What foods reduce inflammation

Most of truth inherent in the saying "we are what we eat."This is especially true in the presence of joint inflammation and swelling.Some foods may worsen the situation, as well as among them there are many delicious and anti-inflammatory action.They may alleviate problems such as the joints and swollen ankle, pain in the fingers, and even
symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and in general help substantially reduce inflammation in the body.What you need to put on the table, so as not to lose the ability to move actively, experiencing inflammation of the joints, as well as reduce any other inflammatory processes in the body described below.We will understand which foods reduce inflammation in the body.


  • 1 products that reduce inflammation
    • 1.1 Olive oil
    • 1.2 fish instead of pork and beef
    • 1.3 Nuts and fruits
    • 1.4 Garlic
    • 1.5 Greens
    • 1.6 Chocolate
    • 1.7 Tea
  • 2 rules for the selection of healthy food

products that reduce inflammation

Olive oil in inflammation Olive oil

Plantoils such as olive, grape seed and avocado are very useful and effectively used in medicine.Among them, the most available and useful in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the body is olive oil.And if you have not yet begun to use to prepare their dishes of olive oil, then now is the time.Olive oil - is incomparably rich source of oleic acid, the fatty acid Omega-9, which has the ability to reduce inflammation.Generally this oil is unique among others.Use olive oil for cooking and salad dressings will make food good for the heart and brain.The disadvantage is the fact that olive oil is produced in a small number of countries (the major Spain, Italy, Greece), which makes it more expensive.

is important to remember that the sunflower oil content is not all useful items arrive olive, and therefore completely exclude from his diet is not necessary.But it is necessary to take into account and that a considerable amount of sunflower oil can enter the body with food that is sold in stores (canned food, salads, etc.) or eating places.

By its biological value occupies an important place flaxseed oil - it is very rich in vitamin F, and also has a number of other useful features.The problem is that the linseed oil oxidizes quickly - and that makes it not so practical.Eating flaxseed oil for medicinal purposes should be considered separately.

Fish in inflammation fish instead of pork and beef

There are reasons why red meat has earned a bad reputation.This increased level of cholesterol in the body and the salts that may cause inflammation.For a protein to switch to fish, such as salmon, grouper, tuna, cod, halibut and bass - with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids.If you can not overcome the craving for steak or kebabs, the selection is better to give the benefit of not pork, and beef or lamb - they have a higher content of Omega.

Nuts and fruits in inflammation Nuts and fruits

between meals should try to eat nuts and fruit.Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, and a long list.Also fruits such as apples, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries.Fruits for convenience can be eaten in dried form, which is convenient and tasty.Especially because the drying process is not particularly difficult if you use electric dryer for vegetables and fruits.

Garlic in inflammation

Garlic Garlic because of its taste, makes us to make sacrifices and endure bad breath after eating.But this "powerful little friend" also refers to a healthy diet and helps perfectly swollen joints.A mixture of garlic with herbs listed above, quite tasty and incredibly useful.In order to somehow kill the unpleasant smell of garlic breath after use is not the cud, and chew the leaves of fresh mint.They also are also useful for the treatment of inflamed joints.

Greens in inflammation Greens

use the following fresh herbs, because it contains more nutrients.You can choose from basil, chilli, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme and turmeric are very useful.By the beam of one or simultaneously several of these herbs can add the garlic and season with olive oil - the universal marinade is ready.You can also include in its composition and ginger, which will make it even more useful.

Dessert in inflammation Chocolate

Fortunately, a healthy diet does not mean to exclude from the diet of sweets.Chocolate is not only possible, but also to eat.But this chocolate must contain at least 70% pure cocoa, then it will be useful, and in its composition will be a minimum of other ingredients that are not nearly as good for the body.Other desserts are low in fat and a greater number of fruits and nuts (already mentioned above), is also a great way to have an impact on inflammation for its treatment.

Green tea in inflammation Tea

Green tea helps reduce vosspalitelnye processes in the body.Besides that green tea helps reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, it also acts as a "liquid vegetable" - helps to keep the anti-inflammatory struggle inside the body.The hot or cold, add a little lemon juice to get the aroma and drink to raise the amount of antioxidants in the body.And do not skimp on the amount of water for tea - it helps to get the necessary minimum of fluid to the body (8 glasses a day).Also

But a good alternative to green tea can be a herb willow-herb (Epilobium angustifolia).It will be very useful in inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, but also has a number of advantages over other green tea.His use of a lot of information on the Internet.One of the main directions of its application is to prevent and aid in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland in men.

For more information about the benefits of willow-herb and other drinks can be found in the article: Coffee: to drink or not to drink?What is there an alternative to coffee?

Tips on choosing healthy foods rules for the selection of healthy food

We all need to eat healthy food, and as we can see, proper food in force even help treat a disease.

In combination with other treatments and therapies, foods rich in essential omega acids and antioxidants, can inhibit the inflammation, so that gives you an opportunity to live safely even in chronic joint diseases.

When you make a shopping list of products, remember that fresh and raw is always better (nutrient in this case is always more), also boiled better than fried (for the same reason).And always adhere to this rule when choosing meals even at a party.For example, herring in marinade (qualitative and spices in moderation), or a portion of the land is always better than fried fish.

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