Genital warts (genital warts, papilloma virus, genital warts) - is the proliferation of the epithelium, forming on the vulva and perineal skin caused by infection with human papillomavirus patient.Previously it was thought that genital warts generate only a cosmetic problem and does not correlate with disease, but now it is proved that the human papilloma virus can lead to malignant degeneration of cells and serve as one of the causes of malignant tumors in the genital and anal areas.Of course, the papilloma virus - this is not the only factor that generates cancers, but its role in the development of malignancies is sufficiently large.


  • 1 Causes of warts
  • 2 Symptoms of genital warts
  • 3 Traditional treatment of warts
  • 4 Treatment of warts by folk methods

Causes of warts

condyloma picture genital warts - is a sign of infection papillomovirusnoy genitals.Previously, it was assumed that the causative agent of the disease is transmitted only through sexual contact, but

not so long ago, there is evidence of possible transmission of the virus from mother to child papilloma during pregnancy and during labor.Modern doctors do not exclude the possibility of transmission through blood, household (through clothes, shoes, personal hygiene) and during breastfeeding.

Once in the human body, the virus begins to spread papillomavirus through the bloodstream, and fixed on epithelial cells of the genitals, anus or perineum.After that the virus is introduced into the epithelial cell is embedded in its DNA, breaking thus the order of its functioning and development.Infected cell begins to grow rapidly and actively share, with the result that there is a characteristic for the proliferation of the disease.

Symptoms of genital warts

Genital warts pictures

genital warts

Genital warts are single or multiple growths nodules pink, reminiscent of a cauliflower or a rooster comb.Typically, the warts occur on the inner or outer surface of the genitalia, but may be found in the anal area, nipples, eyelids and the mouth.In men

warts can appear on any part of the penis: near the urethral meatus, to bridle foreskin on coronal sulcus on the head member, the inner surface of the foreskin, as well as the body of the penis.In women, the warts occur on the genital labia, at the opening of the urethra at the entrance to the vagina, in the internal part or on the cervix.

Sometimes warts look like relatively isolated, single outgrowths, but they can also form a huge cluster, covering the external sex organs.In most cases, genital warts entail only an aesthetic discomfort, but in some cases can cause pain, undergo secondary infection, and are willing to bleed.

Traditional treatment of warts

In the absence of timely and competent treatment of warts are:

  • disappear spontaneously;
  • continue to grow;
  • remain unchanged.

Currently there is no single medical drug that can eliminate the virus from the body, causing the appearance of genital warts.That is why modern treatment of genital warts is limited to their local removal and appointment immunokorregirujushchej therapy.

removal of genital warts is done in several ways: through cryotherapy, the impact of concentrated acids, determokoagulyatsii and laser therapy.

Cryotherapy is the removal of genital warts with liquid nitrogen.A small amount of this active substance is applied to the wart, it freezes and destroys its protein content.As a result of such a procedure Warts disappears, leaving a wound heals in two weeks.

In the treatment of genital warts applications concentrated acids, papillomoobrazovaniya converted into small scabs that fall off on their own after a few days.Typically, one procedure is sufficient in order to fully relieve the patient from genital warts.

Determokoagulyatsiya is the impact on the warts high temperatures of high-frequency radiation.This method of treatment, because of their pain requires the use of a local anesthetic, but within 10 days after the surgery, the patient can once again enjoy a full sex life.

During the laser therapy on genital warts affect the beam of laser rays.As a result of this exposure to tissue warts evaporates, and in its place is a thin dry crust - a scab, which is itself disappears in a few days.

One of the main components of the treatment of genital warts is immunocorrective therapy.Immunologist assigns the patient a course of treatment to prevent recurrence of the disease and blocking the formation of new warts.

Treatment of warts by folk methods

Traditional treatment of genital warts can be successfully completed using traditional medicine.Among the most effective and efficient ones include:

  • aqueous extract prepared through the collection of herb St. John's wort, flowers of clover, fennel seeds, psyllium, the roots of marsh calamus, grass tricolor violet, plantain leaves and herb wormwood (take forlift immunity on a glass a day);
  • aqueous extract prepared through the collection of roots carthamoides levzei, Elecampane, calamus swamp, Siberian Ginseng, licorice common, drug marshmallow and Manchurian Aralia (drink a glass during the day);
  • aqueous extract prepared through the collection of grass thistle root Manchurian Aralia, Eleutherococcus, devil, licorice and herbs common forest angelica (take a glass during the day).

Before using any traditional medicine patients are advised to get advice about the presence or absence of individual contraindications your doctor.