Fish is one of the most useful and essential products needed by the body for normal functioning.However, in the use of fish meals must be some caution in order to prevent various undesirable complications of the digestive system.An example is a fish bone stuck.


  • 1 What is the difficulty of finding a foreign body in the throat?
  • 2 Some recommendations Jam bone
  • 3 What should be done after removing the fish bones, and what food should stick to?
  • 4 If the bone can not be removed by yourself?

What is the difficulty of finding a foreign body in the throat?

Improper use of food (laughter, conversation, reading during meals) is a foreign body can cause significant discomfort, characterized by stitches on swallowing.Difficulty can arise when a person has self-diagnosis of the oral cavity as well as bone may be located in the side bolsters, tonsils palate and tongue, pyriform sinuses, as well as to penetrate into the space between the tonsil and palatal bow.

Pain caused by a foreign body, can further increase, as there is a mucous membrane irritation.Fish bone may be the cause of swelling, breathing difficulties and even suffocation.Difficulty can arise when the fish bones in contact with the esophagus, leading to esophagitis.

is characterized by the following symptoms: increased salivation, pain in swallowing, discomfort in the chest, possible vomiting with blood and fever.In this situation it is necessary to address urgently to the ENT doctor, who with the help of modern tools and diagnostic techniques can detect and neutralize the foreign body.Otherwise, it may develop purulent inflammation, intoxication, and the further strengthening of ignoring pain can easily lead to death.Sometimes the most difficult cases, the surgeon needs help.

Some recommendations Jam bone

Another long there are various ways around this problem.Their diversity and variation techniques are simple enough to facilitate the procedure in the domestic environment.

So, method № 1. It will be useful a product like kefir or yogurt.Stone will continue to hustle into the esophagus, carried away by the current of liquid.This works in the event that its presence is not too deep.Kefir can replace mashed potatoes, well soaked with oil.

method № 2. You can use a piece of bread (stale or rye) .Ego must swallow not fully chew.This method is the most common, however, depending on the bone and its location in the oral anatomy, may worsen the condition and cause an inflammatory process extends to the periphery.Bone fracture and can pierce deeper into the soft tissue, complicating its detection.

method № 3. good assistant remedy is honey (preferably liquid consistency).It should not eat slowly, at the same time welcomes the active work of the swallowing muscles.This contributes to lowering of a foreign body in the lower parts of the digestive system.

method № 4. If the visibility of bones enough, then you can use wax.This operation is better prodelyvat front of a mirror in a room with good lighting.It melted candle wax and is not hardened, quickly press to jam bones.After the bone jammed pasted, you can remove the spark plug.This procedure is not complicated and painless.

method № 5. should cause severe sneezing.This will help black pepper and snuff.This protective reflex will help get rid of the foreign object.

method № 6. Another protective reflex, which allows to deal with this problem, is vomiting.It can be invoked by pressing on the root of the tongue with your fingers or by irritation of the throat wall.Vomit contribute to reverse the expulsion of bone jammed.

method №7. If the bone is visible good enough, you can use a pair of tweezers, disinfected in an antiseptic solution.As the anesthetic lidocaine fit.Spoon should hold the tongue in order to facilitate removal of the bone.Looking in the mirror, you need to catch the edge of the protruding bone forceps.If the jammed foreign object is difficult to extract yourself, you can ask for help.

method № 8. wound several layers of gauze on your finger, hold on a site where bone stuck.Gauze hook protruding part and ensure safe removal.

What should be done after removing the fish bones, and what food should stick to?

If self-removal of a foreign body proved to be successful, it is necessary to rinse the throat 3-4 times with a solution of calendula, chamomile, oak bark (ie, any extract having anti-inflammatory and healing action), as well as an antiseptic solution to prevent the development of infection preventioninflammation and other complications.In any case, after removing the fish bones, formed wound or abrasion that will remind myself painful sensations.To reduce the pain the food should be soft, well-chewed, not hot.There should be no sharp and sour dishes, soft drinks, which will only irritate.

If the bone can not be removed by yourself?

If you still can not remove the fish bone, do not let it go and hope that the bone itself "resolve" or rot.It is better to seek help from a qualified professional, who quickly and competently deal with this problem.Sometimes you can independently remove only a portion of the bone, for example, there is its breakdown.Therefore, to be sure that the throat is nothing left, it is better to come for a visit to the doctor.If you can not get an appointment with Laura, you can turn to the dentist.

If a fish bone stuck in the throat of the child, in a given situation is strictly forbidden to try to get rid of the stone on their own, only a doctor can remove the foreign body correctly.