Hello dear readers.Outside, the spring and we are increasingly eyeing to your body.Here I start to run.True willpower I'm no different.But in matters of diet to everything must be approached comprehensively.It is clear that the rolls, and sport is not compatible.And that can be done to remove cellulite anti-cellulite massage.In our salon, such a procedure is not cheap.And then I remembered that three years ago made himself honey massage at home.I want to share my experience.The truth needs to be done at least 10 procedures, so that was the result.Not a bad alternative to salon procedures.In order to lose weight without sports, limit yourself to not do the diet.

I recently mused on the subject.Home or overeat or eat flour products, pay more attention to fruits and vegetables.Now a lot of foods with dyes, artificial ingredients, these products generally should be excluded from the diet.Sedentary lifestyle, "sedentary work", all contribute to the appearance of cellulite.It is clear that making a couple

of times a massage, while not limiting themselves to the food, it will not give the desired result.To all must be approached comprehensively.It is very important for weight loss.Without the power of the will in this matter anywhere.

Honey massage at home cellulite can do yourself without assistance.All you need to do natural honey, time and desire.

Honey massage at home cellulite

Honey massage primarily helps in the fight against cellulite, get rid of the extra kilos this procedure is not under force.To improve the appearance of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks to do 10 or even 15 procedures.

  • Honey massage helps clear the pores of the skin.
  • Honey brings out toxins and subcutaneous "dirt".
  • mechanical stimulation activates blood circulation, improves cell nutrition.
  • improves blood flow and metabolism are adjusted, the volume decreases.

theme of how to get rid of cellulite forever.That's something we are not as active in the winter, even on its own notice.But with the advent of spring, when already we remove coats, jackets, pay attention to the problem areas.

wonderful when doing massage therapist in the salon, but honey massage can be done easily at home.The procedure is very simple.We need to stick his hands smeared with honey to the skin.Moreover, the essence of the procedure is that the hands should tear off sharply from the skin.The emphasis is on problem areas.

It should be noted that the regular use of cellulite honey massage, the skin becomes taut, "orange peel" is less visible.All due to lymphatic drainage (it's effect on the tissue, which in turn contributes to the release of excess fluid. Is set in motion stagnant lymph, thus acting on the vessels and nodes. It improves the elimination of toxins and impurities).

massage treatments How to do?We need to do 10-15 procedures.Honey massage should be done in a day.

Honey for honey massage

Honey for honey massage it is important to take a natural, man-made does not work.It is better to buy a jar of honey from a beekeeper friend, so you will be confident in the quality of the product.Quality of honey does not matter.I love honey from herbs, acacia, sunflower.What honey is, and this can be used.Med must be liquid.

If honey sugar, melt it in a water bath.You can mix the honey with olive oil, so that it became a liquid, but it is best to thaw.

How to make honey massage

Before you make a honey massage to take a warm shower and a good sponge with soap and massage the skin.Pay special attention to thighs, abdomen, sides of the field.After a warm shower obleytes cool water.That is, you need to take a contrast shower.This procedure increases the metabolism in the tissues, tones the skin.

After showering skin of the body and hands should be dry.Then you can start the procedure itself.On the palm we put a little honey (teaspoon).Begin to stick and take your hands off the problem areas.Start with easy movements.Each time the hand stick to the body stronger and stronger.

makes the procedure as long as the honey does not turn into a white thread.Usually honey acquires a grayish color, thus pulling the toxins out of the pores.After processing one area of ​​the skin, hands rinsed, wipe.Again, type in the hands of medical and proceed on to the massage.Repeatedly, the honey you used for the massage, do not apply.As used toxic honey.

well do this massage pat.Belly massage gently.massage procedure should not last more than 5 minutes.

After the procedure, wash off the honey in the shower, use soap and a washcloth.You can put on your skin cellulite cream to enhance the effect, or the usual nourishing cream.The procedure is time-consuming.I want to warn that honey massage is very painful procedure.The skin becomes red after the massage.

I'm at home, I have made a 5 procedures.If there is an opportunity to better appeal to the masseur.I then did another 10 treatments conventional anti-cellulite massage.At this time, I stick to a diet and lost weight 6 kg.It is important after all this, to observe the regime of the day, follow the diet and not overeat to kilograms did not come back again.

mixture of honey massage:

specifically looking for information about honey massage, as currently still going to make honey massage at home.It interested me the recipe with essential oils, which I love very much.Recipe from cosmetologist Olga Seymour.

  • 3 complete article.spoon of liquid honey
  • 1 tbsp.teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 5- 7 drops of rosemary oil
  • 5- 7 drops of juniper oil
  • 5- 7 drops cypress oil
  • 5- 7 orange oil droplets
  • 5-7 drops of grapefruit oil
  • 5-7 dropsmandarin oil

to honey add fine sea salt, essential oils.And store the mixture was stirred with a glass jar at room temperature.Apply massage.Before applying the mixture you need to apply a little on your wrist, you check whether there is an allergy.Maybe a slight tingling sensation and tingling.For more information on the fight against cellulite Olya Saymur says in the video clip at the end.Also, there is a detailed recipe for a mixture of honey and essential oils of cellulite.

Citrus oils are very good help in the fight against cellulite.This whole group of citrus fruits: essential oils of mandarin, orange, grapefruit, lemon.Even adding a mixture of citrus oils only have the result.About grapefruit oil can be found on the blog "The essential oil of grapefruit", as well as more information about the orange oil in the article "The essential oil of orange."You can select the oil that you like best.

Honey massage contraindications

Honey is known to be an allergen.Therefore, make sure that you are not allergic to honey before using it for the massage.

addition, honey massage is contraindicated in body temperature increased.But I think that at an elevated temperature, you will not be before the massage.

If those places where there is cellulite, weak blood vessels or spider veins, massage is contraindicated.Because it gives a strong strain on the blood vessels.

Honey massage is contraindicated in pregnancy.

In diseases of the cardiovascular system, with serious gynecological diseases, differential pressure, you should consult with your doctor before using honey massage.