Hello dear readers.sea ​​salt treatment, today we'll talk about it.Well, sea salt for me has always been associated with summer, sea, sun and beach, with the summer holidays.We, for example, every summer we go to the sea, relax, swim in the sea water.The taste of water is brackish, as rich in sea salt, and more iodine and other beneficial substances. But besides all this sea salt has many useful properties.Sea salt is very useful for our skin, it increases the elasticity of our skin, sea salt helps to relieve tension and fatigue if it is added into the bathroom and take a bath with sea salt.And sea salt has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

But before you buy sea salt you need to know some features of salt.

How to choose sea salt for the treatment?

good, high-quality salt should be free of dyes and fragrances.The most valuable sea salt, it is grayish salt, although it is dull to look at, but very useful, in this ocean of salt particles are clay particles of algae.Also, when choosing a

salt note of the fact that she was a free-flowing dry and on a pack, do not buy salt, which is damp.

Now let's look at how to keep sea salt?

After buying sea salt, it is best to immediately pour into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.Sea salt very quickly absorbs moisture and forms clots to prevent this from happening you need to put in a jar with sea salt a couple of tablespoons of rice in a cotton bag, rice will absorb moisture well.You can put a piece of paper gets wet, which removes excess fluid.

How long can you use sea salt in a day?

Drink a day can be 5 grams of sea salt.

Let's talk, what is the difference between marine and table salt?

contains common salt in a conventional sodium chloride and absolutely no vitamins, they are destroyed by the salt treatment.A sea salt contains iodine, which is very helpful for the thyroid, potassium and other nutrients, but also unlike sea salt does not cause edema.And even if you put the fish in a solution of common salt, the fish will die, and seawater fish will live.

sea salt.Benefit.

  • Sea salt improves nutrition of our cells.
  • helps relieve depression and stress, relaxes.
  • not least promotes healing of wounds.This personally and repeatedly tested.When we go to the sea, the children, have children, run, fall.So, under the action of seawater wounds quickly tightened.
  • Sea salt helps to relieve allergic reactions.It is also checked.On the sea in my body was itching and rashes after bathing in sea water, she calmed down and itching rashes decreased.
  • Sea salt strengthens our immune system.And what foods enhance can read in my article "The products our immune system strengthening immunity".
  • improves the appearance and condition of the hair.
  • is useful for the thyroid gland.
  • the whole sea as a whole is very beneficial effect on our body.

Treatment with sea salt.Application.

sea salt perfectly treat a sore throat.Take one teaspoon of sea salt and dissolve it in a glass of boiled water.Warm solution of sea salt must be well rinsed his throat and try anything within half an hour not to eat or drink after gargling.

also sea salt is irreplaceable at a cold, with nasal congestion.sea ​​salt solution it is possible to tell our very first assistant.We are even the doctor the baby nose wash sea salt solution is always recommended.When sinusitis, at the first sign of a cold indispensable tool.The solution was prepared as follows: in a glass of boiled water, one teaspoon of sea salt.The solution was room temperature, wash the nose bay solution or syringe, or in a kettle with a narrow spout.Irrigate the nose is best over the sink or in the bathroom.It is necessary to tilt your head over the sink, into one nostril, insert the spout, and the second nostril solution should be poured passes through the nasopharynx.Here is the washing of the nose is considered correct.Rinsing the nasal saline sea water or sea water relieves swelling, inflammation of the nose and throat with.

Sea salt is also used in mastitis.Prepare a solution of 1 teaspoon of sea salt per cup of water.Next, take a cotton cloth and dip into the solution, the fabric should be overcome, and then attach to the breast.

Bath with sea salt is very useful for our body.Bath with sea salt strengthens our immune system, improves blood circulation, strengthens our nervous system, nourish our skin with minerals.To prepare a therapeutic bath, dissolve it in 300 grams of salt water bath temperature of 36 to 37 degrees, to take a bath with sea salt 20 minutes.

sea salt is used for weight loss.A little bit of sea salt to add to your loofah or brush and rub into problem areas massage movements.And then take a shower.Sea salt improves the condition of our skin, improves skin elasticity, and displays the excess fluid from the body.

also during colds, sore throat, tonsillitis very effective inhalation with sea salt.Inhalation 2 tablespoons of sea salt to be dissolved in one liter of hot water and pour the inhaler or simply to breathe over the steam cover with a towel.Inhale steam and nose and mouth.

To strengthen nails used baths with sea salt, which strengthens the nail plate perfectly.

Sea salt also helps to get rid of acne.The solution of sea salt to wipe the pimples on the skin, then let it dry and wash with warm water.The solution was prepared as follows: 1 teaspoon of sea salt 200 ml.soda.

very useful to rest on the sea and breathe the sea air, go swimming.In general it will be improved.sea ​​salt treatment has a really positive impact and good results on the state of our body.

We each year as we go to the sea bring sea water and then use as needed to wash the nose.Usually the husband swims with a 6 liter bottle in the sea 300-400 meters from the shore and it takes water.And this year we even brought water from different places.One bottle gathered near Feodosiya, this was not enough for her husband, and he scored another bottle near the town of Saki.Just under Theodosius the water became cold, and we have moved in search of warm water at Saki.This photo from our holiday in the Crimea.Well, I wish you health and good mood.