Hello dear readers.Today has received Hydrolat rose that really wanted to buy for a long time.My choice fell on Hydrolat from Primavera life.I read a lot of reviews about other Hydrolat, as a result, the best in comparison with others, became Hydrolat rose from Primavera life.But Hydrolat is certainly not cheap.For 100 ml.Hydrolat I paid 15 euros, he took another and cocoa butter, which I love very much.Last time at the pharmacy cocoa butter just terrible quality.

decided to try and test the product Primavera life, still plan to make reservations, but not all at once of course.And now with this situation, "prices are going up," so that the products will gradually try.Earlier, I ordered two essential oils from Primavera life.It was lavender oil and tea tree oil.high quality oils, and I do not apply just for fun, but as a "medicine".In general, essential oils do not need to buy everything, buy only the ones that will help you solve a problem.

Products Primavera life has the strictest certificates,

products are not tested on animals, packing only of dark glass.Rose water is marked as "bio".The bottle has a pump spray which gives wide spraying Hydrolat.Smell Hydrolat "divine" Hydrolat with a delicate scent of roses.

Primavera Rose water is life- Hydrolat flowers damask rose, grown in ecologically clean regions of Turkey.

has long been a means used in the care of facial skin as pink water improves blood circulation in the blood vessels, stimulates cell regeneration and calming effect on inflamed sebaceous glands, for dermatitis and eczema.On hot summer days, rose water also has a cooling effect on the skin of the face and body.

Suitable for all skin types: removes excess fat and slightly oily skin tightens pores, soothes sensitive skin, normal skin cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes dry skin mature.

volume of 100 ml.Made in Germany.

Hydrolat roses or rose water is a byproduct in the production of essential oil of rose, but retains all the properties of the roses, and therefore is widely used in cosmetology.

Furthermore, rose water has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, it helps to restore strength, calms and helps relieve stress and fatigue, improves emotional background.

And thanks to its anti-inflammatory, soothing, cooling properties, Hydrolat roses are used in skin care, as well as in the care of the skin around the eyes.

To your eyes were clear and rested forever attach pads soaked in rose water for a few minutes.

Pure Hydrolat rose is used as a tonic.And in combination with various essential oils of rose water is used for domestic cooking creams.

Hydrolat rose is perfect for sensitive and dry skin.But if you add a little rosewater alcohol, then get a "strong cosmetic product" that can be used for oily skin.

addition, Hydrolat rose light antiseptic, restores moisture balance in the skin, Hydrolat roses can be used for the skin after sunbathing.

Hydrolat rose for the care of aging skin, as well struggling with age-related wrinkles.

Also, Hydrolat rose is perfect for baby's skin, relieves irritation, stress and improves sleep toddler.

With regard to use Hydrolat roses instead of spirits, it is not.Since reading about it on many blogs.But to be honest, that Hydrolat rose although it smells very nice, but does not provide a stable flavor and the smell is very very fast "disappears."

person after applying Hydrolat rose to become a fresh, smooth, very pleasant to the touch, with improved and complexion.And Hydrolat perfectly refreshes and tones the skin, reduces inflammation.

When headache is recommended to moisten the cloth in Hydrolat rose and put his forehead for half an hour, at this time it is better to lie down, the pain should subside.

Also, regarding the preparation of floral water at home a lot on this subject on the internet material and video clips, but I myself have not tried to prepare rose water at home.

Hydrolat Rose I really liked.When choosing a course should take into account many things, but in the pharmacy we sell Hydrolat floral waters, but cost mere pennies, I did not even spend money and try them.But Hydrolat rose from Primavera life recommend.