gastroptosis prolapse of the stomach cavity is shown varying degrees of severity with respect to an imaginary line connecting the upper part of the wing of the iliac bones of the pelvis.Most often seen in women aged 16-50 years.

There are constitutional and acquired forms of gastroptosis.Constitutional gastroptosis is innate and peculiar people asthenic physique due to the morphological characteristics of the structure (elongated body proportions, a narrow chest).Acquired gastroptosis is characterized by a pronounced weakening of the abdominal muscle tone, which is caused by stretching of the stomach ligaments.This may be preceded by a sharp weight dropping, resection of large tumors in the abdominal cavity, the presence of a vast number of parity in females, as well as the lack of food or protein expressed beriberi.

most common partial gastroptosis (antropiloroptoz), accompanied by a lengthening of the gastric cavity and severe hypotension peristalsis.Gastroptosis total developed with the pa

rticipation of phrenic fence (diaphragm), which causes deformation of gastric prolapse vault (bottom).Such phenomena can occur in severe emphysema, massive pleurisy.


  • 1 Symptoms of ptosis stomach
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  • 3 Treatment of gastric ptosis
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Symptoms of ptosis stomach

in the early stages (I, II stage) is characterized gastroptosis often asymptomatic, but may be accompanied by complaints of a feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, especially after the adoption of the copious amounts of food.Character appetite unstable with a predominance of addiction to spicy food types.Dairy food is disgusting.There may be unfounded nausea, belching, flatulence.Frequent constipation as bowel activity slowed down and is accompanied by ptosis transverse colon intestine, resulting in the passage of stool is difficult.On

expressed stages of the process (III stage) gastroptosis appears sharp pains in the abdomen, especially after making sudden movements and facilitated only after the transfer of the patient's body in a prone position.

When gastroptosis's constitutional complaints are often neurotic character.The majority of these patients the vegetative nature of the disorder: poor circulation, palpitations, vertigo, irritability, sweating, and dermographism limbs.

disease is often combined with hypotension (motor impairment) of the stomach, which is manifested reduction in the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive juices of the stomach.Gastroptosis often accompanied by the omission of other organs of the body and, alternatively, the liver and kidneys.However, it should be noted that in general, and gastric emptying of digestion is not significantly impaired.


When internal examination of the patient revealed a gastroptosis stomach dropped species.In the horizontal position, the upper part of the abdomen sinks and more visible pulsation of the abdominal aorta.When procrastination abdominal pain recedes and leaves in a vertical direction.Quite noticeable outline of the stomach.During the palpation revealed a clear omission of the pyloric and lower convex edge (greater curvature) of the stomach.On the X-ray of the stomach contours stretched in the vertical direction, small and large curvature close together, and the lower pole of the stomach deepened in the pelvic region.

Treatment of gastric ptosis

main recommendation gastroptosis patient in the initial stage of the process is to strengthen the muscular system of the peritoneum.The patient shows regular classes of medical and hygienic gymnastics.For patients, these procedures are astenikov dual benefit: in addition to strengthening such media contributes significantly emotional charge and discharge partially suppresses the symptoms of neurotic sense.

In marked for deletion stomach pain relief commonly used drugs such as Noshpa, atropine sulfate, platifillin.Showed therapeutic massage the abdomen in front of him, as an option - hydro.Conduct several courses (at least 3) an average of 15 treatments per month intervals.Favorably affects the combination of massage and physical therapy by specially developed technique.

All classes are carried out on the couch or any elevation relative to the floor in the "lying" with raised legs.In this position the stomach back into its original position.Main directions - and a combination of alternating loads on the lower limbs and abdominal region: ups, bending at different angles, exercises "polumostik" and "bike".Upon completion of the training carried out self-massage of the abdomen.After all the procedures, the patient's body into a state of short-term rest.

established that bed rest and the restriction fiznagruzok not improve the condition of the patient gastroptosis.Moderate loads are shown, and even necessary, but they should be carried out with caution and without undue strain.

to normalize neurological background is used a wide range of sedatives.In case of violation of gastric secretion administered enzyme preparations, gastric juice and so on. As a restorative and tonic body means recommended complex preparations of arsenic and strychnine, anabolic hormones.

Surgical treatment gastroptosis held not often that is due to a considerable number of relapses after surgery.

Features Power

Dining suffering gastroptosis should be optimal and elaborate as the severity of symptoms of the disease the less than bulkier body fat in the omentum of the peritoneum.Showed easily digestible nutritious diet and sufficient calorie fortification, especially with insufficient body weight, typical for constitutional gastroptosis.Diet fractional - small but frequent meals in the same hours.Recommended myasoovoschnye dishes, cereals, pasta, fruit in unchanged or in the form of juices, dairy products.It is not forbidden inclusion in the diet of bakery products, provided their production of coarse flour.consumption should be limited or eliminated altogether certain types of cereals (semolina, rice), all spices, and cocoa powder.At the end of the meal it is necessary to provide the patient peace, and in case of excessive sagging abdominal wall lay on his stomach a medical bandage.

Patients with depressed appetite indicated for use in bitterness, insulin microdozes (no more than 6 units) subcutaneously.


Prevention gastroptosis aimed at strengthening all systems of the body as a whole.This is conducive to exercise, rationalization of power, ordering lifestyle.Women of childbearing age prescribed by competent compliance with all the pre- and post-natal period, hygiene advice in the first place to strengthen the muscular system.