In every woman's life is the most important event of the bearing and the birth of a healthy child, childhood girls imagine how they will be mothers, playing with dolls, as well as adults, are all in the smallest details. However, very often young girls who want to become mothers, are not even aware of the difficulties that may be encountered on the way to achieve the dream, starting with the difficulties in conception and child-bearing, and ending with the birth and upbringing of a healthy baby.It is very rare to meet parents who were preparing for motherhood, and were examined long before the conception of the child, as a rule, find out about the pregnancy for more than a month, and of course before that no medical examination did not pass.

One of the most dangerous infections that can carry a woman in his body, are mycoplasma, ureaplasma, and among them.These infections are dangerous in that every second woman is the bearer of these infections, which are opportunistic microorganisms.Women may

years to go with these infections, not even knowing about them, due to the fact that their main feature asymptomatic, meaning they may be in a woman's body in remission for decades, and will manifest itself only in the case of deterioration of the immune system.During pregnancy, the female body has to work not only on themselves but also on the development of the fetus, the immune system becomes weaker and therefore occurs in pregnant wife's aggravation of latent infections in the body.The immune system overcome all sorts of pathogens, and of course any infection affects the development of the hearth, depending on the stage of development of any organ.

Very often in otherwise healthy women are Mycoplasma, which naturally reduces the immune system, causing urinary tract and genital tract.By building mycoplasmas are very similar to the cell of the human body, which is why often the human immune system accepts them as his, it is not fighting with them.In turn, these microbes are tightly attached to the walls of healthy cells and are not perceived by the immune system as a foreign body, causing great damage to health.

The most dangerous is the development of these infections during pregnancy, it can lead to a breach of pregnancy and abnormal development of the fetus.It is necessary to avoid the effects as early as possible to get tested, so to protect yourself and your child from the negative consequences.

If pregnancy occurs with complications, polyhydramnios, interruption risk, premature discharge of amniotic fluid, abnormal attachment of the placenta, there are complications in the mother after childbirth and other complications of the genitourinary system, the causes of all these problems certainly are mycoplasma and ureaplasma in the mother's body.

terrifying is a statistic that indicates that in 45% of cases, the mother infected with ureaplasma, a child is infected in utero.If mycoplasma these figures is much smaller one in five pregnant child inherited gets mycoplasma infection.In severe cases there is damage to the kidneys, liver, skin, eye, lymph system, and most importantly affects the nervous system.Acting on a genetic level, mycoplasmas lead to the formation of malformations.

According to all the same statistics, even hidden form of mycoplasma infection during pregnancy can lead to bleeding disorders.Gain clotting within the blood vessels.This can lead to placental insufficiency, and have negative consequences for the pregnancy as a whole.During childbearing mycoplasmas are twice as likely than women who are not pregnant, and women who have problems with gestation, mycoplasma is found in every third case.Infection with Mycoplasma hominis in eighty cases, leads to premature termination of pregnancy.One hundred percent of the cases in women who are infected with mycoplasma and ureaplasma are problems with the pregnancy, late toxicosis, placental abruption, threatened miscarriage.According to foreign researchers, intrauterine mycoplasmosis develop in 23% of cases, especially in children who were born long before the deadline, they are three times more likely to occur loss of eye, respiratory, kidney, liver, skin and central nervous system.The frequency of stillbirths and those who died during the first days after birth in every second case, the child was infected with mycoplasma.

infected mycoplasma and ureaplasma, pregnant women and new mothers often have complications such as sepsis, without previous symptoms, and disappear without treatment.

But the benefit that all of these complications occur mainly in the acute form of the disease, and in rare cases, passive carriers of.To determine the form in which infection occurs, the appropriate diagnosis is carried out, using PCR techniques, and the sensitivity of diagnosis of the organism to the different groups of antibiotics for purposes of treatment scheme.

the early stages of pregnancy, treatment is carried out with the use of antibacterial drugs, vitamin and applying immunostimulants.In the later stages of treatment depends on the course of pregnancy and the presence of complications, although a set of methods to treat about the same.

Due to complications that cause mycoplasma and ureaplasma in the body, there are problems with conception, child-bearing, birth of children that are associated with the health of you and your child need to be screened for the presence of mycoplasma and ureaplasma in the body of both parents, the woman should undergoexamination by a gynecologist, and her partner - in venereologist.Do not be indifferent to the health and future of your children, it is always easier to prevent than to eliminate the consequences, because you are responsible for all the problems associated with the health of your child, and you then treat it and live with it.Be careful and try to listen to your body, it will help you in the future, prevent many diseases, as well as to establish closer contact with your baby.