lactostasis called stagnation of milk directly to the breast ducts.In general, female breast consists usually of 15-25 acini, inside which there is blood synthesis.With nipple acini connected to ducts.If one of the acini for a certain period can not free himself from his own production, or, if a duct is clamped, then begins the formation of lactic cork, which serves as an obstacle to the release of a special secretion from the gland out.So there is a stagnation of milk in various segments of the breast.If lactostasis saved a long period, then it turns into kind of uninfected mastitis.


  • 1 lactostasis Why there?
  • 2 What are the symptoms of the disease can be identified at lactostasis?
  • 3 methods eliminate lactostasis
  • 4 Avoiding lactostasis?Preventive measures

lactostasis Why there?

One reason - incomplete emptying of the breast.Also lactostasis poor attachment helps baby to the breast, with the result that there is no complete emptying of the thoracic

lobes.Perhaps nursing mother holds breasts in the process of feeding the "scissors", namely two fingers.Here it is possible that the index finger slightly peredavlivaet certain channels.Cause of lactostasis may even become uncomfortable, tight bra or a permanent sleep, lying on his stomach.If the nipple is cracked or nipple is flat, you just need to fear a possible illness.

Other causes of lactostasis: narrow breast ducts or excessive production of milk gland, dehydration and constant stress, breast damage due to injuries and bruises, possible hypothermia.

What symptoms can be identified with the disease lactostasis?

  1. arising in the breast soreness
  2. Palpable seal in the form of dense lumps in the breast
  3. Areas with redness on his chest
  4. pain after breast emptying process, discomfort

methods eliminate lactostasis

Check whether the correctyou put the baby to the breast.If the child does not want to nurse, or suck poorly, then express milk or suction, or manually.Try

often put the baby to the breast patient, but do not forget about health.

Before you put the baby to the breast, make a warm lotion to the nipple and areola to five minutes.It will expand the central channels, and greatly facilitate the process of separating milk.

conduct regular breast massage and kneading smooth and gradual movement from the outside to the center.

Doctors advise that before you begin to feed the baby, it is better to take a warm bath or a shower.However, it should be done when lactostasis only just begun, it is forbidden to do on the second day of the disease.

After feeding, on the contrary, you need twenty minutes to make cold.So to reduce the swelling and pain, facilitated the inflammatory process.Apply to his chest cabbage leaves, which are perfectly cope with inflammatory processes.

must be correct water-salt regime and limited water use.

express breast before feeding her baby.

If the body temperature rises to 38 degrees, then immediately contact your doctor.It can be a gynecologist, obstetrician or, mammolog.This is very important, because lactostasis, which was not removed during the first days, can serve the development of mastitis, which only need to heal surgically.

Avoiding lactostasis?Preventive measures

  1. regular, frequent breastfeeding alternately.
  2. Try to put the baby to the breast correctly.So, the baby will suck all the milk from several areas of your chest.
  3. Do not apply pressure on breastfeeding.
  4. need sleep on your side or on your back, but not on the stomach.
  5. Choose quality supportive underwear that will not pull and stop.
  6. Avoid injuries, chest injuries, and various other injuries.