugs and antifungal solutions (ketoconazole).If the disease is already widespread in the body and has become chronic, topical treatment is not enough.Antifungal agents in this case are taken orally in form of tablets and injections.In some cases, possible relapse.Prediction of treatment is always favorable.Ringworm is safe for the human body, and no trouble, except for aesthetic defect is not.

Another disease associated with the appearance of white spots on the skin is vitiligo.Discoloration of the skin in this case is due to loss of a large amount of pigment producing cells of the skin.Vitiligo is a fairly rare disease, it is found in 2% of the world population.Most susceptible to this ailment young men and women under the age of 35 years.The exact causes of the disease are unknown.His provoking factors are considered hormonal failure, disturbances in endocrine and digestive systems, the wrong metabolism, diabetes, frequent stress.Often, skin discoloration is a satellite of hypothyroidism - thyroid disease.

main symptom of vitiligo - appear throughout the body of the patient blind spots of various sizes and shapes.These spots can merge with each other, forming large discolored patches of skin.The name "vitiligo" in translation into Russian means "to deprive" symptoms have been known to people since ancient times.In the Middle Ages to the people who have discolored spots on the skin, treated in the same way as a leper.Today, Vitiligo does not belong to a group of fatal diseases Scientists have long proven that it is perfectly safe for others and is not transmitted from one person to another.For a long time the study of the main symptoms and causes of the disease was not given any importance.This is due primarily to the absence of complaints of patients worsening state of health, even in the time of active development of the disease.Modern medicine allows you to quickly diagnose vitiligo and assign it the correct treatment.However, treatment results are not always predictable.No doctor can not guarantee the full disposal of the skin disease and the absence of his reps throughout a person's life.

vitiligo Diagnostics is engaged in the dermatologist, it should refer to it when its main symptom.The disease poses no threat to human life, but cause psychological discomfort associated with a change in color of certain parts of the skin.In general, the appearance of vitiligo may indicate the presence of any of the internal organs of the disease, so it is recommended to visit a doctor and undergo the necessary examination.

treated disease preparations of local and general effects.The primary goal of treatment is to remove the skin defect.The development of vitiligo prevents intake of certain hormones and conduct irradiation with ultraviolet rays courses.The most commonly used drugs in the treatment of the disease include: beroksan, psoralen, ammifurin issued in the form of tablets and ointments for external use.Contraindications to the treatment of a pregnancy or the presence of malignant tumors.Patients with vitiligo are not recommended for a long time in the sun and sunbathe.Sometimes, in cases of extensive lesions of the skin to get rid of cosmetic defect patients received depigmentation areas of healthy skin.Her lightening makes a whole white patches less noticeable.

general, there is a huge number of skin diseases associated with the appearance of white spots on it.Many of them are considered to be very rare.These are: leprosy, pebaldizm, nummular eczema, sarcoidosis, nevus Sutton, fungal mycosis, etc.However, each of them accompanied by a large number of other specific symptoms that should cause alarm.The disease of the skin, in which there is the appearance of white spots on it without any associated symptoms, is not a threat to humans, but significantly reduces the level of his life.Message to a specialist in this case is the right decision, as only a dermatologist can tell you how to quickly and without harm to health to get rid of unpleasant disease.