Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the beneficial properties of plantain.I remember as a child often dabbed plantain to wounds and scratches.When children began to play with a dropped, scratched, and do not want to go home.That saved the plantain, which stopped the blood.And now, we are on prescription, the pharmacy buy cough syrups with plantain.Once again, going to the pharmacy, I came across a pack with dry grass plantain.I became interested in its healing properties.But what else so helpful plantain?

read a lot of information on this subject, I want to share it with you.You may also be useful such information.

Plantain - a grass that grows near roads.You can prepare yourself, or you can buy without the hassle of a pharmacy.Plantain can be bought from us at any pharmacy.Useful properties of psyllium stored in both the dry and fresh.There are about 150 species of plantain, but we have the most common plantain.

The name of grass already speaks for itself.Plantain grows near roads.Plant

ain grows well along the roads, on vacant lots.But if you want to prepare plantain leaves or seeds, it is better to gather plantain away from the tracks and industrial enterprises.

harvested plantain better in dry weather.To cut plantain leaves is better to take with a garden shears or secateurs.

leaves are harvested after flowering plantain, but before seeds begin to appear.The leaves are dried under a canopy or in a dryer at 40 ° C. The seeds are harvested at the time of ripening.Plantain roots dug in the autumn, in September-November.

Store raw materials can be for 2 years.For storage suitable cardboard boxes or cotton bags.

composition of plantain

With the purpose of treatment is used mainly leaves and seeds of plants.plantain leaves contain tannins, volatile, flavonoids, polysaccharides, mucous substances, glycosides, citric, salicylic and others. acid, choline, carotenoids, vitamin C, K. In

plantain leaves also contain potassium, magnesium, boron, barium, copperbromine.Seeds contain tannins, proteins, carbohydrates, starch, fatty oils, mucilage.

Plantain.Useful properties

From plantain prepare ointments, tinctures, extracts, syrups, juice from fresh leaves.In cosmetology plantain is used to strengthen the hair, face, hand, as part of ointments and rinses.Also plantain are widely used in folk medicine.

  1. Plantain has antimicrobial and wound healing properties useful.
  2. Plantain all known for its hemostatic properties.Fresh leaves are applied to burns, cuts, wounds.Broth plantain washed the wounds, sores, mouth rinse in inflammation.From the dried leaves of the plantain powder to make bleeding wounds.
  3. psyllium seeds have a laxative effect.Because they contain a lot of mucus is used to treat inflammatory bowel disease and colitis.Mucus contained in the seeds coats the walls of the intestine, thus protecting them from irritation.
  4. juice from fresh plants or mashed plantain leaf is applied to the stings of bees, bumblebees.Psyllium relieves pain and prevents the appearance of edema.
  5. Apply plantain and dentistry.Decoction or infusion rinse the mouth with stomatitis, periodontal disease, inflammation of the gums.Preparations from plantain soothe toothache.
  6. addition, plantain increases the appetite and a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach.It is used for gastritis with low acidity, stomach ulcer.
  7. Apply plantain bronchitis and cough.Preparations from plantain promotes discharge of phlegm.

Plantain like any other medicinal plant has a number of contraindications.You also need to comply with the dosage in recipes, it does not mean a lot of good.


  • Apply plantain and products from it are contraindicated in case of allergy to the plant or individual intolerance of plantain.
  • With increased acidity of gastric plantain should not be used.Preparations of psyllium indicated for use only with reduced gastric acidity.
  • People who have elevated blood clotting or have blood clots, plantain is contraindicated.

Before using plantain as well, and before the application of any other medicinal plant is available with contraindications.

juice plantain

period from May to September is ideal for the collection of plants.The juice of plantain is prepared in a simple manner.The leaves are cut off along with the cuttings.Wash them under running water and scalded with boiling water.Scroll through a meat grinder leaves and strain off the juice through cheesecloth, folded in several layers.If the juice is turned dense it is diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1.Then the juice is boiled for 1-2 minutes.

plantain juice is indicated for use in inflammatory processes in wounds.It is used as an antiseptic.Showed juice toothache and earache.

Plantain cough

Plantain is found in many cough syrups.Doctors, on the testimony, usually prescribed syrups containing psyllium.Syrup with plantain is effective for the treatment of upper respiratory tract in both children and adults.

feature of syrup with plantain is the cost, which is several times lower when compared to synthetic drugs.For example, the available means of radish with honey cough means a recipe for cough can be found in the article "Black radish with honey cough".

Plantain helps to thin the mucus and suppress cough syndrome, soothes sore throat.Apply it with tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis.But, to give children syrups, infusions or decoctions of plantain is not without consulting a doctor.

Infusion of plantain leaves to prepare simple.One spoon dry grass pour 250 ml.boiled water, about an hour, filter and take a spoon 3-4 times a day for meals.

leaf plantain

plantain leaves the well-known disinfectant and styptic.plantain leaf helps to stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound.To do this, plantain leaf should be well flushed with water and applied to the wound.plantain leaf can be applied to wounds or a crush, and then attach to the wound.The result is a weakening of the pain and the blood stopped.

From the leaves of plantain cooked aqueous extract and alcohol tincture.The infusion is prepared as follows.Chopped leaves pour a glass of boiled water, 20 minutes in a sealed container and filter.That extract can be washed with a wound or taken orally.

But, again, I want to draw attention to the fact that self-treatment is not worth doing.And before you take drugs from the psyllium, especially the inside, please consult your doctor.

psyllium seeds.Useful properties

Thanks to the rich composition of plantain seeds are used for many diseases.The seeds of plantain have a mild laxative effect, plus everything, thanks to their content of mucus, can protect the intestines.If constipation is used on an empty stomach a spoonful of psyllium with water.

Apply seeds hemorrhoids, enterocolitis, an inflammation of the intestine.Also, psyllium seeds help cleanse the body of bile acids reduce blood cholesterol levels.

poultice of plantain seed is used for skin diseases.Also, a decoction of plantain seed is used for lowering blood sugar, and for the treatment of female infertility.The seeds of plantain have medicinal properties, and on men's health.

In cosmetology decoction of plantain leaves is used to reduce the greasiness of the skin.To this broth is poured into molds and frozen ice.Also, infusion of leaves of plantain rinse hair after washing.