For centuries, the onion is known to mankind for their beneficial properties.Today, traditional medicine uses it at a cold nature of influenza.The greatest healing power is at the base of the bulb.In addition, the bow is widely known for its hypoglycemic effect, its regular consumption can significantly reduce blood cholesterol.


  • 1 Application onion
    • 1.1 Onion juice
    • 1.2 onion peel
    • 1.3 Tincture onion
    • 1.4 Cough treatment Onion
  • 2 Variety bow
    • 2.1 Red onion
    • 2.2 bow bitter
    • 2.3 onions
    • 2.4 Green onions
    • 2.5 Chinese onion
    • 2.6 shallots
  • 3 onion Contraindications

Application onion

in order to effectively eliminate nasal congestion, folk healers recommend wet fresh onion juice, small cotton balls and lay them in the nosepassages.Inhaled human volatile also help in the formation of suppuration in the throat and lungs.

Fresh Onion is considered an excellent tool for the home treatment of angina.To normalize pulmonary function

is recommended to use freshly prepared onion mush for inhalation.At the same time, grated onion reduces skin irritation, prevents the formation of bubbles and quickly eliminates the pain of burns.People with diabetes should eat onions, fried with butter.

As part of the bow are sulfur compounds that help the body to resist the many toxic substances and free radicals.Studies have shown that when used in women onions, they have a large degree of protection against the problems with the hip joints, which are associated with lesions of the cartilage of the hip.

onions widely known use as an antibacterial agent.Just chew a small amount of green onion, and it is possible to completely clean the mouth from harmful bacteria, and simultaneously whet the appetite.In the upper layers of the onion peel contains a lot of fiber, the use of which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal complications, including obesity.

Great is the benefit of onion and vitamin deficiency.Effectively kill plant pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and some fungi.Onion is a source of carotene and vitamins C and B1, which helps strengthen the immune system and protect against inflammation of the airways.It should be noted that the bow is rich in sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and copper, all that is essential for normal functioning of the heart, brain and central nervous system of the human.

Onion juice

juice squeezed out of onions, is considered one of the most effective natural antibiotics, which protect the body against infectious diseases and catarrhal nature.This herb helps to increase metabolism, by stimulating digestion and cleanse the blood.It should be noted that the bow has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and is used for the treatment of neurasthenia.

onion peel

known that massaging the scalp onion gruel promotes rapid hair growth and strengthen them.For the preparation of such a remedy is necessary to boil for a few minutes peretёrtoy 5 tablespoons powdered onion peel, then give the broth brew for four hours and strain.After shampooing your hair so the infusion becoming silky, becoming shiny and dandruff disappears completely.

Tincture onion

Traditional medicine uses infusion of onions for the treatment of hypertension, general weakness and increase male potency.Infusion of the bow is also recommended for gastritis and hemorrhoids.In addition, it effectively helps fight worms.

Cough treatment Onion

To eliminate bad cough, should be cleaned one onion, grate it on a small grater and mix with a little goose fat.This mixture is recommended to rub in the neck and chest, and then bundle up the warm scarf.In addition, it is useful to take this medicine into a spoonful every morning on an empty stomach.

Variety bow

Red onion

Red Onion is an excellent preventive measure against colds.From it are prepared various kinds of medicines, and also used as food.This kind of onion is characterized moderate odor and sweet taste.The flesh is red onion perfectly struggling with all sorts of pathogens, strengthens the human immune system and has a powerful disinfectant action.

Bow bitter

This kind of onion reduces the level of sugar in human blood.This is a useful natural remedy is recommended to take an empty stomach every day, which will forget about such a complex disease as diabetes.Additionally, the bitter bow facilitates normalization of cholesterol levels.


Onion is a remarkable plant that has many useful properties, used in folk medicine to treat various diseases.Bitterness onions helps whet the appetite and restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal system.Onion juice can get rid of the purulent angina type, and is also an excellent preventive measure against influenza.Onions quickly relieves sore throat and bronchial tubes, and it contained mineral salts, helps to normalize the water-salt metabolism in the human body.

Green onions

Green onions are very rich in minerals and vitamins.In it a large number of carotene, which is useful for the skin, as well as phosphorus and calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth.Green onions also contain zinc, a positive effect on hair and reproductive system.

Chinese onion

Stems Chinese onions have a pleasant sharp taste, which is a great addition to any salad, as well as fish and meat dishes.Bunching onion contains large amounts of vitamin C, so it is considered to be a powerful disinfectant.


This bow is characterized by its juiciness and sweet, so it is often added to soups and salads.In addition, the plant has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the development of cancer.

onion Contraindications

It should be noted that the bow has a certain number of contraindications, even in spite of the huge number of advantages.This vegetable is not recommended to use for people with high acidity of the stomach.Its uncontrolled use can trigger an asthma attack and adversely affect the performance of the entire cardiovascular system.

Contraindications to the use of onions are diseases such as gastric ulcer, gastritis, kidney problems and liver, as well as increased sensitivity to the plant and its idiosyncrasy.