Hello dear readers.Today let's talk about what can be replaced with sugar.Honestly I love sweets, I when the pressure falls, I do himself some coffee and a spoon of sugar add three.But recently I noticed that sugar I do not want.And she did not see how a piece of sugar began to replace the chocolates, dried apricots, honey.And it's true, you can do basically sugar.But imagine diabetics, people here can not have sugar, they will perforce have to replace it. Now of course a lot of people know what can be replaced by sugar, but there are people who consumed sugar, and now, for example, because of their illness they need to replace sugar in the diet.And then the question arises immediately, but what?So I gathered for you information about what you can replace sugar.

What gives us sugar?Yes empty calories he gives us because the purification of sugar in sugar destroyed all the nutrients.

And even if we do not pour sugar in your tea or coffee, it is still on our table sugar gets into the finished product.

It pies, cakes, cookies, halvah, kozinaki and other products.

sugar in the blood.

I here for example, are always in between breakfast and lunch, you want something sweet.Drink sweet tea or eat a piece of candy.It forces it certainly adds, but for a short time, as I have noticed, but then again you feel sluggish and tired.What happens?But there is that.Sugar by the body is rapidly absorbed and enters the bloodstream, your body reacts to this release of insulin in our blood may be more insulin than we need, in this way the sugar out of the blood, and elevated levels of insulin remains and he continues to take his, earlycontained in blood sugar, thus hunger only further enhanced.

My friend told me that her husband had a job before dinner itself took only cookies, cakes and other sweets, and then says, it's better to take a sandwich with boiled meat than sweets.That seems to be fed up, and everything is fine, but it's only for a short time, and then you feel fatigue and lethargy.

if I buy, it is usually white sugar, and the girlfriend I prefer brown.However, the caloric content of white sugar brown indistinguishable.And the nutritional advantages which would have white or brown sugar no.

sugar Calories 385 kcal per 100 grams.

Now let's talk about what you can replace regular sugar in the diet.I prefer to replace sugar with natural products, yet we have to have enough food and different chemistry, which is now in almost all products are added.

How can replace sugar?

Honey bee.

Well firstly, it can be replaced with honey, if you certainly are not allergic to bee products, or due to some reasons you can not use it.Natural honey is much more useful than regular sugar.My grandfather was once an apiary and he did not eat sugar at all, he's always on the table was a plate with honey.Grandpa said that honey and bee products is health.

Now of course people cook and artificial honey of lime, dandelion, elderberry.But with natural honey nothing can match, no boiled honey, although it is also delicious.Once, my grandmother had a cold winter, a friend brought her a jar of honey from a dandelion, I still remember the taste, of course a delicious honey from dandelions.But we have not cooked, they'll generally grow near roads which there is good, no.It is necessary somewhere to look for dandelions on clearings in the forest.

We here recently buy honey from a beekeeper friend, delicious, natural honey.And health is very useful in various diseases and very good help, especially colds, good immune system recovers.And thanks to its high sweetness of honey should be much less than sugar.But just remember, in no case do not add honey in hot milk or tea, since at temperatures above 50 degrees medical forms carcinogen.

dried fruit can be replaced with sugar.

I often buy dried apricots, dates, prunes, raisins, dates.Still very much like figs.But choosing dried fruits it is necessary to pay attention to their appearance, dried fruit must be free of fifths, natural color, not shiny.Plus, everything else, they should eat no more than 100 grams per day.Dried fruits are rich in nutrients and blunt the feeling of hunger.Dried fruits contain fiber, and fiber is known to normalize the work of our digestive tract.I sometimes drink tea with figs, simply because of all the dried fruits are most love figs.

Stevia is a natural sweetener.

herb stevia is natural and natural sugar substitute.Four leaf of this herb can we replace the 100 grams of sugar, and calories just 3.80 kcal.Plus herb stevia leaves every 20 sweeter than sugar.We stevia can be easily purchased at a pharmacy.In addition, stevia is not only sweet grass, but also some useful, with regular consumption strengthens blood vessels, the blood glucose level decreases, slows the aging process, protects teeth from decay, and it's also not the whole list.

Coconut sugar.

very personally, I did not buy it.But I want to try to buy.Especially because it has so many advantages over conventional sugar.It is 100% is natural, and also does not contain any additives and flavorings.Coconut sugar contains sulfur, potassium, magnesium, fluorine, nitrogen, phosphorus.This sugar is perfect for people on a diet, obesity, diabetes.

maple syrup.

I've often pay attention to it.He's in the shops are sold in a special department for diabetics.Moreover, it contains no additives and flavorings to 100% is natural.It is prepared by boiling maple sap from sugar maple.Wherein the maple syrup to all useful substances: zinc, manganese, potassium fluoride, calcium.

Fructose - natural fruit sugar.

Fructose is used as a sugar substitute in diabetes, as well as people who want to get rid of the extra kilos.Fructose is useful for children, as it reduces the risk of caries.But when buying fructose'll be sure to read the composition of fructose, as unscrupulous manufacturers can add fructose sweetener aspartame.Fructose is much sweeter than glucose.1 teaspoon of fructose can replace 3 spoons of glucose.

Artificial Sweetener.

There are of course, and artificial sweeteners.Such as cyclamate, saccharin, aspartame, but all of them are synthetic.They are not desirable to use during pregnancy.I once bought myself saccharin.Saccharin in the form of small round tablets, such as the burden-pas, add three tablets a cup of tea.Certainly this is not sugar, and taste of tea with this saccharine I did not like, so I refused to artificial sweeteners.Still, as in any way a natural product has a natural.

I'm certainly not in any way encourage you to give up sugar, it is a private matter of each person.The information in my article more for those people who by their state of health must abandon the sweet and looking for information than can be replaced with sugar.I hope the information collected in my article will be useful for you.