Hello dear readers.Calendula tincture, use and contraindications of this today I would like to tell you.Flowers of Marigold is really very beautiful, from one of the bright, sunny kind of uplifting.Today, walking with children in kindergarten and in one of beds grew marigold flowers, they immediately caught my attention.Fortunately, I had a camera with him almost always. sometimes laugh at myself "I always take a camera with you," and I always take a camera.You never know what fate has prepared interesting to you, when there is always a camera is all you can capture in the pictures, the more I have someone to share these photos.

Well, it does not enjoy such bright calendula flowers.I go home and immediately had the idea to write to you about the calendula tincture, especially since the use of it is wide enough and has a very good result.

I'm already on the blog wrote about calendula, read the information here, the article is called "Calendula, useful properties and contraindications."

Let's see what is so useful tincture of calendula.

The use of tincture of calendula.

  • Calendula tincture is antiseptic.
  • has antibacterial properties.
  • Calendula tincture is used for the treatment of wounds, cuts, abrasions and cracks.
  • Also it is used for insect bites.
  • Apply tincture of calendula in diseases of the throat, diseases of the gums, with stomatitis, as a gargle.
  • It is used as cholagogue.

Calendula is one of the good products for skin care.Calendula tincture received widespread application in cosmetics, it is well relieves inflammation, redness of the skin, "cauterize" acne, heals wounds and microcracks.

How to make a tincture of calendula?

Now calendula tincture you can without any problems buy at the pharmacy.But, as a tincture marigold flowers can cook and himself.My mother prepares it.It fills up to the top half-liter jar of calendula flowers and fill them with vodka.Infuse in a dark and cool place 10-14 days, followed by infusion filter.

How to store calendula tincture?

Store calendula tincture you need in a dark and cool place.It can be stored in the refrigerator.Shelf life of tincture of calendula to alcohol is 1 year.Keep away from children infusion.Do not use calendula tincture after the expiration date, if you bought it at the pharmacy, and if cooked it yourself, then after a year do not drink, and prepare a new infusion.Also, sediment may form during storage at the bottom of a bottle of tincture of calendula, so do not be alarmed.

not use calendula tincture uncontrollably, use it only when necessary.

These are marigold flowers grow on one of the beds kindergarten.

Calendula tincture.Application.

When cholecystitis as cholagogue, calendula tincture drink 15 drops diluted in 1/4 glass of water 20 minutes before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner.Calendula tincture not only expands the bile ducts, but also increases the secretion of bile.

When a sore throat, angina calendula tincture is diluted with warm boiled water and rinse her throat.A spoonful of tincture diluted in 200 grams of water.

When otitis calendula tincture can drip into the ear for 3 drops 3 times a day.

Apply tincture of calendula in dentistry with bleeding gums, with periodontitis, stomatitis at children.

When stomatitis, inflammation of the gums.Also, calendula tincture diluted with boiled water and rinse the mouth well.Typed in the mouth tincture, rinsed and spat.

Calendula tincture treated wounds, cuts, sores, abrasions as lotions.The wounds very well and heal quickly.

also calendula tincture treated pimples, acne, skin bulking.With a variety of inflammatory lesions on the skin.

Calendula tincture.Contraindications.

  • If allergy or individual intolerance of tincture of calendula or marigold flowers contraindicated.
  • calendula tincture during pregnancy is best not to use inside, as still in its composition has alcohol.Better prepare yourself aqueous solution of tincture of calendula.A topically applied tincture of calendula as possible.
  • If cholelithiasis is not necessary to apply the tincture of calendula tincture still has a choleretic effect and all of which can trigger the movement of the stones on the bile ducts.
  • When uncontrolled use of tincture of calendula may be a headache.The skin can react to dryness, contraction, peeling.

Calendula tincture use, as you can see, is quite wide.And how do you apply calendula tincture and calendula for therapeutic purposes, write in the comments below.