Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the healing properties of Kalanchoe plants.Kalanchoe is not only a beautiful flower, but also a medicinal plant, which is used in folk medicine against various ailments.I remember as a child my mother's nose dripped me kalanchoe juice with a cold, there were not such a wide selection of medicines, and to trust the national media more.This flower is not only beautiful, but also useful.We grew bryophyllum daigremontianum.We used only as an external agent.But Kalanchoe range of applications is wide enough, the information I found, I want to share with you.

among other indoor plants, kalanchoe is always catches the eye, it is easily recognized by the presence on the edges toothed triangular leaves.At the edges of which there are a large number of leaf buds, they are called "air the children."When they fall to the ground, it is easy to germinate."Wise Nature" has given us a plant that quite quickly multiplies to always use them.Although the species of Kalanch

oe pretty much bryophyllum daigremontianum most common form of kalanchoe.

And I want to also note that the very undemanding plant Kalanchoe.The entire period of growth of Kalanchoe should be watered in moderation.Nothing wrong with it not happen if it is not watered for a long time in winter.And in the winter the plant does not need frequent watering.Each year, the plant is recommended to repot in the spring to make dressing fertilizer.

Kalanchoe.Medicinal properties.

With the purpose of treatment used leaves and stems of Kalanchoe.Kalanchoe, one of the few plants that purify the air in the room and "kill germs" thereby obezzarazhivaya air in the house.Kalanchoe copes well with the flu virus.With a cold and runny nose is probably one of the first funds.Of Kalanchoe can cook drops in the nose with a cold.Kalanchoe juice is useful for wiping nose inside.

  • Kalanchoe plant has a powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Also inherent in this plant bactericidal, antibacterial therapeutic properties.
  • has wound-healing properties.
  • cleans the blood and removes harmful substances from our body.
  • Possesses hemostatic properties.

Medicinal properties of Kalanchoe manifested in the fact that this plant gives a burst of energy.It helps you wake up.Especially if you come to the plant and within a few minutes it is near Kalanchoe.Kalanchoe has a "positive energy".

Kalanchoe presence in the kitchen or living room promotes a supportive and friendly atmosphere in the house.


Kalanchoe plant widely used in folk medicine to treat various diseases.Leaves mainly used in plants which are prepared from the pulp or juice.

Kalanchoe - is a plant rich in medicinal and biologically active substances: flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, micro- and macro-elements (aluminum, iron, calcium, copper, silicon, manganese).

Apply juice of Kalanchoe herpes.It is necessary to lubricate the juice of Kalanchoe affected area 4 times a day.This folk remedy perfectly eliminates herpes on the lip.

Degremon Kalanchoe can be used inside to improve immunity, while mental and physical fatigue.Since Kalanchoe contains vitamin C, it allows to use it with vitamin deficiency.You can eat in a day on a tablespoon "kids kalanchoe" or mate leaves.

When inflammation of the ear drip 1-2 drops of juice of Kalanchoe ear.

When warts applied slurry from the plant on the affected area wound all the bean.

juice prepared Kalanchoe ointment, which is used for boils and trophic ulcers.To prepare the ointment mixed 30 grams of juice of Kalanchoe, 50 grams of Vaseline and lanolin 50 grams.

When angina Kalanchoe juice diluted in equal proportions with warm boiled water and rinse the throat.

When festering wounds, skin abscesses, burns lubricate the affected places Kalanchoe juice.Lubricate several times a day.Kalanchoe juice promotes healing of wounds.

Mush from the leaves of the plant applied to bedsores that promotes good healing them.

Medicinal properties of Kalanchoe with a cold.

for the prevention of viral infections is useful to lubricate the juice of Kalanchoe nasal mucosa.If this is done regularly, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of viral diseases.

And if the cold is still caught you by surprise, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, at a temperature suitable broth hips, linden tea, cranberry, raspberry, uzvar of dried fruits.

If sore throat is very effective gargling salt solution, sodium and iodine.And the most effective is to gargle with egg white, throat stopped hurting after a couple of days.How to prepare a gargle for a sore throat can be found in the article on the blog "Salt, soda and iodine to gargle."

Rhinitis cured quickly and without complications, if drip into the nose juice of Kalanchoe.Drip need 1-2 drops in each nostril, 3 times a day.Kalanchoe juice cleanses the nasal passages.

More Kalanchoe juice helps get rid of acne.To do this, you need to wipe the juice on the affected areas of skin several times a day.

When sinusitis juice from the leaves of Kalanchoe bred cooled boiled water 1: 2 and is drawn through the nose several times a day.For a week, you can cure sinusitis.

Medicinal properties of Kalanchoe with inflammation of the gums.

rinse the mouth also make application 3 times a day for 20 minutes at gingivitis juice of Kalanchoe, which had previously been necessary to dilute with water.kalanchoe juice has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kalanchoe juice and pulp of the leaves helps to stop bleeding and relieve pain, including dental.It helps to get rid of Kalanchoe purulent infection and accelerates the healing of wounds.Juice Kalanchoe can rinse your mouth, but from the pulp to make lotions and poultices.

Kalanchoe leaves are ground and squeeze the juice, and the resulting slurry to the gauze can be applied to inflamed gums.

How to cook the juice from the leaves of Kalanchoe.

To prepare the juice of Kalanchoe need the leaves themselves.Suitable leaves of mature plants.Since the juice from young leaves of concentration is not sufficiently useful properties.

Kalanchoe Watering should be stopped a week before the cutting of the leaves.Cut off ripe, fleshy, large and intact leaves of Kalanchoe and send them in the refrigerator for a week.Leaflets must be whole need not be milled or break.

This point is important since one week under the influence of cold and in the absence of sunlight leaves accumulate biologically active substances.Next

leaves need to be removed from the refrigerator to grind and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.Sometimes juicing use wooden spoons with which crushed Kalanchoe.The juice of Kalanchoe becomes quite concentrated.

If the mucous membrane of the nose "capable of supporting" Kalanchoe juice concentrate, you can bury your nose clean juice.If not, it is best to dilute the juice of Kalanchoe boiled water at room temperature.Dilute juice is typically 1: 1.


At this point I want to mention that all medications, including herbal is better to use in consultation with your doctor so as not to harm their health.

Inside Kalanchoe use only after consulting your doctor!

  • contraindicated Kalanchoe allergies and intolerances individual plants.
  • contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • also have to give When a low pressure from the use of Kalanchoe.
  • not recommended for people with tumors of Kalanchoe.
  • People with liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis, too, must renounce the use of this plant.

Before applying the juice of Kalanchoe, it is desirable to make a test for the presence of allergy.

Use pure juice for kids kaanhoe not worth it, because it can cause damage (burn) the nasal mucosa.

It certainly is not the whole list of the medicinal properties of Kalanchoe.If you know the recipes with Kalanchoe that have helped you share them with us in the comments below.