Cervicitis - an inflammatory disease of the vagina cervix.This disease is sometimes cloudy with purulent discharge with pulling or dull pain in the lower abdomen, as well as painful urination and sexual intercourse.Cervicitis is very common disease, common in every other woman, so treatment should be productive and timely, as this disease can quickly become chronic, and then it will be difficult to deal with it.

Chronic cervicitis can lead to erosion, hypertrophy (ie, thickening) of the cervix and the spread of various infections in the upper parts of the penis.This disease occurs due to rupture of the cervical function, then there is ingress of foreign microflora, which provokes inflammation, which are of two types: endocervite - an inflammation of the inside of the cervical canal, and ekzotservitsit - an inflammation of the Department of cervix vagina.


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  • 5 Cervicitis during pregnancy

reasons cervicitis

reasons enough occurrence cervicitis.In the first place - is, of course, genital infections.Here are diseases that are transmitted sexually (trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia).Provoke inflammation of the cervix can also herpes genital infection, candidiasis, thrush, or papilloma virus.

Next cause of cervicitis - is the impact of traumatic factors in the cervix.This frequent sexual intercourse or use tampons during your menstrual cycle.Because of this traumatized vaginal portion of the cervix, so that it is exposed to various infectious processes.

Very often the appearance of cervicitis occurs in women who start early sex life or changing sexual partners frequently.

And the last reason - is a mechanical injury to the cervix.This happens during the abortion or dilatation and curettage of the uterus, cervix artificially extending the special tool.This could include the installation of a contraceptive coil.

Symptoms of cervicitis Cervicitis

usually occurs in 2 versions: with detection of asymptomatic and clinical symptoms.Acute cervicitis manifests itself by painful sensations in the lower abdomen.In addition, inflammatory processes occur, accompanied by female secretions from the genitals.As a rule, they are abundant, have an unpleasant odor and contain pus.Often these symptoms are accompanied with itching of the genitals or the appearance of bleeding, especially during intercourse.Pain may occur during sex, acute cervicitis is observed even fever, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

Against the background of an acute cervicitis there is a chronic form of the disease.To her the following signs may include: a constant occurrence of muddy discharge from the genitals, itching and swelling.All these unpleasant sensations remain as constant discomfort brings a woman.

diagnostics cervicitis

most important in the diagnosis of cervicitis - it does not prevent the overflow of acute cervicitis chronic.It is necessary to regularly visit a gynecologist and perform all therapeutic measures.It should be noted that the cervicitis itself may not be, but it can be discovered during a pelvic exam.

studies always do the same.Please carry out the details of the complaints and medical history, and then carry out inspection of the cervix in the mirrors.If you have any inflammation, the cervix has a reddish color, and can be a little edematous.Then the gynecologist takes a smear on the flora of the cervix, thereby possible to identify the causative agent of the disease and of course after all prescribe treatment.And finally - a colposcopy.This survey helps to see the condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix under a microscope, as well as minor changes in it.If the disease progresses, then the smear examination found a large number of red blood cells, white blood cells and lymphocytes.

Treatment and prevention of cervicitis

first step is to identify the cause of the disease, and then prescribe a comprehensive treatment.If the cervix pathological microorganism multiplication occurs, the physician prescribes antibiotics for treatment.If papillomatoznyh or herpes infection, then it should use antiviral medications.In order to destroy the disease agent, is assigned a different antibiotic.For example, tetracycline is used for chlamydial infection, fluconazole - with Candida infection.

When you factor in eradicating viral infection is carried out for a long and difficult treatment.Acyclovir is used for genital herpes, and interferon - with human papillomavirus infection.It should be remembered that during treatment of women, it is necessary to examine in parallel and her sexual partner and then assign the treatment to him.So, cervicitis treatment - this is a very long process that requires thorough and currently productive treatment, and to ensure that it is not passed in the chronic form should be treated until the end.Chronic cervicitis is treated much longer, as necessary to fight not only the causes of this disease, but also with its complications.

Prevention cervicitis - is primarily a timely treatment of endocrine disorders, prevention of abortion, personal hygiene and the elimination of sexually transmitted infections.

Cervicitis during pregnancy

Very often pregnant women suffer from this disease, it happens due to the fact that the woman's immunity decreases and becomes susceptible to various diseases, including gynecological.

Treatment with antibiotics should be very neat and under the strict supervision of a doctor, because they do not cure the disease can lead to premature delivery or miscarriage.Therefore, you should promptly treat cervicitis, that was not the fruit of various pathological changes.