Pregnancy - this is one of the most important and crucial periods in a woman's life time reverent waiting the birth of her dearest creature in the world, her own baby.However, along with this, for the expectant mother pregnancy - this is time, filled with fears and anxieties, so as nurturing a child, it must carefully monitor their health and promptly react to all signals that causes her body.

weakened organism of future mother - a fertile ground for the development of various viruses and infections, including one of the most dangerous for a pregnant woman and her fetus - herpes.Despite the fact that there is absolutely healthy children, the risk that the child still be passed virus is extremely great in most cases in women infected with herpes the light.Therefore, every expectant mother should advance to arm all the necessary knowledge regarding this disease.


  • 1 Causes and the emergence or worsening of herpes during pregnancy
  • 2 consequences of genital herpes, and herpes o
    n the lips
  • 3 Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

Causes and the emergence or worsening of herpes during pregnancy

According to medical statistics, carriers of herpes is about 95% of the population of our planet.Exacerbations occur in patients with weakened immune forces of the body, caused by the following factors:

  • overheating or overcooling of the organism;
  • lack of nutrition;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • constant stress;
  • physical and mental overload, chronic lack of sleep;
  • bacterial infections;
  • alcohol abuse.

Unfortunately, pregnancy is also among the factors that create favorable conditions for the ingestion of a virus infection, as well as to living in a state of suspended animation disease started to progress.Immunity woman bears a child, significantly weakened: as nature intended, in order to minimize the risk of rejection by the body of a foreign object for him - the embryo.

consequences of genital herpes, and herpes on the lips

greatest danger fraught with primary infection with herpes future mother of any type in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.Due to the lack of antibodies in maternal organism, virus, in most cases, easily penetrates the body baby through the placenta.

According to the severity of pathologies caused by the fetus, the herpes virus is second only rubella.Primary infection in the first trimester can cause developing pregnancy or spontaneous abortion.Infection of the expectant mother in the third trimester threatened congenital abnormalities of the fetus:

  • lesion of the central nervous system;
  • congenital heart disease;
  • severe brain defects;
  • impaired eyesight and hearing;
  • various physical disabilities.

addition, the herpes infection is often the cause of death of babies in the early stages after birth.

no less fraught with danger and aggravation of herpes type 2 shortly before the birth: the risk that the baby is infected with this disease, passing the birth canal, close to 90%.rodorazreshayuschaya operation may be in similar situations, the only correct way out.

However, women who are carriers of herpes virus prior to pregnancy, can be quiet for the future of their kids: the threat of the unborn child in such circumstances is minimal, due to the fact that he is under the antibodies protection produced by the mother's body.

Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

Herpes Treatment during pregnancy should be carried out under the direct supervision of the attending physician.This is due to the fact that during the nine months of pregnancy are allowed to use only the smallest part of the existing protivogerpesnyh funds, both traditional and folk.

in the fight against herpes virus actively used antiviral drugs, as well as homeopathic ointments and antiherpetic (salicylic Zinc, Boromentol, acyclovir).These drugs, with proper and targeted treatment can get rid of herpes symptoms in just a few days.

Traditional medicine is also not spared his attention the problem of herpes treatment for pregnant women.In particular, patients are encouraged to:

  • daily lubricate rash rosehip oil, sea buckthorn;
  • formed on top of the bubbles burst crust softening broth chamomile or calendula;
  • every day to drink a few glasses of tea with viburnum, pureed with sugar or honey.

Good results in the fight against herpes infection demonstrated and diet therapy.In particular, the vast majority of doctors recommend patients to eat foods rich in the amino acid lysine, markedly hampering reproduction of herpes.This substance is contained in large amounts in vegetables, fruits and chicken meat.Along with this, expectant mothers and have chocolate contraindicated raisins, since these products contain the amino acid arginine, which, conversely, stimulate the development of the disease.

addition to the above therapeutic measures, the patient is assigned to strengthen the immune therapy:

  • vitamins;
  • use herbal immunostimulants: Eleutherococcus, ginseng, echinacea.

Special attention during the treatment of herpes during pregnancy should be paid to personal hygiene: otherwise prevent the disease and to avoid the transfer of herpetic lesions on other parts of the body will not be possible.In particular, patients recommended:

  • try not to touch the rash, as this significantly increases the risk of virus transmission;
  • not wet herpes, and under no circumstances do not squeeze it, because such actions may provoke additional infection of the skin;
  • refrain from oral-genital contact.

In any case, such an important and decisive step, as the conception, should be planned in advance, and the parents must necessarily undergo an initial medical examination for the presence of viral and sexually transmitted infections.Only through responsible and competent approach to business, you can protect yourself and your baby from any negative impacts, as well as to create crumbs all the conditions necessary for him healthy and full development.