candidiasis (thrush) of the mouth - is a common infectious disease caused by fungi of genus Candida.To catch thrush can be at any age, but according to medical statistics, the disease more susceptible to infants, preschool children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.


  • 1 Causes of oral candidiasis
  • 2 symptoms of oral candidiasis
  • 3 diagnosis of oral candidiasis
  • 4 Traditional treatment of oral candidiasismouth
  • 5 treatment of oral candidiasis folk remedies
  • 6 Prevention of oral candidiasis

Causes of oral candidiasis

Candidiasis of the mouth cavity photo small number of Candida fungus is present in the oralcavity, the digestive tract, the mucous membranes and the skin surface even in healthy people.Usually, their activity is suppressed by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms other living body.Meanwhile, under the influence of certain factors, it is a delicate balance created by nature can be broken, allowing the fungal flora of the opportunity to grow uncont

rollably and parasitize epithelial cells in the oral mucosa.

factors that increase the risk of oral thrush are:

  • antibiotics, corticosteroid drugs and oral contraceptives;
  • diabetes;
  • immunodeficiency (including HIV infection);
  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases;
  • presence of cavities;
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • dry mouth syndrome;
  • pregnancy;
  • hormonal and endocrine disruptions;
  • use of ill-fitting dentures;
  • smoking;
  • breastfeeding;
  • and emotional trauma, stress.

symptoms of oral candidiasis

The most common yeast infection begins suddenly, but in the same way, it can have long asymptomatic and, subsequently, to take a chronic form.The main symptom of oral candidiasis is the appearance on the inner surface of the cheeks, on the tongue, on the mucous membrane of the gums, palate, tonsils or back of the throat white lesions with cheesy consistency.In some cases, said the rash can cause thrush infected person pain and bleeding.

In severe rash may spread the disease and swallowing throat area, causing, at the same time:

  • difficulty or pain when swallowing food or saliva;
  • feeling of being stuck ingested food in the upper part of the chest or throat;
  • fever.

Later fungal infection can spread to the lungs, liver, skin and other organs and body systems.

diagnosis of oral candidiasis

candidiasis diagnosis made on the basis of data obtained during the inspection of the oral cavity of the patient, and, in case of doubt, confirmed by the study under the microscope scrapings taken from the affected area.

When distributing oral candidiasis in the esophagus region requires a number of additional studies (X-ray image, a swab from the throat, visual examination of the mucous membrane of the affected organs disease with a special video camera introduced into the throat, and others).

Traditional treatment of oral candidiasis

Treatment of oral candidiasis in people with strong immune systems, usually does not cause difficulties.Much worse is the case when the infection suffered by children and adults with weakened immune systems.

Individual treatment regimen most often develops physician based, thus, on the age of the patient and taking into account the reasons that caused the infection.Most persons infected by fungus, it is recommended to take antifungals presented as lozenges and sprays.However, in cases where a doctor has a suspicion of joining the candidiasis other diseases, it can give the patient a direction on the passage of a general survey, aimed at identifying related ailments.

Treatment of oral candidiasis folk remedies

Traditional treatment of oral candidiasis can be successfully completed using a number of tools offered by traditional medicine.The most efficient and effective are listed below.

Recipe 1. Dissolve a teaspoon of tincture of marigold in a glass of water and use the proceeds to mouthwash.

Recipe 2. Prepare an alcohol tincture of juniper shoots and lubricate it on a daily basis the affected areas of the mouth.

Recipe 3. Every day, several times to lubricate lesions milkweed juice, onion, celandine, garlic or wormwood.

Recipe 4. A few times a day to rinse your mouth or cranberry juice Kalinov.

Recipe 5. Daily drink a glass of carrot juice and use it to rinse the mouth.

Recipe 6. Use a mouth rinse decoction prepared through the collection of chamomile, juniper, birch buds and celandine.

Recipe 7 is applied to the oral mucosa, the affected candidiasis, gauze soaked in a decoction of oak bark.

Recipe 8. Cover up in the three-liter jar half cup of oatmeal, pour back the same 2 liters of warm water, mix well and put the mixture in a dark warm place, covered with gauze bottle opening.Two days later, a means to filter and use it to rinse the mouth.

Prevention of oral candidiasis

significantly reduce the risk of oral candidiasis disease can be, following a few simple recommendations.In particular, the patient must:

  • pay sufficient attention to oral hygiene: do not forget to brush your teeth regularly and flossing;
  • not abuse the use of special sprays and mouthwashes, as they are easy enough to destroy the natural microflora in the mouth;
  • regular checkups at the dentist;
  • drozhzhesoderzhaschie excluded from the diet foods and sweets: they all contribute to the dynamic growth of fungal microflora;
  • quit smoking: the means to facilitate the abandonment of this pernicious habit, can tell any dentist.