allergy - a reaction the body's immunity to any allergen.Allergen - the substance, which is an agent provocateur of allergic reactions.Especially dangerous contact with allergens in children.At this age, allergies can cause such common substances such as house dust, food, animals, down in the summer, some of the plants.The possibility of developing allergies in children increased twice when in the family someone already has such a feature of an organism.Also, allergies can occur suddenly, even if it never existed.


  • 1 Symptoms of allergies in children
  • 2 treatment of allergies in children
  • 3 diet for allergies

Symptoms of allergies in children

children allergy manifests mainly on the skin and in rare cases, if the allergy is serious, it could turn the whole body.Itching, hives, any rashes, inflammation of the mucosa of the nose, swelling of any tissue, allergic asthma - all these are signs of allergy symptoms in children.In rare cases there may be problems

with the gastrointestinal tract, namely, vomiting, acute diarrhea (diarrhea) and abdominal cramps.We should not forget that in its infancy any allergies begins to manifest in the form of a conventional diathesis, that is, the first symptoms of allergy in children is a violation of the skin complexion.Many parents simply overlook this fact and think that the child simply overeaten sweets.Do not ignore any changes in the child's skin.

treatment of allergies in children

If you notice any symptoms of the child similar to the symptoms of allergies, immediately consult a specialist.First of all, you must assign a blood test.After passing this analysis it will set the cause of allergies, but rather an allergen that provoked a reaction.

Expert Opinion: On the blood test allergen is often not possible to identify the allergen.Children under three years do not make the identification of allergens, as the immaturity of the immune system and especially the child's body make this unnecessary procedure.After the formation of the immune system is carried skarifikatsionnye samples and tests to identify the allergen.

Once the allergen is necessary to completely eliminate all contact with him and, if possible, isolated from residential premises.We must not forget that any medication drugs only alleviate the symptoms of allergies, ie to achieve a full recovery with their help it is impossible.

Another traditional method of treating allergies is to conduct an allergen - specific immunotherapy.This therapy is based on the introduction of the blood in small amounts of an allergen, which triggers an allergy.Thus, a child going to develop tolerance to the substance.This method of allergy treatment is more effective, especially for children.But do not forget the cost that this therapy can be applied with only 3 years of age.

, must comply with the special measures and hypoallergenic food to reduce the possibility of aggravation to a minimum.For example, if your child has an allergy to pollen, you come home, you need to be sure to rinse your mouth soothing infusions, which can be made from motherwort or valerian.If your child has an allergy to poplar fluff, you should not walk in those places where it grows the tree.If the sun's rays cause allergies, it is best to dress your baby in a closed clothes made of light fabrics.All allergies are advised to take a contrast shower.Of course, all these measures seem elementary, but do not pay attention to them.

Traditional medicine is also not spared allergies in children.Only here you need to be very careful and do not forget that a child up to a year, any medications that need to be used inside, absolutely contraindicated.There rubdown for this case.Take any folk remedy is with small doses to prevent the development of allergy to it.Also, forget about alcoholic tinctures and herbs that have at least some degree of toxicity, if you start to treat allergies in children.Nor should we treat allergies in the child the means by which treat allergies at home.First, the body of all the different takes drugs, and secondly, different allergens require an individual approach.

diet for allergies

Another method of treatment, but rather even prevention of allergies in children is to respect a special diet.Experts call this method of diet therapy.This method is used quite a long time.It requires an individual approach to each child, as to do a complete replacement with preservation of nutrients and calories, as well as taking into account the individual tolerance.Assign such diets after the definition of food allergen testing and commissioning, as well as the appointment of a child depends on the duration of the survey.
usually from the diet clean products such as eggs, fish, chocolate, citrus fruits, dairy products, berries or nuts.

Drawing gipollergennoy special diet requires highly qualified specialist, because every child belongs to the period of their eating habits.For example, children up to six months with a possible lactose deficiency is recommended to use Low-lactose-free or soy-based mixtures.Children older than six months can be stored breast milk and take part Low-mix.Also cow's milk can be replaced by a specialized adapted mixture all at the same soy-based.If such a diet does not give a result, the child is transferred to the dairy-free diet.

Why children are recommended mixture is soy-based?Because they are in its composition as close as possible to mother's milk.The effectiveness of these compounds has been confirmed by long practice.According to statistics, the majority of children through the week and a half of use of this mixture was a significant improvement.It was an example of dairy-free diet therapy.

Expert Opinion: Today soy mixture used very carefully, because soy protein is often an allergic reaction develops.For infants with allergic mood there hypoallergenic blend older also selected individual diet.

If you have an allergy to cereals, must be excluded from the diet of canned meat, sausages, wheat, pastries and cakes, pasta of any kind of bread made from wheat flour.The duration of any diet therapy depends on the child's body.After passing through the main course, most often prescribed maintenance diet, but only in the case where the clinical indicators give a positive trend.The maintenance diet is prescribed for a period of two years and a half, at this time you need to make a smooth transition to a normal diet or a partial introduction of those products which have been excluded, and the process of therapy.