Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about wheat germ oil.I bought it myself recently in a drugstore, was going to be used for the body, as read on the reviews that this oil makes the skin very smooth and soft.But apart from that wheat germ oil is used for face, hair, hands.Having tested the oil on your hands, I realized that the oil is suitable wonderful for the body, especially in the cold season.The skin is very dry, and even tap water dries the skin.Wheat germ oil simply universal.On the properties and application of this oil, and today I want to talk.

Although wheat germ oil is considered heavy and diluted before use with a lighter, such as almond oil, peach kernel.However, this oil can be used in quite pure form.Of course it is not as quickly absorbed into the skin as jojoba oil, which I use for the hair.For more information about Jojoba oil can be found in the article "Jojoba oil for the face and hair."Nevertheless, oil is a very pleasant, well-distributed over the skin and the skin instan

tly becomes very smooth and soft.

Wheat germ oil.Properties.

Wheat germ oil obtained metol cold pressing of wheat germ.Apply oil for health and beauty.

  • oil is valued for the presence in it of vitamin E, which is the maximum amount of oil.Vitamin E is known to be an antioxidant.Vitamin E has wound-healing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Wheat germ oil perfectly softens the skin, which I really liked, the skin after application of the oil is smooth, sweet and mild.
  • In addition, wheat germ oil promotes healing of wounds, cracks, abrasions, burns on the skin.
  • oil used in facial wrinkles.
  • Also, wheat germ oil smoothes the skin.
  • oil slows down the aging process of skin cells, promotes good blood circulation in the tissues of the oil.

Wheat germ oil is used in hair care in a mixture of castor, burdock and other oils.

When buying oil, pay attention to oil production date.The most common oils are sold in bottles of dark glass, it is believed that this is the right package for oil.Keep the oil, after you opened it in the refrigerator, and tightly closed.

Wheat germ oil.Contraindications.

  • Contraindicated in allergy to oil or individual intolerance of the oil that is extremely rare.
  • When receiving this oil inside is not recommended to use it with urolithiasis and cholelithiasis.

I also read that wheat germ oil can cause the formation of comedones.Before using the oil it is necessary to test the wrist on the individual intolerance.

On the application, I will not say anything of wheat germ oil inside, because inside I did not apply.

Wheat germ oil.The use of facial skin.

Oil ideal in skincare, thanks to laudatory reviews in the internet I had and bought it.Indeed, it softens the skin on the top five.I will use it during the cold season.

  • Apply to the skin around the eyes oil, as the oil helps to smooth wrinkles.
  • Apply facial oil at the first signs of skin aging, with aging and sagging skin.
  • Apply wheat germ oil to combat cellulite.
  • Apply with irritated skin, if the skin is prone to acne and pimples.
  • Apply oil to deal with freckles and pigment spots.
  • Apply wheat germ oil in masks, it is added to the cream, make application to the problem areas.
  • Apply oil for dry skin of the lips, with the dry skin of the hands and face, as a great emollient.

Thus, wheat germ oil is ideal for skin care, including for problem skin.Even after a week of use of its visible results: reduced inflammation, wrinkles become less noticeable, improve the complexion.Reviews of this oil very positive.

Wheat germ oil for irritated skin with acne. Wheat germ oil combined with essential oils copes with these skin problems.For this purpose, tablespoon oil Wheat germ is enough to add one drop of lavender or cedar.Oil type in the palm of your hand and warm rubbing it in your hands.Apply to cleansed face, leave on for 15-20 minutes, and the excess can always be removed with a napkin.

Wheat germ oil with wrinkles under the eyes. To reduce wrinkles enough to mix tablespoon oil with a drop of essential oil of rose, neroli, jasmine.Apply oil under your eyes lightly.

Wheat germ oil with pigment spots. To whiten the skin enough to mix a spoon of oil with a drop of lemon oil.Apply the oil on your face.This procedure in the morning and evening can be carried out.

Wheat germ oil for cellulite. With problem areas on the body, you can make yourself a massage oil on a spoon by adding a drop of any citrus oil, these include: lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin.Choose the one you like best.Make body massage using a blend of oils.

just the perfect oil for face, body and hands.It can be used alone without mixing with oils.For a given medical use oils include oils such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.

unique in its properties and composition of wheat germ oil gives the skin radiance, smooth and beautiful color, beauty, softness and tenderness.For skin care, this oil is ideal.

Wheat Germ Oil for stretch marks. Due to the content of vitamins in the oil, it helps to restore the skin's elasticity.Rub the oil into problem areas daily for 10 minutes.Before use, you need to warm up the oil in your hands and apply to the skin.

Wheat germ oil.Application to the hair.

Hair oil is also used, but in a mixture with other oils.I did not apply for the hair, this oil, I use coconut oil and jojoba oil, it is now very popular with these oils.I love aromaraschesyvanie with essential oil of lavender.On the lavender essential oil can be found in the article "The essential oil of lavender, the use of properties."

  • Wheat germ oil strengthens the hair, restoring shine and thickness.
  • helps in the fight against dandruff and seborrhea.
  • Wheat germ oil makes hair soft.

split ends When oil is applied to the ends of her hair for an hour before shampooing.This can be mixed with oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil in a ratio of 1: 1.

For healthy hair and a roll is useful to apply wheat germ oil in its pure form for half an hour before washing your hair.Hair wash shampoo, it is best to do the course of such procedures, 1 time per week.

can add essential oils in a mask.If your hair works great rosemary oil to a tablespoon of wheat germ oil one drop of rosemary oil.Also suitable essential oil of eucalyptus, cedar and thyme.The oil was applied to the hair for half an hour before shampooing.

Masks based on wheat germ oil strengthens the hair, give them a shine and softness.Oil strengthens the nail plate, helping to heal the cracks on the lips eliminates peeling of hands.Also, wheat germ oil can lubricate the knees and elbows.

Here it is universal, wheat germ oil.I hope it like to you.