Allergy, certainly, one of the most common diseases of mankind.Not spared this problem and young children, and even infants.It seems that there is nothing particularly wrong with the fact that the baby had developed an allergy, no.

Expert Opinion: Allergies of any character in a child up to a year is always a dangerous disease, so when the first manifestations of allergy should not pull - see your doctor.

However, at the time of initial allergic reaction and the appointment of adequate and proper treatment to avoid the consequences in the future.For example, bronchial asthma, allergic to pollen and contact dermatitis in the kindergarten or school, take their roots from childhood.

Thus, the allergy is much easier to prevent than to cure, however, like any other disease.But if the attack happened in breast baby, you need to identify an allergy to get her therapy.

allergy - a reaction to irritants, allergens, which cause a reaction of the body of the child to them.

Expert opinion: More prec

isely, an allergy is an excessive immune system response to the introduction into the body of a foreign substance.


  • 1 causes of allergy in infants
  • 2 Allergy symptoms
  • 3 treatment of allergy in infants

Causesallergy in infants

allergies in infants children there is usually food.If the mother is feeding the baby breast milk, and it appeared allergic reaction, you should reconsider your diet.Most likely, it is necessary to exclude from it some of the products.Children are very sensitive to citrus, strawberries and other red fruits, chocolate, honey, nuts.However, allergies can occur at absolutely any food.

Expert Opinion: Do not forget that the allergic reaction can be local and general.Local reaction manifested rash or swelling of the tissues, and the total quickly leads to serious consequences life-threatening.

If the baby is fed with mixtures, the allergy can occur to them as mixture - this is not a natural product.In addition, allergies may develop during the transfer of the baby with the natural breast-feeding on artificial mixtures.All depends on the individual child.Besides the fact that allergy can develop on products, it can be to carry out routine vaccination, taking medicines, or the development of the disease.

Each young mother is to recognize allergy in the early stages, and for this it is necessary to know how it is manifested.

Allergy symptoms

symptoms of allergy in infants can manifest itself in different ways depending on whether there was an allergy in the child.

The most common manifestation of allergies in young children is a diathesis.Diathesis - a kind of allergic reaction to a substance, which is manifested by redness, scaling, itching skin.It is also possible to detect the locations intertrigo natural folds.As a rule, the most common allergic diathesis manifests itself on the cheeks of the baby.They turn red, thickened, shelled, and the child all the time stretches to scratch the affected skin.

Expert opinion: This is called diathesis exudative-catarrhal, and changes in the skin when it - atopic dermatitis.

If the disease is not recognized, not received medical treatment or were treated incorrectly, the site of the lesion may be formed over time erosion or ulcers, which are quite difficult to treat.Moreover, food allergies may manifest gastrointestinal disorders.Food allergies can be accompanied by skin rashes, itching of the skin or mucous membranes, diarrhea, cramps or abdominal pain.Also, the child may develop household allergies.It can manifest itself in the form of a runny nose, sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

Any allergy in infants may be associated with sleep disorders, the child becomes moody, often crying, he may lose your appetite.

treatment of allergy in infants

In order to properly treat the baby from allergies, you need to recognize its kind.However, no matter how you were sure what allergies your child has, in any case, need to consult a specialist.Only the pediatrician will be able to designate the treatments that will not harm your baby and help him get rid of the disease.If you are an adherent of the popular methods of treatment, in the case of a child it is better not to use.The exception is a soothing herbal bath, which may have a beneficial effect, but only with a doctor's permission.

If a baby food allergy, it is first necessary to review the mother's diet.If the mother is feeding the baby breast milk, it is necessary to exclude products of potential allergens.At the time of feeding have to limit yourself to chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries, eggs, nuts, honey and other products.Meals should be balanced and contain a sufficient amount of useful items.

If feeding is done artificially, it is best to choose a mixture that do not contain sugar.

During the introduction of complementary foods need to be extremely careful and cautious, especially if family members are allergic to anything.

In the event that the child has developed household allergies, which can manifest itself in the dust, pets or mites, it is necessary to start to remove allergens.Carpets clean, wipe the dust once a day, and pets to attach in good hands, because the health of the child should be the most important.

Also, instead of curtains to hang the blinds, which are less allergenic, since they are easier to wipe.Bedding must be changed every week and use hypoallergenic laundry detergents.

If the child has developed a contact allergy to clothing, or any other, it is necessary to remove irritating agents away from the baby.From the clothes you need to choose natural fabrics, and use hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

In addition, every mother should know what to do if a child has developed an unusually strong response to the allergen - anaphylactic shock.He manifested a strong shortness of breath, wheezing, shortness of breath, severe swelling may appear.First aid is to put the child to remove his clothes, which can compress the chest and abdomen, provide fresh air.Immediately call "ambulance."And to ensure that the child has become easier, moisten two new handkerchief water.One wipe the body, and the second place on the child's face.

Expert opinion: In anaphylactic shock develops immediately vascular reaction: the pressure drops and the child loses consciousness.This life-threatening condition that can lead to death within a few seconds or minutes, without providing proper medical care.If you know.that your child suffers from allergies in the form of anaphylactic shock, you must have at antihistamines or hormones in the form of tablets or injectable solutions.When you are a child in the mind it is fashionable to give a tablet.If the child is unconscious, a "first aid" is still going, you can make your child an injection.

The first occurrence of this condition is necessary to call an ambulance, put the child on his side (to prevent ingress of vomit in the respiratory tract) with a raised foot end, provide fresh air.

likely when the child gets older, the allergy itself will disappear, as the baby will be a strong immune system.It is therefore necessary to support the child in the first year of life, so that later he had no problems.