gastritis is any inflammation of the gastric mucosa.Species gastritis few.One of the most dangerous is gastritis with low acidity, since this type may be a factor gastritis cancer.


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symptoms of gastritis with low acidity

symptoms of gastritis with low acidity are divided into primary and secondary.The primary symptoms include a feeling of heaviness and pain in the epigastric region, rumbling and bloating.There may be bad breath, diarrhea and nausea are private, there is dryness of the skin, nail plate changes, drastic weight loss and hair loss.

The secondary symptoms include weakness, heart palpitations, dizziness can occur after a meal, the body can not tolerate milk and dairy products.There is also a secondary symptoms include heartburn, which is caused by the accumulation of organic acids and forms a "metallic" taste in the mouth, th

ereby increasing the secretion of saliva.

cause of gastritis with low acidity is too frequent consumption of hot food, rough and hard to misinterpret food, frequent alcohol consumption - are external factors to internal factors include inflammation of the digestive system, endocrine system and metabolism.

treatment of gastritis with low acidity

treatment of gastritis with low acidity can not be postponed, as the running stage of the disease can lead to cancer.Treatment consists of correction of disorders of gastric secretion.But there are nuances that only an expert can determine: when reduced, but saved gastric secretion is necessary to carry out stimulating therapy, and with a lack of secretion - substitution.

supportive therapy is based on the use of drugs such as limontar, Neostigmine, etimizol, cytochrome C and calcium gluconate.Replacement therapy is considered to be the main method of treatment of gastritis with low acidity, provided that stimulation therapy did not produce the desired effect.When assigning this therapy, the following drugs: pepsin abomin complex enzymes, which includes the gastric juice and hydrochloric acid, and hydrochloric acid in diluted form.In the treatment of gastritis and low acidity is used a number of other therapies, below.

Antibiotic treatment is aimed at suppressing and complete excretion of specific bacteria.To do this, use drugs such as doxycycline, tinadazol amoxicillin.Vitamin therapy helps to normalize metabolic processes in the gastric mucosa, and enhances the activity of the stomach glands.There is also a therapy aimed at eliminating aggravation.For this purpose, the following drugs: Drotaverinum, Venter, They help normalize the functioning of the stomach.

Gastritis with low acidity treated and folk remedies, such as herbal medicine.Any method for the treatment of gastritis with low acidity, whether medical treatment or treatment in folk medicine, requires strict adherence to the diet.

diet for gastritis with low acidity

Diet is the main component of any therapy is prescribed for the treatment of gastritis of any kind.Diet for gastritis with low acidity is to stimulate the secretion of gastric mucosa without mechanical irritation.To do this, the diet should include lean meats, vegetables, lean fish, coffee, juice and some.

After passing dietetics course need to gradually move to a normal diet, excluding those products from the diet, which can cause aggravation.Gastritis with low acidity is strictly forbidden to eat products made from fresh dough, whole milk, vine, as they cause fermentation processes in the stomach, as well as cream, sour cream and fat animals, as they are indigestible food.

At the beginning of acute gastritis with low acidity should also observe a special diet, the purpose of which will be a reduction in inflammation.Only then reduce this inflammation can move on to the stimulation of gastric juice.With any diet food temperature should not be too cold or too hot only mild temperatures.Also, the products must be subjected to frying, ideal - cooking in a double boiler.Permissible salt intake, but in moderation.

Here are the main diet (which is complementary to the ones above) a person suffering from gastritis with low acidity.Fish soup over low broth, pea soup, steam cutlets, omelettes and fresh cheese, mild cheese, different varieties of cereals, boiled eggs, pasta and white crackers - all this should be in the diet of a person with low acidity gastritis.Fat intake should be kept to a minimum, the ideal option is to use only vegetable oil in an amount of 2 teaspoons a day as oil contribute to the healing of the mucous membrane.Berries should be only sweet varieties, fruits all is an essential component of daily menu, it is recommended to cook vegetables in the form of puree.

refuse want with spinach and sorrel.Recommended drink: divorced cream may use fruit and berry juices, but they must be non-acidic, jelly and fruit drinks are also allowed, coffee can only 1 times a day, only to plant cocoa milk.

Which products should be excluded?Foods containing large amounts of fiber, namely, cabbage, turnips and radishes, berries with a rough-skinned, bread of coarse flour, raisins and prunes, fatty meat, canned food, hot spices, sweet pies.The course of such a diet should be at least 3 weeks.Diet therapy helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation.Once these processes are normalized, start stimulation of hydrochloric acid.This requires a strong meat broth, before every meal you should drink a glass of water with lemon juice.

treatment of gastritis with low acidity tightening and should not be delayed.If the disease to run too much, it can threaten cancer.Therefore, early detection and cured gastritis will save health for many years.