In the list of the most common diseases of urogenital coleitis holds a leading position.Obesity called inflammation of the genital organs of women.Some form of vaginal inflammation is found in every third woman.Among the reasons contributing to the development of various kinds of inflammation, called and synthetic underwear, and hormonal status.

Colpitis also called vaginitis, and if the inflammation extends to the vulva and external genitalia, the disease is called vulvovaginitis.

Men coleitis can not develop, but vaginitis pathogens may be present in men, because the disease causing Streptococcus, Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus and Haemophilus and mantle.Getting to a healthy soil microflora of the vagina with the broken, the infection begins to develop rapidly.When disturbed microflora in the vagina of women do not produce lactic acid, namely it kills chuzhy infection and sticks.

Colpitis can be primary, that is, developing directly into the vagina, can be secondary downward, that is so, whe

n the infection travels down the uterus, and may be a secondary riser when the infection rises from the vulva to the vagina.

most dangerous are colpites that cause chlamydia and trichomonas.These forms of vaginitis should be treated immediately, preventing their passage into the chronic form.These infections can spread very quickly on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and then the treatment will be difficult, long and not always successful.Such complications can seriously affect the reproductive capacity of women.

Colpitis may be non-infectious - allergic coleitis and refers to a form.In this case, the cause of the disease may be various cosmetic products and even medicines contraceptives as suppositories and ointments.

There is a form of the disease is senile coleitis.This disease occurs in women in old age.The reason for this vaginitis are disturbances in the body that occur due to changes in hormonal levels.All this violates the power of the vaginal mucosa, it lowers the acidity of the medium itself mucosa becomes very fragile and vulnerable.Senile coleitis may begin acutely, and can take place and quietly.It is in this context gynecologists are unanimous: a woman after menopause must always be examined by a doctor at least twice a year.


  • 1 symptoms of vaginitis
  • 2 Treatment vaginitis
  • 3 Preventing vaginitis

symptoms of vaginitis

colpitis photo Colpitis can bespecies specific and non-specific.In particular coleitis infection gets into the vagina during sexual intercourse.In this case, the observed symptoms such as swelling of the vagina, it velvety to the touch, as well as the discharge of blood when touched.

If we are talking about non-specific coleitis, in this case the body is affected staphylococci and streptococci due to the fact that insufficient hygiene are observed the rights of women, due to the fact that the microflora in the vagina declined.The symptoms in this case are vaginal discharge in the form of mucus or pus.

For acute vaginitis is characterized by the following symptoms: vaginal discharge pus, sexual organ is red, there is a strong itch.The woman experiences a dragging pain in the abdomen.vaginitis symptoms are often accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue and pain during urination and sex.

Yeast Kolp much like thrush.Men such coleitis can manifest itself in the form of candidiasis.

Colpitis dangerous its complications.Pregnant woman diseased obesity, can infect the fetus, if the infection is climbing up the vaginal tube.Colpitis Infection of the fetus may even lead to miscarriage.

addition coleitis can lead to complications such as inflammation of the cervix and appendages, which will lead to impaired fertility, infertility.

colpitis risk of disease greatly increases the bacteria and viruses of other types, which weaken a woman's body.Often it provokes all sorts of damage to the rooting of infection and vaginal trauma.Weakened as a result of long-term use of antibiotics immune system also increases the risk of disease colpitis.Risk factors may also be called poor hygiene, various allergies and endocrine diseases.

Treatment vaginitis

When the first symptoms of vaginitis need to stop having sex and consult a doctor.Do not self-medicate, relying only on traditional methods of treatment of vaginitis.Always remember about all the complications that can cause untreated or undertreated coleitis.

doctor can determine the quality of discharge, with some form of vaginitis is concerned, and in accordance with the prescribe treatment.So, for the fungal inflammation characteristic cheesy discharge for trichomoniasis - a yellow-green foam.To select the correct treatment is necessary to examine a smear from the vagina, make crop from the walls of the vagina.It may need to study and blood by PCR.For the treatment of vaginitis doctor prescribes antifungals, often modern doctors recommend vaktsionatsiyu for the prevention and treatment of vaginitis.

Preventing vaginitis

main rule for the prevention of vaginitis - is personal hygiene.But this does not mean that we should seek additional douching perfect cleanliness of the vagina - do not forget that you can not violate the natural microflora in the vagina, because it protects us from infections.

should pay particular attention to what the health of your sexual sure to take a shower before sexual intercourse, and during sexual intercourse is important to use condoms.

It is important to know when to stop in the application of cosmetics and perfumes as cosmetics can also cause allergic non-bacterial vaginitis.Scented pads, tampons may also become a powerful allergen.

In order to prevent vaginitis should completely abandon the wearing of synthetic clothes, which creates conditions for bacteria to grow due to the fact that the bad air permeability and moisture.

plays an important role and power of women.For example, the consumption of fermented milk products, as well as exclusion from the diet of sweet dishes largely contributes to the correct microflora in the vagina.