Pine buds are widely used in national treatment, due to the high content of resins, essential oils, vitamins P, K, B12 and C, volatile, tannins, starch, carotene, mineral salts, and turpentine.

Collect pine buds carried out in early spring, when they begin to swell and the outer scales more closely adjacent to the kidney.Cut off the shoots with the edge of the branches and only young trees located in areas designated for thinning pine plantations.The blanks are dried in the open air under a canopy or in a well-ventilated attics to save the maximum number of medicinal properties.


  • 1 Application pine bud
    • 1.1 Treatment of tuberculosis
    • 1.2 Herbal tea kidney pine
    • 1.3 decoction of the shoots of pine
    • 1.4 Inhalation through pine buds
    • 1.5 kidneys pines to reduce appetite
    • 1.6 treatment of urinary tract infections
    • 1.7 migraine drugs
    • 1.8 female infertility treatment
    • 1.9 Eliminating skin problems
  • 2 Contraindications

Application pine buds

pine shoots are used in medicine as an expectorant and disinfectant for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.Typically, these medications have the form of decoctions for inhalations and infusions that are recommended to be used internally for bronchitis, pneumonia, duodenal ulcer and stomach.Decoction of pine trees have weak kidneys choleretic and diuretic effect.It should be noted that the pine buds are often included in the composition of breast fees, and extract and tincture are used for coniferous baths, has a calming effect on the human nervous system.

Curative properties of renal broth is widely used for inhalation in diseases of the nose and throat, as well as help improve blood composition.Formulations which include pine buds, have a bactericidal effect on the microflora of the oral cavity and the nasopharynx.

Treatment of tuberculosis

alcohol tincture of pine buds is used for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.For the preparation of such drugs should take the young shoots, inflorescences with pollen or pollen, they insist on alcohol, add honey, eggs and butter.This infusion is also recommended to use in diseases of the liver and gastritis.

Tablespoon inflorescences should brew two cups of milk, add a spoonful of honey, two tablespoons of fresh butter, a couple of raw eggs and mix thoroughly.Take this medication is recommended for all-day, pre-dividing it into three equal parts.

inflorescence pollen or insist on vodka at the rate of 5 spoons of raw materials to half a liter of vodka.Should use the infusion of 25 ml three times per day.

Herbal tea kidney pine

Approximately 10 grams of pine buds to make a glass of boiled water and take throughout the day in the form of heat.This tea has expectorant and diaphoretic action effective.

decoction of pine shoots

Pour cup of boiling water in an enamel bowl, add a spoonful of shredded pine buds, cover tightly and place in a water bath for thirty minutes.Next, cool the broth, strain and add boiled water until you get the initial volume.Received the medication should be divided into three equal parts and drink during the day after a meal.

Inhalation through pine buds

boil half a liter of water, add three tablespoons of pine shoots, and to obtain a greater effect, you can add a teaspoon of eucalyptus, thyme, or sage.For several minutes, the contents should be heated in a kettle, then put on his nose paper funnel and breathe the steam treatment.

pine Kidneys to reduce appetite

significantly help reduce appetite few pine buds eaten 10 minutes before a meal.This is due to the fact that the pine shoots contain a large amount of essential oils and resins, as well as have a fairly strong aromatic flavor, which allows to regulate appetite and hunger.Thus, a person begins to eat much less, which leads to more effective results diets.

treatment of urinary tract infections

Tincture of pine buds is shown to people suffering from diseases such as nephritis and cystitis.To resolve these problems it is recommended to add a glass of water 15 drops of tincture of pine and drink 30 minutes before meals.This procedure should be carried out three times a day, especially with frequent urinary infections and kidney problems.

migraine drugs

Eliminate frequent headaches and migraines will syrup on the basis of pine buds.In the morning, before a meal, it is recommended to take two tablespoons of the syrup, and throughout the day to drink two liters of water mixed with 10 spoons of this medication.The course of treatment should last at least 10 days, after which the headaches will stop alarming.

female infertility treatment

Numerous studies have shown that a variety of essential oils, which are so rich in pine buds, can provide sufficiently intense irritant effect on female sex glands.Restore fertility in women, you can use daily syrup of pine buds, which must be taken within one month to 12 teaspoons.

Eliminating skin problems

Redness and irritation of the skin can be cured with the help of ointments and tinctures of pine buds.To prepare the therapeutic composition should whip egg whites, add the 12 drops of tincture of pine and apply pre-washed skin.This mask is recommended to withstand at least two hours, then remove the hot water.Treatment should be repeated three times a week for a month.Should not be in this period to use cosmetics, which lead to clogged pores.


Preparations of cones, pine needles and kidneys should not be taken during pregnancy and renal diseases such as glomerulonephritis.It is also contraindicated to treat pine island for hepatitis.We must remember that excessive use of coniferous drugs can cause renal parenchyma, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine, malaise and headache.

drugs, which include turpentine, forbidden to take with nephritis and nephrosis.Caution should be taken to such medicines gipotonikam, and people suffering from thrombosis, it is necessary to restrict the use of cones and pollen.In heart failure should avoid spring walks in the woods, as volatile, which allocates pine, can exacerbate angina and lead to serious consequences.