Hello dear readers.Today I want to share with you information about the grass willow tea.Recently I spoke with phytotherapeutist, so I have something to share with you.I have dry grass with flowers.It is important to know all the details for brewing herbs, harvesting, collecting, as well as medicinal properties and contraindications willow tea.grass name Ivan tea - a popular name.The scientific name of this plant - fireweed.But according to legend, he lived in St. Pete guy Ivan, who loved to walk in a bright red shirt.He was seen mostly near the woods, on the field, in the woods, among the herbs and plants.People said "tea Ivan went" or "tea Ivan goes", and so on. D. But at some point, Ivan had disappeared.And in the woods appeared bright and beautiful flowers.People take them for Ivan, saying that it was "tea Ivan goes."Here is an interesting legend, here from where, according to legend, gave its name to the plant.

Probably the most common legend, which have all long been known.Ivan tea - a plant t

hat is not deserved forgotten.But this is not just a beautiful herb, but also a medicinal plant that helps with various ailments.

Ivan tea.Ingredients:

  • Slime
  • Pectin
  • Tannins
  • Organic acids
  • Carotenoids
  • Vitamins group B
  • Sodium, potassium, copper, nickel, iron, manganese
  • Coumarins
  • Flavonoids

Ivantea can be known by another name - fireweed narrow-leaved.This high plant with narrow leaves and bright lilac buds.Fireweed growing on the edges of woods, in the field of fire and ashes.Because of this, the plant is also called "fire" or "fire" grass.

willow herb tea (Epilobium).Medicinal properties

drink made from willow tea can be consumed as a warm or cold.Perfectly quenches thirst in the heat, and helps to keep warm in the cold.But apart from that has a tonic effect, it gives strength and vigor.

Ivan tea raids medicinal properties that help to cope with various ailments.From grass infusion or decoction prepared.

Properties willow tea:

  1. has anti-inflammatory properties.It improves digestion, regulates the function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Inherent binder and the coating property.
  3. flavonoids and pectins, are part of the tea willow help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.
  4. has analgesic effect.
  5. Through forming part of the plant flavonoids and organic acids fireweed has choleretic effect.
  6. willow tea has antipyretic properties.It is useful to use it at a high temperature.
  7. Improves processes blood, cleanses the blood.
  8. Increases potency, so we can say that tea is good for men with confidence.
  9. Possesses hemostatic properties.
  10. Tea removes food poisoning.
  11. Useful drink with nervous excitement, as a sedative.Also tea results in pressure to normal.

drink tea made from willow contains essential oils, so the infusion can be stored for 2-3 days.In spite of this, it is better to prepare a fresh infusion every day.

Application willow tea

It is used in diseases of the stomach and intestines.Apply in complex treatment of gastritis, duodenal ulcer, is used in colitis, enterocolitis.

Take with reduced hemoglobin in the blood, as in the complex treatment.

Reception willow tea is recommended in case of violation of the nervous system, stress, mental fatigue, depression, insomnia.

tea made from the leaves of fireweed is used in dentistry in inflammation and bleeding gums, stomatitis, gingivitis.Due to the presence of tannins and anti-inflammatory properties, the drink helps to get rid of these ailments.

drink helps to strengthen the body, we recommend taking it with reduced immunity, when vitamin deficiency.Application tea

shown at high pressure.

Apply willow tea for sore throat, sore throat, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, infusion can rinse a sore throat.

As correctly brew willow tea?

Just want to note that in all you need to comply with the measure.Many - does not mean good.There are several ways to brew herbs.I dried grass.Grass with flowers, but the flowers are collected during budding.

How to brew tea, Ivan told me herbalist friend.

first method of brewing

on half a liter of boiling water you need to add one tablespoon of herbs.Leave a drink insist 2 hours.Then strain and take half a cup a day.Taken three times a day.

second way

Pour a spoonful of herb one cup of boiling water, infuse for about an hour.Drink infusion to spoons, 2-3 tablespoons three times a day.

for brewing tea need to use pure spring water.The drink is very pleasant to the taste.If the brew willow correctly, that is, half a liter of water a spoon of grass, the taste of the drink a pleasant, it can be drunk without sugar and honey.

If you increase the dosage of dry grass and reduce the amount of water, the drink turns bitter in taste.

Due to the drink does not deteriorate at room temperature and can be stored for several days in a herb oils.But it is better every day to prepare a new portion of the infusion.


contraindicated plant allergies and you are hypersensitive.Do not take a drink for more than two weeks of treatment.

Recorded drink that is harmful during pregnancy does not.Therefore, if you choose to drink an infusion of willow tea during pregnancy, consult your doctor.

collection and drying willow tea

harvesting willow tea time from July to September.Collect leaves and blooming flowers.The leaves are harvested while the willow tea blooms once pushitsya begins, the leaves are not collected.Collect the leaves are best in dry weather, preferably in the morning.

Collect leaves occurs as follows: stem clamped in his hands and running his hand up and down.Pay particular attention to the plant, it is not necessary to collect the leaves from diseased plants.Pluck the leaves from each plant should be gradually, so as not to harm the plant.

Dry leaves can be in a well-ventilated warm place.It is better to do it under cover.

also possible to grind the leaves between your hands until they darken and does not stand out juice.Twisted leaves piled in the tray are covered with a wet cloth and put in a warm place for 12 hours maturation, the temperature 28 degrees.Herbal scent changes to flower.This is called fermentation of the leaves.Fermented leaves

scissor and dried in a pan at a temperature of 50 degrees.Raw materials must be periodically stirred.Leaves at pressing need to break, and not to disintegrate into dust.


Store dried herbs is better in paper bags, cardboard boxes or glass containers.

Ivan tea can be harvested by, and you can buy grass from herbalists.Sometimes it is not possible to prepare the grass alone.

If you have anything to add about the willow tea, share information, below, in the comments.I will be very grateful.