Hello dear friends.Tell me, do you love daisies?I like chamomile flowers, very beautiful flowers.But today I want to talk not about beauty but about the health benefits of chamomile.I had to use chamomile, medicinal flowers always rescued me in difficult moments.

Daisy can be bought ready-made, dried in a pharmacy.What, exactly, I do.My mother herself it collects and dries, but I have no place in an apartment especially its dry, so buy a ready-made at the pharmacy.Typically, the price of low chamomile, daisy alluvial sold in cartons or in the filter bags, which is convenient when brewed.

But if you collect and dry chamomile themselves, then peel off the flowers with a little stalk.Near the road to collect chamomile is not necessary.chamomile collection time is in June-August.Gather a daisy in dry weather, drier may be spreading a thin layer on the paper in a ventilated area.

How to distinguish chamomile from other species? It's simple, you have to cut across the flower and if it is hollow ins

ide, then a daisy can be dried.Still, smell chamomile flowers, chamomile in medicinal smell apple and honey, very pronounced.

course, very convenient to buy ready-made daisy.But recently we have instead of daisies, well, just one litter boxes sold, do not know about you, but I took the daisy and the loose in different pharmacies.Quality Daisy must be clean and free of foreign debris, stones, dirt, and other herbs, flowers tselenkie, not powdered, and then what could not tell what was on the grass.

camomile.Beneficial features.

  • Chamomile is a good helper in all inflammatory processes, as Daisy refers to the natural antiseptics.Doctors prescribe a daisy as a means of replacing a tablet or as an additional treatment to the core.
  • Chamomile is also rich in its composition, it contains zinc, copper, selenium and other trace elements, malic, valeric, salicylic acid, essential oil.
  • Chamomile has a positive effect on the gastro-intestinal tract, it helps to relieve the inflammation, builds his work.
  • Camomile excellent assistant at a temperature acts as a febrifuge.
  • Apply these flowers widely in gynecology.
  • Also, chamomile preparations, namely, tea, infusion or decoction is used as a sedative, it is very tasty and healthy with honey.
  • inherent in this plant and analgesic properties, and are taking drugs of this plant for headache, pain in the stomach and in the gut, with bloating.
  • Preparations of chamomile can receive the flu, colds, they have antiviral properties.
  • Inherent and antiallergic properties.
  • But the use of chamomile in cosmetology and say nothing, so it is widely used in cosmetics and herbal teas are prepared to wipe the face and frozen infusion, to get ice cubes, make a mask, cream.Cares and daisy on sensitive and delicate skin.If you are interested in more information on the use of chamomile with a cosmetic purpose, it is possible to read all the article on "The broth chamomile blog for the person."The article is written how to apply chamomile for facial beauty, ice cook like brewed chamomile, contraindications.

Useful properties of chamomile are impressive, is not it?But contraindications to the use of her minimum.Daisy does more good than harm.But, there are some items that are worth mentioning.


  • should not be used in case of allergy or individual intolerance.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, use chamomile only after consulting your doctor.
  • When allergy to pollen daisy is not worth taking.

Here such here contraindications, but still, you have to know them.But the plant is really safe and helps with many diseases.

Broth.Infusion.Tea made from chamomile.

Chamomile is used both internally and externally.Inside are a decoction, infusion, camomile tea, all these drugs are prepared almost identical.I usually use for cooking dry chamomile.

infusion of chamomile flowers. I cook simply and more often than broth.To prepare, we need dry chamomile flowers and boiling water.250 ml.I boiled water add 1 tablespoon teaspoon of flowers, all covered and give the brew for about 25 minutes, then strain the infusion and ready for use.

decoction of chamomile flowers. Broth I cook well.In half a liter of water I add 2 tablespoons of chamomile and set everything on fire, literally boil 5 minutes, set aside to infuse all.20-25 minutes and I insist, strain the broth and ready for use.

Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is drunk with honey, for example, at night to cope with insomnia, tidy up the nervous system.250 ml.spoon chamomile boiled water, all wrap and leave for half an hour, strain and camomile tea is ready.

camomile.Indications for use.

Chamomile is used both internally and externally.Externally it is used for washing, poultices, compresses.The spectrum of action of these therapeutic colors is wide enough.It is used not only for treatment of adults, but for the treatment of children.I gave the son of camomile tea for colds and temperature, the temperature really dropped.

Chamomile for colds and sore throat.

Daisy as an anti-inflammatory agent is used for colds, when a sore throat, infusion of chamomile rinse the throat.In addition, chamomile excellent antiseptic helps with pain in the throat, for sore throat and sore throat, with all these diseases is also used chamomile.

Of Chamomile infusion is prepared, and warm infusion rinse the throat.Rinse the throat 3-4 times a day.You can add a cup of chamomile infusion third part teaspoon of baking soda.

throat can rinse not only chamomile, and sage, can mix them 1: 1 and pour a spoonful of boiled water.Infuse, strain and gargle.Very good work, this infusion my mother often cooked for gargling.

For colds, weakness, headache brew chamomile tea yourself and if you are not allergic to honey, then drink chamomile tea with honey.

At high temperatures can also drink chamomile tea, you can drink cranberry tincture, tea, raspberry, lime-tree, viburnum.You can alternate infusions or select what you like best.This natural remedies that help reduce the temperature.

can also do inhalations with chamomile.To do this, prepare a decoction of chamomile and breathe over the steam, with a towel covering his head.And if you are interested in more traditional recipes throat treatment, all you can read in the article on "Sore throat blog, treatment of folk remedies".

camomile for pain in the stomach.

Chamomile first mate with gastritis, with peptic ulcer, pain in the stomach and intestines.Chamomile flowers soothe, reduce inflammation and pain.

For pains in the stomach of a daisy can be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with mint.Pour a spoonful of the mixture of herbs with boiling water (250 ml.), Infuse, strain and take half cup three times before a meal.

In addition, as a comprehensive treatment chamomile are used in gastritis or gastric ulcer.You can drink a decoction or infusion.When I had a duodenal ulcer, the doctor assigned me on an empty stomach before each meal drink a cup of chamomile floor and then 15 minutes later, a spoonful of sea buckthorn oil, and of course a lot of different drugs.

Daisy can drink in the intestinal spasms.Suitable decoction or infusion for internal use, and of course for enemas.

Chamomile in gynecology.

Chamomile is also widely used in gynecology, decoctions and infusions are used for sedentary baths, as well as irrigation.Use in inflammatory diseases.Chamomile tea is used for painful menstruation.

Chamomile has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, healing properties.But I want to note that it is necessary, before using chamomile in gynecology consult a gynecologist.Invent diseases and treat their own do not need a diagnosis must put a doctor after the examination.

camomile use for children.

Since Chamomile has a wide spectrum of action, it is used to treat children as a sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent.Tea made from chamomile give kiddies while teething, as a sedative, as chamomile is very beneficial effect on the nervous system.Also chamomile broth used as enemas.

If children koyuktivit, doctors usually prescribe chamomile extract to wipe his eyes.We also advised the pediatrician is not just a means.

Infusion, tea, broth chamomile use rates.It is about 7 to 10 days, then a break, repeat the treatment if necessary.Drink chamomile day is not a day, your body gets used to it and, if necessary, will not have the desired result.