Hello dear friends.Soon the warm summer, which we are pleased with the warm, plenty of berries, fruits and medicinal flowers.One of these flowers are - linden flowers.Lipa in our family has always been at a premium.Several linden trees growing on our street and one tree in our garden.When the linden blossoms is an incredible tenderness, beauty and fragrance.Bees and other insects buzz from early morning to evening collecting sweet nectar from the flowers, so on our table turned out to be delicious "white honey."It is a beautiful linden honey plant.Lipu is sometimes called the "queen" among the honey plants.Every year we collected fragrant linden blossom.Dried linden, and in the cold winter drinking a delicious lime tea with honey.

Due to the composition of linden blossom, linden inherent beneficial and therapeutic properties.And there are practically no contraindications.Linden flowers contain essential oil, tannins, carotene, vitamin C, saponins, glycosides, tiliatsin.

Linden flowers are used in f

olk medicine in the form of decoction, tincture and tea.These flowers are part of many drug charges.

When collect linden blossom?Collecting and harvesting

Flowering linden tree in the middle of summer, in each region differently, somewhere a little later, but somewhere a little earlier.Typically, linden blossoms in July.In Ukraine, this month called "Lipno", precisely because it was associated with the flowering limes.

best period of collection of flowers is a time when half of the flowers blossomed, and the rest is still in the stage of budding.Linden flowers are usually disrupted.Rip them in dry weather.Take only need good color, without damage, brown and dark leaves.In the summer flowers are dry fairly quickly.I usually lay them thinly in the shade on the air.Sushil under a canopy, as it is well-ventilated place.It can be dried in a dryer at a temperature of 40-50 degrees.

Here is the linden tree near our parents in the garden.During flowering is an incredible aroma and beauty.It is not clear to get the color, but I put emphasis on the huge tree that all the colors.

in well ventilated areas and in the shade of linden flowers can dry in 2-3 days.Next, we collect dried flowers and add up in cotton bags.It can be stored in paper bags or carton.Store raw materials in a dark, well-ventilated room.Shelf life 1 year.The next year should be to harvest the fresh feed.

Lipa.Linden flowers.Benefit.Useful properties

  • Enjoy linden flowers antipyretic and diaphoretic properties, allowing them to use at high temperatures, for colds.
  • Lipa strengthens the immune system, has tonic properties.
  • Infusion of linden have a diuretic effect, which allows its use in diseases of the bladder, kidney, edema of various origins.
  • Preparations of lime have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • linden tea is useful to take for diabetes as linden helps to lower blood sugar.
  • Lipa can be used for colds, sore throat, viral diseases, cough, bronchitis, as the preparations of lime has expectorant properties.
  • Apply lime in diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Due to the presence of the essential oil in the lime blossom, and he has such a rich aroma.
  • Useful properties of linden caused a slight sedative effect, which is great for nervous tension, fatigue, headaches.
  • linden inflorescence is used for skin diseases, itching, rash, irritation, redness.linden drugs reduce inflammation, soothe the skin.
  • Linden tea improves digestion, has a positive effect on the digestive tract.
  • baths and poultices with lime color soothe aching joints.
  • Linden tea reduces blood viscosity.
  • Also, lime has a slight choleretic effect, which is very important for liver and gallbladder.
  • Linden decoction helps to remove waste products and toxins from the body, has a positive effect on intestinal function, helps with cramps and colic in the gut.
  • Lime color has a huge benefit in bladder diseases, as it has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Apply lime in cosmetology and facial hair.Lipa is known for its rejuvenating properties.

very useful to use lime tea for women and at any age.It soothes, eliminates headaches, normalizes sleep, restores women's health and eliminates the menstrual cycle.How to brew lime tea?

Lime Blossom.Infusion.Broth.Tea

Prepare the lime tea is very simple.It is delicious, fragrant, golden and very pleasant.It can be brew and drink with your family with natural honey, can be fake.

Warm atmosphere, harmony, comfort, warmth, happiness, comfort, peace, here are my association with lime tea.Linden tea - warm, fragrant, pleasant drink.It has long been thought that the lime tea - a powerful remedy for cold and heat.

Linden tea .

easiest recipe for lime tea - is to fill a tablespoon linden flowers cup of boiling water.Insist in a sealed container for about 20-30 minutes, strain and drink tea as a regular.The taste can be added to a drink honey, but the best bit of sugar with honey.

With the purpose of treatment lime tea is useful for colds, the flu, coughing, headaches.With a cold and high temperature, it is very useful to tea with raspberries, cranberries, cranberry.For more information on raspberries, see the article "Malina.Beneficial features".You will learn how to use raspberries for colds and how to prepare an infusion of berries and raspberry leaves.

decoction of lime color.

To prepare the broth should be two tablespoons of lime-colored pour half a liter of water and put on fire.Since the boil, boil the broth for about 5 minutes.Then insist approximately 20-25 minutes.Strain the resulting broth and bring to the initial volume of boiled water, if necessary.

Linden decoction is used both internally and externally.Used in folk medicine and cosmetology.This is an excellent remedy for inflammation of the mouth, as well as any kind of cold-related diseases.

In diseases of the oral cavity, namely, inflammation of the gums, it is recommended to add the broth of lime soda teaspoon per cup of broth.Such a solution, rinse the mouth.

Infusion of linden flowers.

Infusion cook is also extremely simple.To prepare a handful of lime-colored pour liter of boiled water.You can do it in a thermos.It also added to the lime tree and other herbs, thereby obtained a collection of herbs.Insist about an hour in a sealed container, filter and used to treat various ailments.

Linden tea is best taken with white honey, so to speak, in the complex treatment.In the combined therapy is an effective cure for seasonal colds.

Lime Blossom for colds.

In fact, linden blossom is used not only for colds and viral diseases, but also at a high temperature, coughing.In the combined treatment, bronchitis, with nasal congestion.It is possible to make lime, prepare the infusion or decoction and drunk as a tea throughout the day.

At high temperature is useful to drink a lot, you can drink a cup of tea every hour.Since linden have diaphoretic properties, this drink helps to reduce the temperature, respiratory relief, reduction of sore throat.When a sore throat gargle recommend lime infusion, but I know better folk medicine, and proven to myself that after 1-2 days will relieve a sore throat.It gargling.How to prepare the gargling, you can see here.

When receiving lime flavored tea and extremely useful, do not forget to use it in the form of heat, but not cold.Also perfect combination of lime drink with honey instead of sugar, if you are not allergic to bee products.

Lipa headaches, stress and insomnia.

important factor is the inherent linden sedative and calming properties, which allows its use for insomnia, under stress, as a soothing tea.You can prepare herbal teas, combining linden flowers with mint, lemon balm, motherwort, and other herbs.

A headache is very useful to apply to temples and forehead crushed, fresh linden flowers.Also the color of lime, can be applied to the forehead, young fresh leaves of linden.


Lipa, medicinal plant, has many useful properties.Harm linden tree yields only the abuse, as well as not respecting the dosage.

If you are allergic to flowers of linden or idiosyncrasy, if you linden contraindicated.

Not recommended every day to drink linden tea.Do not replace the usual tea lime.This drug, not tea.Take as needed, and then the effect will be of the drink.

Linden tea or infusion is better to drink courses and take a break.Since for everyday use can be an additional burden on the heart.

Application of lime blossom and facial hair

Apply lime color not only in medicine but also in Cosmetology.Lipu used for masks, compresses, which are perfectly moisturize, nourish and tone the wonderful skin.Infusion of lime used in the swelling of the eyelids, inflammation of the eye.

When swelling of eyelids and eye fatigue, linden spoon pour a glass of boiled water, 20 minutes, filter.The resulting infusion moistened cotton pads and 5 minutes applied to the eyelids.

Baths for hands of lime infusion soften the skin, reduce inflammation and redness.

Linden infusion or decoction is used for washing, during stimulation, a rash on the face.Suitable infusion of lime to dry and even sensitive skin.Lime infusion can wipe the face or put gauze soaked in the infusion of linden on the face for about 10 minutes.

In addition, to maintain youth and beauty of the skin, a decoction of lime color is very helpful to wash before going to bed.But first you need to dilute the broth of boiled water.With regular use of lime broth, the skin will get a fresh and youthful appearance.

Linden infusion has a positive effect on hair.If you rinse your hair after shampooing infusion lime, they become Bole elastic, shiny, eliminates itchy scalp irritation.After rinsing the hair, lime infusion not wash hair.Suitable such infusion for rinsing greasy hair as lime infusion normalizes the sebaceous glands.To prepare a handful of linden flowers pour a liter of boiled water, and filter.

I wish you a warm summer, sunny, bright positive of days, good mood, always stay in the health, stay young, beautiful and attractive.