Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about celandine.My parents in the garden grows celandine, mom always said that this is a medicinal plant, we have in the family used Celandine for external use only, primarily for the treatment of skin diseases.So I decided to find out in more detail what treatment, the useful properties and contraindications have celandine herbs.

That often I use marigold flowers than celandine.My mom treats many diseases calendula, marigold she grows in the garden, and she collects and dries flowers.If you want to make and takes.The beneficial properties of calendula can read my article "Calendula, indications for use".

celandine very name indicates its use in various skin diseases.But, celandine has other names such as dove grass, warthog, zhёltomolochnik and others.My friend said that the yellow juice Celandine brought warts on the hands.It is about 4 times a day greased warts juice of celandine.Juice of celandine can cauterize the formation of the skin, including warts.

Grass celandine likes loose soil, growing this herb in small groups, it often can be found near roads, in gardens, vegetable gardens, in weedy places, vacant lots, roadsides.Celandine blooms from May to June.The flowers are bright yellow, they are located on thin stalks.Stem celandine straight with fine hairs, bright orange milky and thick juice released when cracked.The leaves are green, large, regular.

With the purpose of treatment is mainly harvested grass celandine during flowering, but without gross and lower parts.When harvesting this plant is not necessary to touch your eyes, but you can do it in gloves.Dry grass celandine in the dryer or under a canopy, can be in a well-ventilated area.Shelf life of raw materials for about 2 years.The curative effect of the roots of celandine, are preparing a tincture.

Grass celandine is a poisonous plant, so taking it inside requires very great caution.Before application of celandine, especially inside the need to consult with your doctor.

chemical composition of celandine.

Grass celandine contains about 20% alkaloids.It contains herb is also an essential oil, flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, carotene, ascorbic acid.Latex contains resinous substances, fatty oil.

celandine.Treatment.Beneficial features.

In folk medicine celandine as medicinal herb used both internally and externally.On the basis of celandine prepare decoctions, tinctures, ointments, tinctures.

  • Celandine has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Celandine has choleretic and diuretic properties.
  • celandine has a soothing medicinal properties.
  • Inherent celandine and anti-tumor properties.According to the study of medicinal properties of celandine, it was found that it helps in the treatment of cancer in the early stages.Celandine inhibits the growth and development of cancer cells.
  • Celandine used to prevent tumors.
  • Grass celandine heals itching, heals wounds, bruises, celandine is used to remove calluses.
  • Celandine has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties.
  • Grass celandine is useful in that it actively helps to clear the cells of our liver and enhances the secretion of bile and increases the tone of the gall bladder.

My mothers friend treated myoma celandine, but cured of the uterus or not, my mother does not know a long time it did not communicate on this theme.I heard that celandine treat uterine fibroids, as Celandine has anti-tumor properties, which helps to suppress the growth of fibroids, but it can be done only under medical supervision.For many, this may be hope.

All the same celandine plant is poisonous and, if not, you can instead use a dose harm the body.If you've heard how celandine taken when fibroids, or themselves used his share below in the comments recipe.Yours may be useful to many.

grass celandine.Contraindications.

Despite so many healing and beneficial properties inherent in celandine this plant there are contraindications, which you should know.

  • celandine is contraindicated in neurotic disorders.
  • In bronchial asthma, angina.
  • contraindicated in epilepsy.
  • contraindicated in lactating and pregnant women.
  • If allergy or individual intolerance of celandine.
  • Celandine, while taking him inside may cause irritation or inflammation of the digestive tract.

Treatment of celandine.

In folk medicine celandine is widely used to treat various diseases.From celandine prepare the infusion, infusion, decoction, ointment.Juice of celandine treat skin diseases.But once again I want to note that, without consulting a doctor treatment celandine is not worth spending.It is necessary to calculate the dosage, as the celandine plant is poisonous.

tincture of celandine.

From celandine herbs tincture prepared, both water as well as alcohol-based.To prepare the water-based need to take a teaspoon of dry celandine herbs and pour one cup of boiling water.Insist 20 minutes, drain.Apply 2-3 tablespoons several times a day.Apply tincture of celandine, water-based for the normalization of the liver.

celandine tincture of alcohol is prepared in the following manner.We need to take half-liter jar and fill it with fresh celandine.Pour vodka and infuse for two weeks in a dark place.Then infusion filter.Store in a cool place.

juice of celandine.

Juice of celandine in folk medicine for treating more than 250 skin diseases.Cold sores, acne, pimples, scabies, warts, psoriasis, fungus, and other fistulae.

celandine juice can be prepared as follows.Slice the stems celandine grass with flowers about 12 cm long. Pass them through a meat grinder and squeeze the juice.Juice of celandine should pour alcohol or vodka.On 1 liter of juice you need 250 grams of alcohol or 500 grams of vodka.In this form, the juice of celandine can be stored in a cool place.

Treatment of warts juice of celandine. Juice of celandine is used to treat warts.Warts slightly moistened with water and scrape off the top layer, this will fit the usual pumice.3 times a day rub the wart juice of celandine, celandine juice taken from the above-ground parts of the plant.

juice celandine toothache. Juice of celandine is connected with the juice of Kalanchoe in a ratio of 1: 1.In a mixture of juices moisten the cotton wool and applied to the aching tooth.

Treatment scratches and wounds celandine. Juice of fresh plants treated wounds and scratches.In this case you just need to lubricate the fresh juice of the wound or a scratch.To do this, fracture stem celandine, stand out bright orange juice, this juice to lubricate the wound or a scratch.Since celandine juice has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericide useful property.

Broth celandine.

celandine Broth prepare so.One spoonful of chopped herbs pour 500ml.water, boiled in an enamel pan every about 5 minutes, and then insist 20 minutes.Filter.Broth take in diseases of the liver, gall bladder, urinary bladder.

Treatment depriving broth celandine. 20 grams of dry powdered herb celandine is filled with 1 cup water, boil water bath for about 15 minutes.Infuse for about an hour broth.Strain, pour into a glass jar, close the lid.This decoction with a cotton swab is applied to the diseased areas of the body.The broth can be stored for more than two days in a cool place.

treatment of pruritus celandine. The name is a plant already speaks for itself "pure body" celandine treated in folk medicine, itching, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases.10 grams of dried chopped herbs pour 100 ml.water, boil on low heat for a few minutes, and set aside the broth is cooled to 37 degrees.Then the broth rubbed sore spots.After a couple of days of treatment have already seen results, reduces itching, reduce swelling, heals "combed" the skin surface.And here than to treat itchy insect bites, you can read my article "How to treat insect bites."

ointment of celandine.

To prepare the ointment need to take 50 grams of crushed leaves of celandine and 25 grams of Vaseline and lanolin.All the ingredients you need to mix.This ointment used for external application.

Now you know the useful and medicinal properties celandine celandine treatment.But, before use of this plant not forget to read the contraindications of celandine.Before application of celandine doctor consultation is required.