Cystitis in women is one of the most common diseases in urology.The disease is characterized by an inflammatory infectious process, which occurs in the walls of the bladder.Often women suffer from cystitis, and particular risk women aged twenty to twenty-five years, and after fifty-five.

Statistics confirms the fact that almost fifty percent of both male and female population at least once in his life faced with the emergence of cystitis.Moreover about thirty percent of the population are chronic form of the disease.


  • 1 Causes of cystitis in women
  • 2 main symptoms and signs of cystitis in women
  • 3 cystitis treatment in women
  • 4 Prevention of cystitis in womenand its recurrence

Causes of cystitis in women

very first and main cause of cystitis in women is a special protective function of the organism.In addition, allocate the special structure of the urethra, as a possible factor in susceptibility to cystitis.The most common cause of cystitis is hyp

othermia, lack of female sex hormones, or a change in the microflora of the mucous urethral canal.The chronic form of cystitis requires additional diagnostics that can determine the true cause of relapse.However, such a cause is quite difficult to explore.

main symptoms and signs of cystitis in women

Cystitis in women cystitis early stage is characterized by the manifestation of the frequent urge to urinate.Severe cases of the disease is often manifested in the need to urinate almost every few minutes.A sign becomes cystitis and nocturia, ie nocturnal urge to urinate.Subsequently the disease in the patient lost the ability to detain arbitrarily urine, which leads to loss of control over his bladder.This symptom often leads the enuresis, ie urinary incontinence in patients who suffer acute cystitis.

In case of delayed treatment of enuresis on stage, added to it more and dysuria, ie painful, difficult urination, which is extremely difficult tolerated.Often, at the doctor's patients describe this symptom as a feeling of the passage of broken glass through the urethra.

Quite often, patients suffering from acute cystitis, complain of pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region.Often, particularly in elderly patients, there is a symptom such as urinary retention in the bladder.Thus the general condition of the person's body temperature is getting worse and increased to thirty-seven or thirty-eight degrees.Also, the patient complains of nausea, vomiting and chills.

Another fairly common symptom that accompanies the development of cystitis, hematuria is considered.Hematuria is a phenomenon in which blood appears in urine.When hematuria patient urine becomes colored ichor.If the patient has a symptom, you need to seek immediate medical attention, as blood in the urine usually indicates a not very favorable course of the disease.

cystitis in women may also appear later intercourse.In the process of the urethra there are foreign microorganisms.However, cystitis, which has arisen due to this reason, it is treated quite easily.In this case, physicians frequently prescribe antibiotics.

Treatment of cystitis in women

If the patient appears cystitis in an acute form, it is most often a specialist prescribes antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Treatment of cystitis requires compliance with certain diets.The treatment must avoid salty, spicy and spicy food.Much better, if the patient would prefer eat sour-milk products, and abundant drinking.With this disease should drink at least two liters per day.

as a therapeutic agent used, and herbal medicine.Enough effective are these gifts of nature as the kidney tea, lingonberry leaves, bearberry, horsetail and knotweed.However, remember that if in a few days you will become worse, then consult a doctor immediately to avoid complications.

Prevention of cystitis in women and its recurrence

As they say: knowledgeable, is forearmed.After reading the above symptoms of such a disease, you'll want to avoid cystitis.Therefore it is necessary to apply some preventive measures in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease.

First, we should adhere to the basic rules of personal hygiene.It is necessary to carry out hygiene external genital mutilation every day, wear underwear, which is made only from natural fabrics.Besides underwear should be changed every day.Also it is necessary to abandon the very tight pants and tights.Drink at least two liters of water a day to all the disease germs out with urine.Perform activities that strengthen the immune system of the body.If suddenly you have once suffered from cystitis, do not forget to have regular preventive care and timely treat urinary infections.

To prevent cystitis, which is caused by sexual intercourse, no more than two hours after sex, take antibiotics and use lubricants.If you are using a contraceptive vaginal diaphragm, discard it, because it is, it can contribute to the emergence of cystitis.

Also remember that cystitis may be a consequence of other urological diseases.Therefore, frequent visits to the doctor and delivery of analyzes can prevent the occurrence of this disease.