Beli - a discharge from the female genital tract, which in most cases are pathological.

Complaints white discharge occur in half of women of childbearing age.They are the main reason for seeking medical care to an obstetrician-gynecologist.However, not only women suffer from this disease.A similar condition can occur in girls and young women, and grandmothers.It is not always whites - pathology.This reaction can occur in healthy women, the carrier of the disease.


  • 1 Causes of white discharge
  • 2 mechanism of occurrence cables
  • 3 Diagnostics cables
  • 4 Treatment of white discharge

Causes of white discharge

cause of cables can be very diverse.

Vestibular bleach may result from the development of other diseases, such as vulvitis, Bartholinitis, pustular lesions of the skin of the perineum, malignant neoplasms genitals.

emergence of vaginal cables may be associated with vaginitis, helminth infections, foreign bodies, cancer of the vulva, perineal fist


reason for the development of cervical cables can be cervicitis, endocervite neoplastic cervical disease.

uterine belyah plays a role endometritis, an abnormal position of the uterus.

In the event of tube cables can affect hydrosalpinx or piosalpinks and neoplastic diseases of the fallopian tube.

Beli may be physiological and pathological.Physiological occur in newborn girls, and infant girls.This condition is due to the fact that the child's body are hormones placenta and maternal hormones.

Beli could occur in adolescence.This reaction is associated with changes in hormonal levels and the transformation of a girl into a girl.As soon as the menstrual cycle is formed and becomes a regular discharge from the genital tract take cyclical.

Physiological whites have the form of light, mucous secretions, which can detect the viscous threads or friability impurity.

Increased physiological secretions may be due to a variety of diseases or conditions of the organism.These states include:

  • circulatory failure;
  • obesity varying degrees of severity;
  • atopy and allergies;
  • vaginal dysbiosis after drug therapy;
  • contact with a patient or bacteria carriers.

If allocation are physiological in nature, the urogenital tract is not inflamed.Otherwise, there are signs of inflammation.

If the girl has an admixture of blood, pus, then you should think about the presence of her vulvovaginitis.

Women of childbearing age tend to have other gynecological inflammatory diseases, which are accompanied by abundant belyami.

If whites woman appeared in menopause, they are most often associated with cancer.However, they can wear and atrophic character.

mechanism whiter appearance

Healthy woman normally has no complaints about the increased discharge from the genital tract, so that the secretion and reabsorption of vaginal contents are in equilibrium.

As soon as the provoking factor, either one or the other mechanism begin to suffer, resulting in an excess of vaginal discharge.

Physiological discharge usually do not cause any discomfort the woman except that they become abundant.

At the same pathologic secretions can cause pelvic pain, itching around the vulva, dysuria, or dysuria.

Usually, itching, burning and abnormal discharge occur at the local lesion, and the accession of pelvic pain - of a possible lesion or tumor of the uterus fallopian tubes.

Diagnostics cables

cables Diagnostics is based primarily on the development of the disease properly assembled history.However, this method is subjective and can not be the determining factor in the formulation of the correct diagnosis.

method that allows more accurate to say the presence of the disease - gynecological examination.The study was conducted at the time the largest selection of pathological cables without pretreatment female genitalia.

If white discharge are in menstruation, the woman is still examining.

inspection should be carried out very carefully, because there are cases where whites are allocated not from the vagina, urethra and from, for example, urethritis.

After the inspection proceeds to bimanual examination.It is possible to establish the fact of pregnancy or to establish the presence of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

Treatment of white discharge

When belyah women treatment is carried out in several directions:

  • etiotropic treatment, which is necessary to eliminate the causes of the cables.It can be an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and so on, depending on the type of agent;
  • pathogenetic, which aims to restore the vaginal flora;
  • physiotherapy.

as antibiotic therapy used antibiotics in view of sensitivity to them to provide effective treatment.For example, penicillins, tetracyclines, macrolides, and others.

If there is a viral etiology of the disease, then spend antiviral treatment.

If found mushrooms, then prescribe antifungal medications.The most common fungal infection is thrush.To treat it is necessary to take 150 mg of fluconazole, and then within 7 - 10 days for the night to make candles with clotrimazole.

Girls who have complaints of abnormal discharge from the genital tract prescribe the same drugs as adult women, but at a reduced dosage.

In addition, whites may appear in diseases transmitted sexually, so every woman should be checked for the presence of her STIs.Upon detection of the causes of cables, it is necessary to conduct specific treatment of these diseases.