Brown discharge may suddenly appear in almost every representative of the fair sex during pregnancy. Pregnancy - is a special, very important and remarkable "era" in his life, at any time that you need to very closely monitor not only their health, but also to listen to your body.Minor deviations may be an important beacon, and subsequently prevent the emergence and development of unwanted diseases.At the first small (as many believe) change is best to contact the hospital for advice.The most common problem that turn young women, is the emergence of secretions dark - brown.Below we will try to understand the underlying causes and the important consequences of their appearance.


  • 1 Ectopic pregnancy
  • 2 Brown discharge in early pregnancy
  • 3 Brown discharge in the later stages
  • 4 Necessary Actions for brown discharge

ectopic pregnancy

Upon the occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy, the egg is inevitably rejected.One of the important symptoms of this disease

are the above-mentioned release.Bleeding as a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy occurs while the woman still does not imply the imminent replenishment.

believed that pregnancy in the second trimester proceeds without complications related to bleeding.However, in the last weeks of concluding the third trimester of pregnancy there is the risk of some complications, symptom most frequently are intense and heavy bleeding from the vagina.With regard to the case described, there should immediately consult a specialist.The earlier, more accurate and most importantly the correct diagnosis is set, the higher the chances of women to preserve their reproductive system.

Brown discharge in early pregnancy

hormone progesterone performs important functions in the body in women.It is he who has an impact on the appearance of unwanted secretions from the beautiful half of humanity.Since the thirteenth week, most women find the appearance of a large amount of clear discharge.This is connected with another hormone - estrogen.Color appeared allocation may vary, but if you notice a slight change in color, and the Bole odor, you should immediately seek help from a qualified doctor.An experienced gynecologist will make you the required tests and prescribe medication, if needed.

Very often brown discharge indicate the possible threat of miscarriage.In the described case, an experienced gynecologist take all measures to preserve the fetus (drugs, surgery) and appoint bed rest.Miscarriage is a very serious complication that is most likely to occur only at the first timing.First, the bleeding is probably minor and painless at all.However, it stops for a certain time and is gradually increased.In the event of a threatening miscarriage abdominal bleeding from the vagina future mother are very poor character, the pain often does imperceptible or manifested tingling in the lower abdomen.However, the uterus at the same time has not changed, and with timely treatment to maintain the probability of pregnancy is quite large.

Spotting arising from incomplete abortion are more significant, have a thick red color, with noticeable to the naked eye clots.Bleeding accompanied by severe but infrequent tingling in the lower abdomen.Home care, which can have only versed in this matter expert, is scraping the uterine cavity surface, removing dead ovum remains.If there is to be a complete miscarriage, bleeding is absent, as the fertilized egg is released from the uterus.The surest and the only solution for this situation - uterine curettage to remove clots or pieces of the ovum.

If the fertilized egg has moved away from the uterine wall, it can happen, as it were draining a small amount of blood, which is the cause of brown discharge.That is, there is a threat of an emergency abortion.Such separation may be accompanied by a very strong weakness, tingling, sometimes even painful.

Brown discharge in the later stages

appearance of brown discharge in the last stages can be interconnected with unforeseen disturbances in the placenta.The placenta may exfoliate.As a result, you may experience slight bleeding.

Another reason for the appearance of symptoms of the disease may become associated with inflammatory problems, or cervical erosion.

Harbinger delivery.If delivery period is on its way and all of a sudden there were brown allocation, then soon the light will be a new member of society.I can not be sure exactly when labor begins.All women differently (from a few minutes to a couple of weeks).

uterine rupture. Another important cause of the discharge - uterine rupture.Most often faced with this diagnosis are the fair sex, who before had abortions or scars on the uterus.

Necessary Actions for

brown discharge How can conceive of all the above, if the cause of genital secretions are disease or cervical erosion, should take the help of your doctor.If all the prescribed recommendations and advice, and in some cases, the treatment, the likelihood of a baby bear very high.

should avoid long walks and enjoy the bed rest When detachment of the placenta and subsequent bleeding.In this case also undesirable hormonal and psychological shake-up for a weakened organism.

When all of these symptoms should immediately contact your doctor.In that case, if the discharge accompanied by painful sensations, you must call an ambulance.