Nowadays one of the most common diseases is considered gastritis.Unfortunately, statistics show that one in five people have stomach problems.This may contribute to poor diet, stress and the environment.There are several types of gastritis, but in this article we will talk about atrophic gastritis.Such gastritis carries the most danger.

Atrophic gastritis has a double negative load.This is primarily a disease itself is quite serious that requires lifelong treatment.Secondly, such a gastritis can be a base to form a background of cancer cells in the stomach.This is due to such morphological changes that occur in the lining in this disease.In

gastric mucosal lesions appear in the location where the layer normal cells either completely absent or thinned.In their place, in turn, are formed of another type of cell, namely the coupling.In turn, the new cells can not perform the function of gastric epithelial cells.


  • 1 causes of atrophic gastrit
  • 2 Symptoms of atrophic gastritis
  • 3 How to recognize the diagnosis and treatment?

causes of atrophic gastritis

There are a few obvious reasons that can cause the appearance of atrophic gastritis.The first reason lies in the immunity.As a result, the immune system malfunctions has the ability to recognize the parietal and chief cells of the gastric mucosa as strangers and thus replaces them on the connective tissue.

The second reason is an infection of the stomach.This reason is described bacterial theory.It does not exclude the fact that the atrophic gastritis can be developed due to the frequent use of alcohol.As a result, copious alcohol hit the stomach mucous cauterize it.Therefore, the body has a protective response in the form of a permanent closing of non-healing wounds connecting cells.

Symptoms of atrophic gastritis

Often such disease as atrophic gastritis occurs quite quickly.Only sometimes it makes itself felt at the wrong meal.Usually after a fatty meal the person has belching smelly.With this disease, stomach pain and heartburn are very few symptoms.

more frequent symptoms are considered to be violations of the gastrointestinal tract, namely the rumbling in the stomach, constipation and pain in the lower abdomen.In this case the person is observed weakness, lethargy, weight loss, unmotivated fatigue and poor digestion.

How to recognize the diagnosis and treatment?

Naturally, as a proof of having the disease, and the only complaint palpation, you can not set a definitive diagnosis, since there is an insufficient number of clinical indications.To really ensure the presence of the disease, prescribe FGS.This procedure reveals foci necrosis cells of the gastric mucosa, but the histological analysis, in turn, confirms the diagnosis.

In order to clarify the nature of the functional activity of the stomach, held a number of studies, namely, sensing, crops appointment with mucous and blood tests.

In atrophic gastritis assigned mandatory outpatient treatment and dieting.During an exacerbation diet especially severe disease.During this period it is necessary to eliminate fatty, salty, spicy, fried and roughage.To maintain and improve the prescribed enzymes and hydrochloric acid drugs, and spazmalitiki cholinomimetics.

The motor function of the stomach is usually improved by this drug as a Reglan.When the disease of atrophic gastritis often lack some of the vitamins of group B. Therefore, the treatment prescribed these vitamins in combination with vitamins A, E and folic acid.

diet must be respected so that it reduced the level of gastric acidity and contributed to a decrease in the load on the stomach wall.

People who suffer from atrophic gastritis, it is necessary to comply with a full on the main components diet №2.This diet is different from the others for its ability to spare the gastric mucosa and moderately stimulate the digestive organs.

With this diet you need to eat small portions of food six times a day.This food should enrich the body with essential substances and energy boosting.The day the patient with this disease should take from 2800 to 3000 Kcal.Do not take cold or too hot food.Food should be warm.Day should consume 100 g protein, 60 g should be of animal origin, and 40 g - vegetable, 100 g fat, and 400 g carbohydrates.

Therefore, if you have found this disease, consult a physician immediately and follow all recommendations.