Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about this wonderful plant like basil.My parents last few years planted basil, used as a spice, dried for the winter.Mom thrilled with the spices, but before she was to display only the fennel.Basil is a herb and spice and gorgeous, which is used in cooking.Very aromatic herbs, plus and beautiful.There are green and purple basil.The essential difference between them.But a softer green, purple and has a rich aroma, bright color, which in turn allows it to be used to decorate dishes.I prefer to use purple basil, I like it more.

Basil is not only tasty and flavorful spice, but also a plant with healing properties.It is used in folk medicine, and of course, cooking.Add the basil in meat, fish dishes, salads and a variety of sauces.Drink it can be fresh.Apply both fresh and dried basil.Summer - a wonderful time, in order to enjoy the fresh herbs, berries and fruits.And of course the "busy season" to make preparations for the winter.

Taste fresh basil, spicy with a

touch of bitterness, something reminiscent of allspice.

Basil.Treatment.Useful properties

Basil - a natural antibiotic, a cold will reduce the temperature when you cough facilitate breathing.Tea made from basil is effective in lowering cholesterol, is used to strengthen the blood vessels.

  • basil contains vitamin A, C, B2, PP, volatile, sugar, glycosides, essential oils, tannins.A strong smell of basil due to the presence in the leaves and the ground part of the plant essential oils.
  • Due to the high content of vitamin C strengthens the immune system basil.
  • Basil improves the appetite and improves digestion.
  • Due to the presence of essential oils in plants, which contains up to 1.5%, basil has bactericidal properties.
  • Since basil has a diaphoretic and antipyretic properties it is used for colds, to reduce fever and to treat coughs.
  • Through astringent and antibacterial properties, basil is used in the treatment of oral cavity: the smell from the mouth, to strengthen the gums, with swelling of the gums.
  • Opening of scientists says that the essential oils in basil are valuable antioxidants.Eating basil reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  • Basil used to bring back to normal functioning of the nervous system, normalization of sleep.
  • Apply basil to combat flatulence and for the treatment of certain gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Basil helps rid the body of toxins, toxins and free radicals.
  • basil Very positive effect on the female body, reduces pain during menstruation, as well as a sedative effect.

Infusion of basil leaves relieves itching after insect bite.And if you put a couple of sprigs of basil in the room, you will forget about gnats and mosquitoes.The strong aroma of basil repels mosquitoes and midges.

Calorie basil. Calorie fresh basil is 23 kcal.At that time, as the calorie dry basil - 230 kcal.

How to dry basil? Dry basil retain all the beneficial properties of the plant, so it is useful in dry and fresh.Of course, I'm for it to dry the basil itself.In addition, it is easy to prepare.To this end, fresh leaves are spread in a thin layer and dried in the shade, in a well-ventilated area or under a canopy.You can dry the basil bunches, and then grind.Store in a dry place, preferably in a glass jar, but it is possible and in a cotton pouch.

Use basil can be not only as a seasoning for dishes, but also as a tea.Pour boiling water over a handful of herbs, insist.To taste add lemon and honey.

also believed that basil helps to improve memory and brain function.And basil has a powerful tonic properties.

Dry basil brewed and make compresses, lotions.It is used in the treatment of aromatic baths.The juice of basil has a positive effect on the skin, in particular, it helps with fungal skin lesions.

tea with basil.Benefit.Recipe

surprised.Is not it?Tea with this plant tender, tasty, cooked very simply.First, he has a dark blue color, but with the addition of lemon turns into a pale pink drink.

Tea basil unique beverage that "come" to us from the east.Avicenna believed that basil has a positive effect on a person as well as a positive effect on the energy sector.

The whole point is, if you are in an excited state - drinking tea, you will feel peace.And with lethargy and sleepiness feel a burst of energy.Oriental sages believed basil unique plant that is able to cope with any disease.Assuming a drink - a real elixir of youth.

Modern medicine does not claim that basil is a unique plant, but does not negate its beneficial properties for the body.

basil tea benefit is that it strengthens the nervous system, stabilizes the mental state and helps get rid of depression.Tea on the body has a calming effect, harmonizes and leads to normal digestive tract.

tea improves the liver and gall bladder.And also it helps in the fight against insomnia.

Eating basil tea at least once a week, strengthens the immune system, increases the overall tone of all colds are in the past.

most interesting thing is that this drink has a very nice pink color, but with the addition of certain components, ie lemon, rather lemon juice.

per liter of water you need to take a bundle of basil.Boil on low heat for about 7 minutes, insist 20 minutes.Then add honey to taste and lemon juice, can be orange.But not in packs, and fresh.And of course the tea filter.

In cold days this drink is very warm, but the summer is better to drink tea with basil cold.Interesting drink.About him and about the healing properties I learned when held muse course.The recipe with step by step photo cooking can be found in the article "The beverage basil".

How to choose and store basil? If you are growing basil, then that's great.If you buy in the market, choose fresh herbs without damage and dark spots.Do not take the slack basil.Keep basil can be in a glass of water in the fridge, just put on top of cellophane kulechek.If you change the water every day, basil is stored as a week.


Although, on so many healing properties of basil, this plant has contraindications that you should know.

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers from the use of the basilica should be abandoned.
  • Basil caution should be taken for people suffering from heart disease, and myocardial infarction, stroke - should be abandoned.
  • wary basil consumed in hypotension and vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • In diabetes.
  • When abnormalities in blood clotting.

It should also be noted that the structure of the plant includes a small amount of mercury, it says that you should not use this herb in large amounts.If you decide to use basil for medicinal purposes, be sure to consult your doctor.

The use of basil in cooking. Fresh basil leaves are added to vegetable salads, meat and fish dishes, in soups.Basil gives dishes a unique taste and wonderful fragrance.In the food industry it is used in the production of sausages and canned goods.It is used in ketchup, sauces, marinades.Use can be fresh, and can be dried.

How to keep the basilicas? There are several ways of harvesting basil.The first method is to dry, the second - to freeze.It is believed that in the dried form retains all the beneficial properties of plants.I use mostly dry basil.But remember that basil can not be dried in the sun, it will lose its flavor and taste, only dried in the shade.If you can freeze my freezer is not big, so I do not freeze, it can be frozen.Basil leaves are washed and crushed, put in trays with a lid or bags with zip zip, and sent to the freezer.

Species basil.There are lemon, green and purple basil.

Purple basil considered the most beautiful and fragrant.Thanks to the large number of essential oils it has a rich flavor and spicy aroma.It is used in fresh form to give some spice to dishes.Due to its beauty, this type of basil even planted in ornamental beds.

Green basil often used at home mistress of Central Asia and the Caucasus.It is also called fragrant.It is used as a seasoning and, and as a snack.Apply in a dry and fresh.And also used the seeds to flavor meat dishes and salads.

Lemon basil differs from the previous plant its lemon scent, which allows its use in the preparation of drinks and cheese in preservation.The plant contains a lot of vitamins.It is used both fresh and dried.

addition basil I love dill and parsley.Parsley no less flavorful and healthy spice.If you want to know more about the parsley, I recommend you read the article "Parsley.Beneficial features".Bright

you and a warm summer, positive emotions and impressions.Health to you and your loved ones.