Nowadays there are a huge number of diseases.When we get sick, it seems that the world ceases to exist.A constant discomfort does not allow us to live normally.If the common man hard to bear the disease, then imagine what it's like, sick pregnant women, and so hard.The most common disease among pregnant women is a dry cough.Here are the causes of this symptom in pregnant women and how it can be treated and we will understand in this article.


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What are the causes of dry cough?

There are quite a number of reasons that contribute to the appearance of dry cough.This can be a variety of diseases, the initial stage of ARD and allergic reactions.

during pregnancy often appears dry cough due to acute respiratory disease.Often the disease is accompanied by fever, runny nose and other symptoms of the viral disease.If a pregnant woman is coughing, do not wait unt

il the symptoms develop into a wet cough.There is an explanation.The fact that the dry cough constantly delivers huge discomfort pregnant, preventing sleep and breathe normally.As a result, the load is also on the belly, as his muscles contract during coughing.This in turn may not only be uncomfortable or painful, but also dangerous, since the low-lying placenta previa or a cough can cause bleeding.In this case, you need to calm the cough.

How to treat dry cough during pregnancy?

soothe and heal dry cough in a pregnant woman can use special means of cough.Such anesthetics, soothe and give antispasmodic effect.However, before applying you should read carefully the composition of the drug.In turn, it should not contain drugs.You can also take advantage of the drugs that are used for the treatment of children up to three years.

But in the case of pregnant women, it is best to abandon the medicines as they may harm not only the mother but also the future of the baby.So hurry to the aid of traditional medicine.In its archives there are many recipes that will help pregnant cure dry cough.

But using some medications, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the organism, namely the tolerance or intolerance of certain components.

One of the best tools is considered to be inhalation, because its effect against dry cough instant.It is best to soothe a cough over boiled potatoes, alkaline mineral water or baking soda.You can also get some of the vegetable broth.In this case, as the drug is used decoctions of sage, plantain, chamomile, hypericum, lime blossom and watch a three-sheeted.

That's great if you can do inhalation using a special inhaler or nebulizer.However, you can do this procedure and the old-fashioned way: to use for this purpose tea with a paper funnel or pan.

rinses during pregnancy

One of the most common remedies for dry cough is gargling.This procedure should be done after a meal or during breaks.Can be used for rinsing charges below.

Take powdered herb sage, calendula flowers and grass eucalyptus.Mix these herbs in equal parts.To rinse is necessary to brew a tablespoon of the mixture in a glass of boiling water.After this warm up it another ten minutes over a water bath, but do not bring to a boil.Remove from heat and strain.Cool and gargle.Remember that the infusion may retain its medicinal properties are not more than four hours.

also as a means for rinsing can be taken in equal proportions such herbs as mint, mother-and-stepmother, raspberry leaves, chamomile flowers pharmacy and red clover, pine buds, root and marshmallow leaves fireweed narrow-leaved.All this mixture should be crushed.Take a tablespoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and mayhem it another fifteen minutes in a water bath.Then pour the broth into a thermos and let it brew for a couple of hours.Strain and rinse the throat.

For the next broth should take a glass of drinking water and dissolve in it a teaspoon of baking soda.

If you are concerned about a very severe cough, then use the apple cider vinegar.To do this, pour a tablespoon of vinegar in half a liter of warm boiled water.Gargle every two hours.

should also remember that a dry cough can be triggered by dry air in the room.Therefore, you should constantly humidify the air.

Taking into account all the above information, you can very easily get rid of dry cough, and protect yourself and the baby from harm, which carries the disease.If you do not trust traditional medicine, consult your doctor, and he is sure to help you.